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Hi !
I just got this mail reagrding NMC (Nissan motor company) trying to stomp the small co. Before I proceed I want to make sure from Nissan Computer Company, that this domain is not for sale, and will not be sold to NMC at any cost. NMC is doing all wrong and NMC has no right to snatch the domain name forcefully with the money power and lawyer power. It is like street ganglord beats any innocent person in neighbourhood just because he has more wider biceps ! Domain name aquisition and internet world is not jungle law. NMC, please try to maintain humane and rational existance in internet world. Also, any how you aquire this domain name, you have lost enough public relations to sustain the customer base. NMC should rather utilize their time/effort/money in doing marketing of domain name address they have right now than wasting time unproductively to harass NCC.
I presonally boycott your products and will successfully persuade my friends to do so too.
Kamal Verma

As soon as big corps. get a little power they immedeiatly begin to run over the  little people that purchased their product.  Shame on Nissan!
I to will never buy another Nissan car! Never!
Marvin C. Hall

I don't know who is getting thie e-mail, if it's Nissan Computer or Nissan Automotive, but in either case the actions of Nisssan Automotive are absolutely shameful, though hardly surprising.  To the Japanese, who believe that war is business, a small privately owned business is viewed as just one more casualty in the battlefield of business.  A battle, that should they win, may result in the momentary furor of American consumers, but which will eventually be forgotten.  I hope the American courts do the right thing for once, and not let money sway their decision.  I like to believe that justice will prevail, but as I have learned through my own misfortunes, it often does not.
I wish Nissan Computer the best of luck.  And Nissan Motor, this is one former Nissan owner (300ZX and 240SX) who does NOT forget.
Kevin Martin

Domain hijacking in this case is wrong.  Nissan computers should be paid damages for the lawsuit.  Nissan car company should have offered a pil of cash to Nissan computers for the domain.  If NIssan computers didn't take the money, then either go away of offer them more money.
I will never buy a Nissan car because if this.
John Meissner

Nissan Motor Corp has now lost me as a consumer forever!

I hate to admit I own a Nissan Pathfinder.  This knowledge of Nissan trying to strong-arm a small guy is just too much for me to stomach.  I'm starting to hate this country and how money is allowed to corrupt our system!  Nissan, where are your ethics?!?!!
Jonathan Boarman

If Nissan computer is the real name of his businness I think this is a robbery to their domain, if Nissan computer register first and is the company name they have the right of that domain.  I hope justice will be right and not bought.
Federico Bieler

I don't believe a big company should be allowed to take the domain name from some other company when it is their own name and they had it first.It is not fair to small businesses to have this drug through court. This should be dismissed without further cost to the little guy and the big guy should be made to apologize and reimberse the little guy.

The arrogance of NMC is unbelievable. If the facts presented here can not be disputed I can not imagine them winning a trial. I wish the real all the success. And I will try my best to spread the word around.
Abir Qasem - Computer Consultant

This is so ridiculous. The Nissan Motor company needs to grow up and realize they were beaten to It's unfortunate, but they had the same chance to get it as the Nissan Computer company. ADULTS SHOULD BE MORE MATURE THAN THIS!!
Kristy Wells

There is a legitimate problem of people squatting on domain names (which is going to be a problem with all the new .cc, .tv, etc)...but this has nothing to do with that.  In America, you cannot copyright a name.  This guy has a lot of history behind his name...and (if true) then Nissan would be out of luck if I were a judge deciding this case.  This is almost as rich as McDonalds trying to sue all the pubs in Scottland with the McDonalds family name on them (true story).
Ishi Carter

Let the man keep his name on his website.  This is a little ridiculous.
Tara Johnson

I believe an individuals name, if that person's name is expressed in his/her company's name takes precedence over a company name that is not named from one of its present directors.

To: Nissan Motor Co.
I'd like you to suspend the lawsuit. You will be losing business if you don't.
Shannon Bradford

Did you invent the name Nissan?

Nissan computer seems to have a just claim to the name "".  Nissan is part of their registered business name.  They are not practicing any kind of deception.  If Nissan motors wants the domain, they should have to buy it.  Simple.

The arguments in this case seem fairly clear - there is only one and Mr Nissan owns it.  If Nissan Motor Company have a problem with that - too bad.
Matthew James

Please respect other businesses and their right to stay in business without raping and pilliaging the world and it's people.  Let those who are not multi-billion national corporations survive and live without suing them in an attempt to drive them to bankruptcy.  It is not fair, nor is it ethical.  Look at yourself in the mirror today and do the right thing.
Cliff Shaw

How shocking - we are appalled - use your family name with pride!
Julie and Harry

Respect for somebody else rights is the peace;  observe so you can be observed.  Totally disagree with the big octopus; find out who is who before taking any actions. Open DIALOGUE!!!
Donaldo Guerrero

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