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I say boycott nissan cars...! Its our fault anyway lol ... wwII remember.
Rick Lepski

This sort of lawsuit is rather draconian and also unwise.  I have personally observed at least one word used as a trademark in two different industries.  It was "Micronox(r)" used by Radio Shack (r) and by a resistor manufacturer.  However, our court system is structured so that people or corporations with limited amounts of money will lose such lawsuits, regardlewss of the merit of their case, for two reasons:
(1) They will run out of money and fail to sufficiently defend their case, thus losing by default, or
(2) They will fail as a business through bankruptcy, (essentially the same thing) as the case drags on for years through litigation, appeals, etc.
Such a state of affairs is positively reprehensible, and people or corporations take advantage of this to do whatever they want--until a bigger or richer entity does a similar thing to them.  "The law of the jungle" all over again.  Aren't we higher than animals?  Oh, and this applies to more than domain name litigation.  It applies to all litigation in the US.
I for one am not going to buy Nissan products, invest in their company, and I will advise others to do the same.  Perhaps the executives at Nissan will learn not to be so greedy.  According to what I believe, such greed may easily earn one a place in a lake of fire for eternity.
Gordon Wood

Dear Nissan Motors,
I realize that you may be angry and feel stupid for being too slow to register the domain name, but that's just something old companies that are too slow to move into the information age have to deal with.  I know that the auto-making company Nissan has been around a long time before 1994 so you had plenty of time to register the name.  If someone beat you to it then I guess that's just too bad.  I bet you guys wouldn't be doing this if was a fan site for your automobiles.
I myself am just finishing up college and already have a job lined up as a programmer.  I am also searching for a small, zippy car, much like the ones you make, to get me around Portland.  In light of this lawsuit I will not be stopping by any Nissan dealerships.  I am also going to find out what other companies Nissan owns so I know what else not to buy.  The other funny thing is that me and my wife are going to move to Japan after she finishes college and I would be happy to communicate this missuse of the legal system to everyone over there, also.
Dean Bunnell

Nissan Computer Corporation has my fullest support, it seems clear the Japanese company is acting wrongly;
I will make it a point of principle to avoid their cars and other products.
Graham Hurley

All I can do in this case is give you my verbal support and of course never buy a Nissan car. I lived in japan for 6 years and will be returning again. I will involve as many of my friends as possible not to buy their cars. I'll inform everyone I can in any chat room
As the japannese themselves say: Ganbatte!
Do your best
Chris Chamberlain

Nissan Motor Co. and its companies will never get any consideration from me when I look at buying products, whether it be SUVs, luxury cars, or any other product which may be available from Nissan.  Nissan execs really have their heads up their asses on this one.  I guess Nissan spelled backwards is  Domains names are just like any other asset.  Companies must pay for them if they feel they are valuable to their companies if other companies are legitimately using them.  But Nissan Motors was not smart enough to purchase the domain while it was available.  Another company was and built a brand around it.  Now the big Nissan motors feels its only recourse is to start crying--WHaaaWhaaa, we want this domain.  Well, if the current owner isn't willing to sell it, then Nissan Motors screwed up.  If they screw up on something as basic as purchasing a good domain name and protecting their brand, I would definitely not trust any critical system in their cars.  I would not put my life on the line inside of one of their cars.  I will stick with,,,,, and makers with the intelligence to acquire their domain names without crying about it.  NISSAN Motors SUCKS!  The big corporate cry baby.  Take your pacifier out of your ass and suck on it Nissan Motors.
Paul Millington

An allegation has been openly made that you are attempting to "hijack" the domain names and from their rightful owner.  Do you truly believe that this is a case of "cybersquatting", or is this merely an attempt to prove your corporate might against a smaller entity?
Before you, Goliath, conclude that your size and money make render you immune to harm, perhaps you should read about a very small man called David?  Should you fail in your attempt to smash and, the deep-pockets contersuit which will certainly come your way will be a lulu!
Michael S. Mell

GET A GRIP !!!!!!!!  Comeon!!!  Money is NOT always might,,, Let it Go.  And if you think it is, BUY THE GUY OUT!!!!, for Petes sake.
ps. You guys make nice cars.
del Mazo

Cheap car + cheap tricks = Cheap car company.
F. Sacco

As a law student with a technology law emphasis, I must write to protest the frivolous nature of this lawsuit.  Whereas cybersquatting should be found to be a violation of the law, and similar usage of tradenames for dilutive qualities, tarnishment, or confusion (i.e.  Toys R Us vs. Adults R Us, or Toys R Us vs. Toys are Us (for adults)), there should be a strong and marked contrast drawn between merely a first original owner like Mr. Nissan and his computer business, and a transnational car company.  Lets face it, no one will EVER confuse a CAR company with a COMPUTER company!  Furthermore, as the domain reaches everyone in the US, whereas it would be unlikely to purchase a car over the internet, it would be far more likely to purchase a computer.  thus, there is no infringment of anyone's competative rights other than Mr. Nissan's.
I strongly urge dismissal of this suit with damages awarded against Nissan Motor.
Dan Pinegar - Iowa City, IA

offer them to purchase your domain... like every other company in the world today.  If they want your site... they should pay YOU instead of taking legal action.  What if you got hold of a 800-4NI-SSAN ... would they sue you for that number?  there are companies that money from holding PRIME Real Estate on the internet...  What if you purchased a building on a road called NISSAN RD... Would they Sue you for your Building since they want your Address???
So petty Nissan has become...
Good Luck... I hope someone larger go after Nissan for something else... maybe for naming their PathFinder since that name was used in the electronics field since the early 80's

I hope you win the case. You deserve the domain you registered. If they wanted it they should have registered it a long time ago.
Brandon Stryker

Domain names are available on a first-come-first-served basis and is clearly not a case of "cyber-squatting" and is in use legally, historically, and legitimately.  If Nissan Motors continues to drag this through the courts, I believe a counter suit for damages and harrassment compensation should be filed.
Nissan Motor's aggression is unacceptable.
Matt Alford

I recall in my earlydays as a hacker, when we would infiltrate the sites of corperations and companies we found to be unethical.  To this day, hundreds of sites are "hacked" into (mostly petofiliac sites).  After consulting with some fellow webmasters on this subject, we think you've got the backing of hackers.  Post your problem on a message board or news, and see what hackers say.  Even if you lose your domain name, you can try to make it so that Nissan won't enjoy it much. ;-)

Just putting out my support for you.  Nissan Motor Company has no right in saying you cant use that domain name
Derek Baessler

this is a horrible thing Nissan is doing and this law suit should be stopped now!!!!!  Find another name for your web site, use 'cars' or 'auto' on the end of you name !!!!
NISSAN YOUR GREED DISAPOINTS ME!!!!   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Muna Tayour

I believe that Uzi Nissan has the right to retain his Inter-nic ownership of the domain name.  That Nissan Motor Company should "want" it is understandable, but rules of fairness seem to dictate that Uzi Nissan has sole rights to it.  I am discouraged to learn that the courts might even consider such a case.  It is a waste of everyone's time and money.
Brandon Lloyd

I like Nissan cars.  I came here looking for info on a truck.  But found this info.  It seems that Nissan Motor is way out of line as a coporate citizen.  Mr. Nissan has legitimate claim to the trade name as constituted, and Nissan Motor has an acceptable alternative: "".
Grow Up, Nissan (the car company, that is).  Your action may cost you a loyal customer.  I would be just as happy with a single clickable item on to the effect "Click Here for Nissan Motors."
Rob Reiser - Utah

This is so unfair! Don't think that you can drag someone into a courthouse because you are a big company! Be fair, come up with another domainname! The first one to sign up for a domain must be the winner! Stop this crap!
Robin Paardekam

To Whom It May Concern,
It seems very unfair to me that Nissan motors is trying to deny Mr Nissan of using as his domain name. Mr Nissan has shown a fair and justifiable establishment of his domain name and is not cyber squating. Nissan Motor company would show its' good faith towards a compromising solution to Mr Nissan either coming to a mutually non coercive monitary agreement for the domain name in question or a way to re direct its' customers to the Nissan Motor Company. Nissan MC failure to do so not only demonstrates to its' customers a lack of fair play but inconvieniences customers seeking its' website.
JR Jones

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