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Regarding the use of Nissan Computer domain name, although unfortunate your car company shares the same name as this man, he is entitled to use his own name.  In reading his site, he is in no way trading or exploiting the auto company.  Perhaps you should have stayed with Datsun.  I still remember the old, 'Drive a Datsun & Decide."  I couldn't tell you what your current catchphrase is.
Judy Alexander

I consider it ridiculous that a company can lodge a lawsuit against another company for the use of a family name as a company name. It may come so far that I may have to change my name, because a company wishes to use my name. Keep up the fight !
Calev Emmet

"First come, First serve!!"  See, this is the world of internet..
Joao Bosco Au, India

I find it hard to understand how the Nissan Motor Co. has the right to cause someone else problems just because they managed to get their domain name earlier than others. Especially seeing that the name is a legitimate company name. I think they should really have a close look at themselves
Gamliel Mizrahi

Hey Nissan motors: you missed to get the domain name years ago! it was your fault and now it is your problem. stop pushing Nissan computer. first comes, first serves!
Dave Camenisch

Nissan Motor Co., unfortunately you are going to lose this legal battle, if it ever goes to court.  If Mr. Nissan's paperwork is in order, it will be proven that he showed due diligence in registering and utilizing his name before Nissan Motor Co. had a presence in the United States.
M. Cody Rotermund

I would like to express my sadness at a huge corporation like Nissan Cars persecuting someone for using their own name for their company. Besides, as Mr Uzi Nissan has pointed out, his computer company can not pose a threat to Nissan Cars. I used to be an admirer of Nissan Cars because of the 'leap of faith' they took in the English town of Sunderland. Run down and demoralized after decades of industrial contraction, Sunderland badly needed a boost. Nissan invested hundreds of millions of pounds to set up a state-of-the-art car factory, introduced working practices new to Britain and put great emphasis on training their staff. The result is the most productive car factory in Europe, a boos for the economy and for morale and a new sense of hope in the English north east. A company capable of such vision should also have the generosity of spirit and common sense to see that it will not suffer from the existence of another company in a different domain having a similar name.
Jeremy Jacobson

Well, Im for Nissan Computer Co.  First Come First Serve. Nissan Motor should have been faster, Or tryed to buy the name. but as far as I know about the Law, they dont stand a chance of sueing you,
Good Luck
Randy York

I presently own a Nissan Truck and was looking for Nissan Motors online. However I do believe that Nissan Computers has more rights to use than Nissan Motors. If they want the domain name they should ask Nissan Computers if it is  for sale.
Jason Cardwell

Modern trade mark statute should find entirely in the favor of Nissan Computer. This is provided that both domains are being used for a legitimate business in the pursuit of that business. Nissan Motor cannot claim the commercial high ground just because it was too slow to secure the domains. Heads should be rolling within Nissan Motor.
Alun James

I was actually looking for a car and by mistake visited your site. I am pleased that at the top of the page it stated what I may actually be looking for and where to go. I hope that a large corporation will not be able to weaken a great family name. 
Thank You
kelly hayes

My son's best friend is also named "Nissan" and I've never associated him with a Japanese Car..... (maybe they'd like to sue him as well...) There are plenty of Domains not owned by "The big and famous". Nissan Motor should either pay Nissan Computer a hefty fee for the domain name or lay off. (As long as Nissan Computer doesn't start manufacturing and marketing cars)
E. Adler

What gives Nissan Motor the right to sue for a domain name from someone who has a legitimate right to the name?
Mendel Gottesman

When i think Nissan, i sincerely think cars not computers, on the other hand i believe "its the early bird who catches the worm", If Nissan computers was the primary established business that has been recognized world wide as well as locally, Nissan motors should take a hike and think again about suing other businesses online or otherwise holding that name ! i fully support Nissan computers as the true owner of the domain name and business title, as for Nissan Motors i'd rather push my rusty old Ford Laser !
Fight it every inch of the way Nissan Computer Corp. YOUR IN THE RIGHT !
yours truly
Carlos Meireles (sydney, Australia)

This suit seems unnecessarily punitive.  The corporate world is full of "same name" companies. However, given Uzi's genealogy, it seems to me that he is the rightful owner of the name Nissan. How did Datsun get to Nissan, anyway??  Uzi's company name is NOT the result of a name change!! What is underlying the interest of Nissan Cars in this particular company of the same name.
Anne Anderson

Uzi Nissan:
My heart goes out to you.  Hang in there.  Remember, there are 5.6 million Jews are living in the United States.  California has the second largest Jewish population in this nation, with New York being first.  If there is discrimination swirling around this complaint on Nissan Motor Company's part, be assured it won't be clandestine for long.  And even if it is not, the very thought that a giant corp like Nissan Motor Company will attempt to use its money to put the squeeze on a small company makes me ill.  Our newspaper hopes to reopen after the High Holy Days.  Maybe we can talk further.
L. Reuben, California

Dear Nissan Motors,
My name is Erik Lister, and merely reading this story offends me to the utmost.  It not only offends me because I, myself, am a business owner, but because I am also Jewish.  Doing this store a small, humble business is downright disgusting, and in case you don't remember-a wonderful throwback to the axis days when the Japanese, Germans, and Italian nations coincided to kill over 6 million of us.  So, please, before you think about profits, think about humanity first.
Erik Lister

I understand your dilema. However, I got online to check out Nissan Motors, assuming this was their website. I'm sure most people have visited this site under the same impression. I think you should change your address, because Nissan is popular for their motor vehicles, not your last name. Besides, people with companies like yours generally chose web addresses for people who already know about their company. I think you asked for the problem. I don't own a Nissan vehicle, or work for the company, so my opinion is not bias. Just out of curiosity, why didn't you show any negative messages like this one, on your response page?
Marisa Clark

Sorry guy, it sucks and all that this is happening, but I'm with the Nissan Motors. They're a huge international business that has been around for a very long time. I'm not sure but are you guys international as well? Cause if not it does make more sense for such a large, international corporation such as Nissan Motors to have the domain.

Sorry folks. Darwin said it best: "Survival of the fittest.". Hate to break it to you, but when I'm looking for a car, I expect to find it at or .net. I don't want to waste my time at some consultant's web-site.  We wouldn't have an interstate highway system if every home-owner who complained that his property was being razed was allowed to remain. It would make a heck of an interesting commute though!  Again, sorry, but I'm not sympathetic to your argument.

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