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220 pages of people vowing not to buy a Nissan automobile at the time of this posting.
That's ten people per page, some reaching out to their families, companies, friends.. In all, at least 2200 sales have been lost, really much more than that, as corporate reps from small businesses have posted, courier companies have posted, etc.
I wouldn't be surprised if this ends your company altogether.
You have made an enemy of the Internet, Nissan Motor Corp. If you somehow manage to survive losing this much face in the newest and largest advertising medium in existence, give your marketing people a raise.
Consider the business of me and mine lost.
Jonathan Pye

Add my name to the list of people that will never be buying a Nissan brand auto in the future. Someone should put these idiots in jail or something.
Herb Whiteway

I have a Nissan truck (1992). I need a new one and I am not going to buy a Nissan again to demonstrate my bad feelings against Nissan Motor Co.
Istvan Eszeki

I was going to buy my wife a Nissan for her birthday this January, but when I read about how you're persecuting Mr. Nissan for using his own domain name, I decided to buy her a Toyota. Get smart and back off. You are greedy, and you have lost my business.
Jeff Syrop

I can't believe Nissan Motors would sue a company for using their own name! I've never owned a Nissan, but have considered in the past.
Now I will buy something else rather than feed those greedy monkeys money!

I will never buy another Nissan or anything made by that company if they hijack domain names.  The internet should be free (first come first served).

Nissan Motor Corp:  I don't think I would have bought your vehicles before reading about this action, and now I'm certain.
Nissan Computer:  I support your registration and claim to the and domains.
Allen Smith

I think this is unfair, is owned by Nissan Computer and not by Nissan Motors, if Nissan Motors wants the name thay will have to buy it off from Nissan Computers.
Abraham Weiss

This sounds like another case of big buisenesses using court procedures and costs to get what they want.  Another good example was when Microsoft sued Dr. Dos.  It makes me sick to know that people can be destroyed by the system that is supposed to protect them.
Matthew Young

Shame on Nissan Motor Co Ltd.  Stop the lawsuit.  We support the and hope they win their case.
Bouseh Family

If the name Nissan can be traced back seven generations, it makes me wonder who should be suing whom? Let go, Nissan motors, they'll be other fish to fry later. Our human dignities are being dragged through the mud enough as it is in this world. Don't take a man's name from him because it's the same as your companys'. My maiden name is Thomas, now should I go out and and sue the Thomas,(copyright-all rights reserved),English muffin company? I think not. We still have children to be born that will grow up with names similar to pre-existing companies. Will we have to look into a directory of names before we name our companies because it might be an infringement on someone else with the same name? I think the point is made. This should definitely be laid to rest.
Leslie Liverett

I believe that Nissan Computers has the perfect legal right to, and taking it away would be a violation of constitutionally protected 1st amendment rights to free speech.
Jonathan Brewer

I think Nissan Motors should have been paying more attention to the internet issue and I feel that they are just out of luck.  First come first serve. maybe they should just pay you for the name if they want it so bad.  MMMMM what do you sell if for?  10 million dollars maybe?  If they dont want to pay, tell them to think of something else.  Nissan Motors is S.O.L. and they should concentrate on other issues.
Sean Darcy

Friends at Nissan Motors,
I have been to this point a proud owner of 3 Nissan automobiles, 2 Altimas and a 240 SX.  However, upon hearing of this bullying action to take a legitimate domain name from a rightful owner, I am ashamed to be driving a Nissan.
I urge you to respect the rights of ownership.  This Nissan Computer Corporation is not pretending to do automobile work.  There is not an attempt to steal or divert business from Nissan Motors. LEAVE THE GUY ALONE !!!
Herbert Williams

I am very disappointed in Nissan Motor, they are acting like a bunch of rich spoiled babies.  Well sometimes you have to play by the rules Nissan Motors and accept your fate!!
Carmen Cremonese

I say, take a hike Nissan Motors... first come first serve. Maybe if you would have thought about this back in 1994 you might have had the chance to have the web address of your choice. The way I see it, this is just another attempt to use money and power to make up for a lack of intelligence in your promotion and advertising departments. There is no law that states "Everthing that says Nissan belongs to Nissan Motors". The only advice I can offer Nissan Motors is: Hire some people that can predict money making oppertunities and leave Nissan Computers alone!
Amy Kelley

I would like to hear the story from Nissan Motor corp.  If they (Motor corp) believe they have done right, I would like to see their facts and supporting documents.  Otherwise, the internet is a first come first serve basis.  Major corporations have monopolized most of the markets.  The internet is a revolution to free information flow back to the general public not another battlefield for the giants to slaughter more people.

I believe a person or entity that registers a domain should have rights to it.  If a domain was that important to a company they should of registered at the time a trademark was created or waived the right to it.  It does not seem moraly right to take something from someone through legal means or otherwise if it didn't belong to them or to claim a right to another persons property after ownership had been established.  With the ever growing value of a domain name, original owners should be entitled to keep their intelectual property.

I support Mr Nissan I will work with my contacts in the federal judicial system make them aware of this action.  A countersuit in civil for the cost of represention within the federal could hold.  Neg press has the most power in the long run contact japan directly and embassy officals state side for direct complaits to the japanese goverment over trade practices...approach via letter from Mr Nissan's  to ferderal senator or representative....also present situtation to motor assocations that work to promote automotive trade relations w/asia.....consider contacting american motor mfters for advt/finacal support, they want you to buy american.  Remember when you tap them at the $ belt you will get faster results, is this not what they are doing to Mr. Nissan by going into federal court....

Domain name and trade mark are two different things! Deep pocket companies don't want to pay market prices for the domains.
Jakub Sika

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