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Why??? The domain name and was registered long before you even thought of using. I have yet to figure out how it is "diluting" anything. Their company name is Nissan Computer not Nissan autos. They are not banking on the Nissan Motors name and I doubt if they will unless you give them the public exposure.
I now have a reason not to buy a Nissan auto and will my friends and family to buy elsewhere.
David Myers

I am saddened by the actions that Nissan Motors had taken against Nissan Computer.  I can assure you that neither my family nor myself will ever purchase their products.  Perhaps they should change their name back to Datsun instead.
James Lee

I am in the market for a light pickup truck, I was considering Nissan. Now that I am aware of this abuse I will instead go with a Ford. I will also make sure to tell at least ten other of my Internet friends of this abuse.

There is no place for this type of bully tactics by Nissan Motor.  I'll certainly remember this when shopping for another vehicle.
(I currently own a Nissan Motor product, but will not buy another if they succeed in this theft.)
Tom Cannon

Dear Nissan Motors:
Stop this frivlous litagation against Nissan computer.  They got the name first and are intitled to it.  Be professionals! Either buy the name or use something like  Be smart!  Think about the impact this will have on the buying public.  Twenty years later I still do not buy Nestle products because of their dirty tricks with infant formula in third world nations.
If you drive Nissan Conputer out of business, I will never buy a Nissan.  And I will encourage my principled friends, collegues, and relatives to think twice.
Deborah S. Mackey

Nissan motors should cut the crap and aprreciate their own domain name. Who would mistake Nissan Computer Corp. for Nissan Motor Co? There is a definite line between the two companies. I was seriously considering buying a Nissan Maxima and now I have thought twice. Nissan Motor Co. should take back the suit and resolve in a different matter. This man's name is Nissan for heaven's sake.  He should be suing Nissan Motor Co.
Angela Fonzi

Sell the name for a Million and be done with it.  That particular name likely has many surfers for Nissan Cars anyways, but since your sir name is the same as the manufacture, you wouldn't have a problem owning it except for Nissan Car company; it looks like you hit the JACK POT.  It may seen that Nissan is comming in to hijack you, but, they haven't gotten the name yet.  Just make sure that the purchase money comes in Yen.  Oh yeah, I'm sure you and your family can have any car you want!

This is just sad, once again a large corporation decides it is necessary to use thier power to screw a smaller company, and over a domain name? Couldn't an arrangement have been made putting some link to nissan motor on the webpage? I doubt BIG nissan motors ever thought of that, no lets sue them, not like there are enough frivolous lawsuits out there already! Nissan Motors, grow up!
Marc Farnsworth

Quite frankly, this lawsuit is ridiculous. First of all, it's Nissan's own fault that they did not register the name in time. By 1994, the internet was booming already, but obviously Nissan was still sleeping very deeply. But apart from that, Nissan is not the complete name of their corporation, in fact it is Nissan Motors, therefore, every business, whether small or large, and regardless of what they produce, who has the name Nissan in their lawfully registered business name, should have the right to use it as their web address. And in that case, whoever comes first, gets it. I think this lawsuit is ridiculous and Nissan Motor Corp. won't have a chance, in my opinion.
Thomas K.

Nissan Computers is the rightful owner of the domain name "", and should be left alone.  I understand that your company desires this domain name, but they were first and since it is a family name they have the right to use it.
Walter Christensen

I understand this situation. It is one of many conflicts between businesses. The matter is this: what makes some businesses better than others? In my opinion, Microsoft Corp. and my local newsagent should have the same rights as each other. I understand that Nissan Motor Corp were set up before your company, but there are many other businesses that have done the same. Polo (car, mints, clothing) for example. The web site is clothing (RL). No lawsuit in this situation.  You are both called Nissan. Web domain names are not trade marks and work on a first come first serve basis. Nissan Motor Corp weren't quick enough. They don't need to employ a lawyer, they need to employ a business manager who can see how the company can develop (in this case it would have been to register a domain name earlier if they saw the Internet as a cost effective way of advertising.) Even in the early days of the Internet it would have cost nothing to register a domain name for a company as big as Nissan Motor Corp. It's their problem. They should deal with it.  Plus, new suffixes are coming out soon (.firm, .store, .web etc.) so they will have a chance to register those, (that's if someone doesn't get there first!)
I'm right behind you here and feel that should Nissan Motor Corp with the case it would completly undermine our right to freedom.
Hope it goes well. Keep me informed
Iain Scott

Dear Domain Name Hyjackers...
If a Domain has been Registered Properly prior to your application for it, I do not believe you should have any special previlidges to it just because you want it!  Life is rough and if you loose!
Peter G. Eberhardt

I agree that Nissan Computer should have rights over the domain name they registered.  Nissan Motor changed their name long after Mr. Nissan was born and after he had opened businesses under that name.  For Nissan motor to think they can steal a name that has been registered and payed for without any attempt to defame or take advantage of the automaker's ads good will or good name is the highth of arrogance.  Unforgiveable.  UnAmerican.
Charlie Peterson

Nissan (the car company) - go f__k yourselves.  Nissan (the guy/computer company) best wishes and good luck.  I trust you will counter sue - I hope you really get to screw these bast__ds.
Steve McBaine

I support "Nissan Computer" in this matter fully.

This is clearly not a case of someone owning web sites for profit rather than true business. They have a legitimate claim on the name of Nissan and should be as free and clear to use it as the larger company having the same. Size doesn't make right. Drop the lawsuit and get
Wendy Rowan

Best wishes!  Stick up for your rights and let's hope that the big bad wolves lose!
H. M. - Singapore

If you want a domain name, someone's property in this case that was obtained legitimately on a free market, you should pay a price agreed upon by yourself and Nissan Computer. That is how it is and ought to be in a free country. Get ahead by merit and free trade and eschew the aristocracy of pull. If you demonstrate that you prefer pull over merit what does that say about your product and why would I ever buy one? Some argument might be made if this were merely a "squatter" but in this case the use of the name is warranted as it is owned by a legitimate business with the name Nissan. Altavista did the right thing; you would do well to follow their example. If you play a part in the abrogation of individual rights thereby aiding and abetting the would be destroyers of America and all it stands for where will you run to conduct business and retain a right to what you earn when the looters come for you?
Duane mailing

I fully support the fight against Nissan Motor Corp. The big businesses trying to take over a domain name that they were too slow in making their own to begin with. Nissan Computer Corp. is not responsible for Nissan Motor Corp.'s stupidity in not capitalizing on the internet's possibilities sooner. My support is with Nissan Computer Corporation.
Clinton Canady IV

I think this is a gross abuse of an already overutilized legal system.  Whoever at Nissan is responsible for this lawsuit should be removed for gross misappropriation of funds.  Lawyers will tell you to sue for no better reason than the fees they collect.
Jason Wiener

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