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The fact that Nissan Motors underestimated the importance of Internet 10 years ago is clear. Instead of going to court, they simply must make a reasonable offer, that Nissan Computer will most likely accept, as all others do. Of course as a consumer I would prefer to find Nissan Motors under, but Nissan Motors must pay the price.
Until then, I'm not buying Nissan.
Bozhil Makaveev

I am in the market for a nice 4X4 and had considered the Pathfinder but will no longer do that!  Why can't the idiots at Nissan Motor choose domain like etc....
The early bird gets the worm.  Should we be patenting domain names as soon as we get them?
Joe - a rich fat guy

Leave the Nissans alone! If Nissan Motors want the domain name so bad, buy them out in exchange for them agreeing to register under a proper name. If allowed to continue, everyone will have to look over their shoulder when they register a domain.
Meanwhile, I will not purchase any Nissan Motors products.
Bruce Porter

It is completely unfair what Nissan Motors is doing. They have no right.
I was going to buy a Nissan car, but not anymore.

I received this e-mail on 24 October 2000. I have delayed responding so that I could provide proof of the impact of Nissan Motor's actions. I have been assisting my mother with the purchase of a new vehicle. She had decided to purchase a Nissan Maxima. After receiving this notification, I discontinued negotions with our Nissan dealership -- they were unaware that this litigation was taking place. I realize that it's only one sale and will have little impact, but perhaps others will do the same. Although mother was disappointed at first, she is more than pleased with her new Subaru.
Lana Cross

I just want to lend my support to the group of people that are doing everything possible in this issue.  I do not agree on the fact that big shot companies get the rights to a family based name. Whether it be family based or not it should be clear that the issue is not going to be delt with sitting down and the team working with Nissan Computer is going to make sure this does not happen again to any other small business or family owned facility.
Linda Leon

Certainly, despite their recent economic difficulties, the Nissan Motor Corp. is in a position to make a reasonable offer to the current owner of the and domains.  The length of time that Uzi Nissan has reserved those domains, and the fact that he is making active use of them clearly differentiates him from those who "buy up" domain names merely to profit by their resale.
Kurt Kaufman

To Nissan Motor Corp.:
Surely there is an option other than suing someone for using their family name. How about or  It would be very surprising if your stockholders feel a lawsuit this potentially damaging (PR-wise) is an effective use of funds, rather than just picking a name & getting on with business.  In the interest of fairness & justice consider this:allow the owner of the two domain names to keep them & perhaps they will allow you to place a link to your site on their home page.  Since this type of lawsuit always garners lots of attention, a lot of people will be typing in "nissan" to see what comes up on the net- why waste the opportunity to connect with so many possible customers?  Please choose a peaceful resolution instead of a calculated extermination of a business that did nothing more to incur your wrath than choose a name.
H. Forbes

You are wrong Nissan Motor!! You can "adjust" your web name to indicate you are the car company...not the computer company!! To abuse others in this fashion is reprehensible!! Shame on you, to you and your ancestors!!

Nissan motors, cannot you find other means to compete in the market place than stealing and cheating.  Use your skill and imagination not your piles of cash and deceptive tactics.
Brendan Gray

As a domain name owner. I find it regrettable that a company would try and bend the free ownership laws just to steal a name.If Nissan Motors wishes the name let them offer free market value to the regested owner and if they wish not to sell then let Nissan Motors find another that they can live with and regester it.
Just my thoughts.

Your lawsuit is ridiculous.  Unfortunately, your company did not have the foresight to book the names when they were available but thats just too bad.
Michael Lamprecht

I was in the market for a new car and now NISSAN will not one of my family's options.

It's first come, first served with domain names. Even if Nissan Computer were owned by a person with another name, it would still be a valid domain name for this business, since Mr. Nissan registered it first.  I'm sure Nissan Motor Company could afford to make it worthwile for this gentleman to sell his domain name to them, and select another for himself, but there was no mention of that in the article I read. For that reason I hope Mr. Nissan wins this lawsuit, and gets punitive damages for having his name dragged into court like that.
Michael Charleboix

To whom it may concern.
I understand the point of the laws passed to prevent people from taking domain names with the purpose of selling them at a later time or misusing them.  I would not like to think that the laws that have been enacted for good reason will be turned into a tool of bad with the end being desided by who has more money for lawyers.  Nissan computers has had this domain for sometime now and it should not be taken away now simply do to the fact that Nissan Motor can buy more lawyers.
Leave the man alone...he has had the name, both on the web and in life much longer than the motor works has.
R. Gray

Dear Sirs:
This lawsuit is ridiculous! Certainly, there is a better way to handle the situation. The computer company had the domain names first and legally. Your company's size shouldn't be used as a club to bully other businesses into submission. Would work?
J. M. Krucek

When there is a legitimate reason for someone to have a domain name, there can be no lawsuit.  Recently Madonna won a website from a man that had no affiliation with her and the original websit did not either, this is legitimate.  Nissam Computer is a company name.  What else would he have as a website name?  Nissan makes sense to me.  I am studying towards a law degree in patent law and infringement, I do not believe that the law was meant in this way.  In the past laws were made to protect people, they are still made for this purpose today.  However, they are misinterpreted.  There are people suing others for proposteroud things.  I believe this lawsuit has no grounds and I hope the judge feels the same way I do.
Joanna Colbourne - George Mason University Student - Fairfax, Virginia

I think that this is an insult to America, land of the free. As most would agree, possession is nine tenths of the law. Mr Nissan is not infringing on anything at all. If anything, the Nissan Motor Company is infringing on his birthright to pass his family name to his family business. He has had this business and name long before Nissan Motor had decided to crowd in and start trouble. I think this is not fair and uncalled for. If your such a large corp., then why didn't you think of the website before now. The internet has been around awhile.
Shawn Centers

Dear Sirs:
Shame!  "" isn't yours because you were not intelligent enough to secure it before the rightful owner did. Too bad! Shame!  I saw a scale this morning it had among the other numbers on it the numbers "240" and "300" will you be suing everyone who manufactures scales to force them to remove those numbers from their products? I won't be surprised if you do.  First Pearl Harbor, now Nissan Computers!  Shame!
Col. Jerome Kent

If the person in question has any legal right to use the name, it's first come first serve.  This lawsuit is purely a business decision.
Richard Scanlan

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