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If Mr. Nissan created the web site first, he is in his right to own it. Nissan Motor Company should speak with Mr. Nissan to arrive with an arrangement before going to court. They didn't give him an opportunity.
I'm with the boycott.
Nestor Suarez-Serrano

because of this case I feel your company has gone to far and this is an ethics violation.
For this reason I will not support any Nissan products.
Christopher Stephens

Nissan Motors was already on my boycott list for their get "get out of my way" supercharged truck commercial.  What a way to promote road rage and lack of courtesy on the roads for profit.  Now this!!  What cracks me up is how little faith they have in their Marketing Dept to come up with a catchy domain name for their "wonderful" vehicles.  Now they've even messed up their chances for a link to their site on MR. NISSAN'S site.  Cooperation would have been key here, but look at what the corporate college degree types came up with!!!  I will be relaying this story to everyone I know and meet!!  Good luck to MR. NISSAN.
Rebel Robert

I am never going to purchase a NISSAN motor vehicle, and I will encourage others to do the same!
Concerned Consumer

They went from Datsun to Nissan, so what is their problem?  Domaim names are first come first serve by what I have gathered from the ads for domain names.  As stated in your website, it is your family name and is followed by Computer not Motor. 
It's funny that I'm in the market for a new car, guess who I'm not going to add to my list.  Another thing, note my email address, do you really think I wanted '70' after my name?  All the user names I thought of were taken so I settled for what I'm using.  Why won't they use so people will know they aren't a computer company?????? DUH!  Making such a big issue of their ignorance really says a lot about the company.  Just tells the public that they don't have to be smart enough to be first, just big enough to screw the little guy.
M. Hoff

This lawsuit clearly oposes my wiev on justice.If Nissan motor want the domain name that badly,they should negotiate and offer to buy it for a fair price. Just because you are big and strong, you shouldnt be allowed to bully your way ahead.
If this goes through, I will never even consider buying a Nissan product in the future.
Kay Lokoy

To Whom It May Concern at Nissan Motor:
I am most unimpressed with Nissan Motors tactic of trying to steal another company's domain name.  Being a large company doesn't make it right to attempt to seize another company's domain name simply because your company wasn't farsighted enough to aquire the domain name early on in the game. 
At the time of my next new car purchase I will definitely consider whether or not your company bullied someone out of something that belonged to them. The kind of behavior that Nissan Motors is demonstrating by bringing this lawsuit against Nissan Computer is exactly the kind of behavior that I most disdain from large corporations.  It is arrogant and greedy.  I most certainly don't want the money that I spend on my next new car to be furthering your current loathesome cause.
Steven Linder - Chicago, IL

This lawsuit regardless of the outcome will ruin Nissan Motors' good name. Please consider the alternative of a reciprical link to each other's website. A person's (or corporation's) good name is a valuable possession.
Stan Royer

I support Nissan computer, if Nissan motor wants the domain name and such a deep pocket.. then let it buy it !
Bikram Sahoo

Domain names are not automaticly assigned to those who think they should own them. There is a process that has been in place for quite a while. NO COURT SHOULD be able take a domain name from a "registered" owner to give ANY other party. MONEY is NOT the law of the land.
Gary Cochran

I think it is ridiculous for Nissan Motor to file suit against an existing business that legitimately bought the domain names and  Once again the Japanese are asleep at the wheel and should not try to leverage the American legal system to highjack legitimate domain names.  Let the free market decide if this should be allowed:  have Nissan Motor offer Nissan Computer compensation that Nissan Computer would find agreeable.  If they do not want to sell the domain, then too bad.  No willing seller negates the transaction. 
Maybe Nissan Motor can buy instead.  They changed their name in the past.  Nissan Computer should not have to!
John Hagewood

I think for far too long, people and corporations have been wasting tax payers time and more imortantly money with lawsuits that should never even make it to a court room. IF, there has been a valid infringement on your rights, then I agree that if it can not be settle like gentleman (or ladies) then the courts may need to be involved. However, suing on the grounds of a name alone (Which is apparently a common one), is a complete waste of time. What happens when business run out of names because every other one has been used up? Do we start adding numbers? Welcome to ? I did a quick telephone search for NISSAN on yahoo and it came up with 134 entries. That is just people who are listed. What about those that aren't? My point?  If even half of them wanted to open a business using the family name, would you sue them all? or just those that had the forsight to register the domain name before you did? Perhaps NISSAN.COM should sue NISSAN Motor for stealling the family name.
Please feel free to contact me about how I may be wrong. (I doubt you will be able to change my mind, but feel free to try.)
Paul Gardner

Don't bully the small guy you can get your own address.
Ian Macrae

Stop this despicable action, you bullies!  As we say in Canada: Back off!  Get your own domain name!
H. Maurer

I believe that nissan motor is wrong in their suit against Nissan Computer. If the name Nissan has beeen associated with Nissan Computer because it is his family name then I believe that he has more right to use it then Nissan Motor. Nissan Motor should drop the law suit.
Margie Daniels

I strongly object to anyone taking, by any means except a leagle purchace, a domain name that was properly applied for and paid for by that individule or organization.
John T. Kvammen

The lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp. for owning NISSAN.COM and NISSAN.NET proposed from Nissan Motor Co Ltd. & Nissan North America, Inc. is ridiculous and bogus!!!
Giovanni Serra

Hey, Mr Nissan, don't let the firm win!  I am with you!

While domain name infringement is a serious matter, each suspected incidence should be checked out to see if it is a legitimate use of a name which just happens to be the same as yours.  In other words, look before you leap!  I sincerely hope that Nissan Computer Company has filed a counter suit based on prior ownership of the name.  It could not only put millions of punitive dollars in their coffers, but  give them greater name recognition and help prevent other silly cases of this sort.
Charles Edward Akers

Being big, being rich doesn't mean that you can bully ordinary hard working people.  Be fair!
Alice Chang

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