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Yes, another HORRIFIED, yet grateful recipient of this information.  I am not surprised by your (Nissan Motors Corp.) illegitimate and dishonourable legal action against the Legitimate owner of the domain names.
I will do anything in my power to fight this issue, first action being cancelling my order for a new Nissan vehicle.  Next, I plan to inform all friends and colleagues of this heresy.  A nice coincidence that my contacts are all based in Southeast Asia (where I have worked for the last 15 years), where Nissan owns a much too healthy market share.
The 'little' people will win this one!
Corinna Collins

I believe that the policy of "big-business" using its own muscle to bully consumers they think are or may be threatening to them is wrong, immoral, and stupid.  Just because someone so happens to own a site that has the name 'Nissan' in it doesn't have anything to do with trying to bankrupt any company.
I even own a Nissan, but I will reconsider my car purchases in the future thanks to the notification and news I have read on this matter.
Jason Eshleman Sr.

I have come across this webb page on the internet and I have read the information regarding the legal action that Nissan Motor is taking against Nissan Computer and I find this action very disgusting. I can you stop someone from using their family name. For each of us our family name is our most sacred thing. It speak of our ancestral origine and it used to shows the accomplishiments of many generations of a same name. Accomplishments that are often done with sweat and blood of many of our ancestors. These same accomplishments by our self or our ancestors gives us the right to proudly put our names on our business and accomplishments. The actions being taken by the Nissan Motor Corp. only proves their indeferrences to such important values and that the need for greed is greater that moral values.
For that reason (and after reding these articles) I can assure you that I will never buy any car bearing the Nissan logo.
Sincerely yours,
Yves Lacroix - President, Balartex Inc. - Nicolet, Québec, Canada

Nissan Motors is clearly seeking legal actions of malicious and greedy intent. Their bureaucratic ambition to bankrupt a smaller, growing company is just as disturbing as the George W. Bush tax cut plan to the wealthiest 1%. So what Nissan Motors can't use the URL? It definitely isn't hurting their business right now. Seems to me that this is another clear case of the less fortunate being abused by the fortunate.
Good for you Nissan Motors! You have successfully created a new life long TOYOTA customer!
Justin Suarez

Legal ownership is legal ownership.  Period.  To have a foreign concern challenge legality of U.S. ownership is a crime against all American businesses.  It is high time foreign concerns were legislated the second class position they deserve. For now, let's settle for hitting Nissan of Japan where they live, in the wallet.
I assure you Nissan and any of it's affiliates will not be considered for any purchases in my business or household.
Gary Martin

TO Nissan Motor
This attemt to lay hands on internet addresses that obviously belong to Nissan Computer will only damage reputation of Nissan Motor. I do not own a Nissan car but things like this will certanly not make me more prone to buy one.
Martin Ohnstrom

I believe Nissan Motors has no rights to the rightful, and previously existing internet domain name.  I believe Nissan should be charged with filing a frivolous lawsuit and owes Uzi Nissan damages, fees and punitive charges.
Tim Turner

Nissan Motor has no right to take away the domain names if Nissan Computer is using his family name for his busness and he registered it first.
Jeff Matthews

Well, I'm sorry that the big bad company can't be mature enough to let somebody who got there first, rightfully and fairly, keep the name.
Matt Clausen

How come they don't mess with someone in their own size? When a big company like Nissan gets their hands on a thing like this I hope that Mr Nissan got some good lawyers. Good Luck to Mr Nissan !! Keep your head high an I wish You all of luck.
Lars Watts

An Open Letter To Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.
Once, back in 1934, my grandmother had a dream in which the entire world was connected with strange, unbelievably flexible and powerful machines.  The result was that people had the ability to communicate across the world with people.  My grandmother had a friend who was fluent in Hebrew and named this great thing 'Nissan' in remembrance of the beginning of the traditional Hebrew calendar; she felt it was a new beginning of humanity's ability to be neighbors to one other.  This, of course, became the Internet.  Since she thought of this first (in 1934), I believe that the term Nissan should be used only for things related to computers and their interconnectivity.  Thus, Nissan Computer Corporation is okay, but Nissan Motors is not because they do not focus exclusively on computers.
I have come up with a solution!  I have reserved the DBA of Unreliable Cars, Inc. for the current Nissan Motor Company.  I commend you to meet with my lawyers in Des Moines, Iowa, where I have filed to resolve this matter.  We will exchange paperwork and absolve Nissan Motor Company and welcome in Unreliable Cars, Inc.  I will be looking forward to your e-mail.
John Lampson

Greetings. I can only hope that you have retained competent legal counsel for this problem of yours. By this, I mean counsel that is experienced in trademark/dilution law, and has at least some experience in the field of domain name disputes. I'm sure you are aware that there is a fairly substantial, and growing, body of law concerning this exact issue.
I am a third-year law student at the University of Illinois. Last spring, I took a class that touched on these issues, and one thing that struck me was how traditional trademark law is applied in some federal courts, while others take a more eclectic view. You might have lucked out, having your case brought in California. The 9th circuit is known for applying less than traditional standards to its cases in this area. This may well work in favor.
DON'T LOSE HEART!!! While I can't say that I am familiar enough with the facts of this case to really pick sides, I have a sneaking suspicion that you have the moral high ground here. Yours could be an important case, in a line of cases, that might determine whether or not the World Wide Web will truly be a world community, or just another advertising medium for big business. The real question here is whether the law will come t the aid of a huge corporation that didn't have the foresight to register its own domain name. If so, then more than your business will be hurt.
If your lawyers could use some help researching this problem, please feel free to forward my email address. I would be happy to lend whatever help I can in the coming months.
Keep the faith.
Kindest regards,
Matt Hartley

I think it is deplorable that a large company can steal a domain name from someone by forcing them into court in order to coerce them to concede their rights because of the high cost of litigation.
Joe A. Tynes

Hi. I am from England and someone has sent me an e-mail about the disgusting action being taken by Nissan over your domain names.  This sort of thing has been going on too long and before the internet.  Over here when videotapes first became available in the early 1980s, a guy with the surname Warner (you can see what's coming can't you) opened a video hire shop and named it Warner Home Video.  Needless to say, when Warner Bros. started their UK company they sued and actually LOST the case as the guy had trademarked the name.  Eventually he sold them the rights to the name for a considerable sum.
It just goes to show that you shouldn't give up.
Frank Winstanley

Does Nissan Motor Corp. make or have anything ot do with coputers?  Please know that you do not own the name and drop the lawsuit.  It makes me look at your company very disfavorably!!

Dear Sirs,
I am totally agianst "Reverse Domain Highjacking" As your company is trying to do agianst a small computer company in L.A.. Hopefully the courts will see and protect the rights of the small business man, of which I am one.
Thank You
Mr. Dennis Norman

Dear Sirs
I want to say that when I read about this, I first thought, serves them right for cyber-squatting, but as I checked deeper, I found, the webpage at is not a case of cyber squatting, as it was in use to promote the nissan computer company. I am very against those who register names and then post nothing but a domain for sale page. I am very glad to hear when a cyber squatter loses the court case. This is different, it's a family's name, you can't take a family's name away. I would feel totally different if Joe Smith registered and put up a webpage saying domain for sale. In such a case, I'd be behind Nissan motors 100%. This is a name, if I opened a shop, and called it White's widgets and opened a webpage, I wouldn't expect White truck, White sewing machines, or White equipment to shut me down. In actuality, is a personal homepage, person that runs it has my same last name, no relation.
In my humble opinion, Nissan Motors should let Mr Uzi Nissan have the domain, he registered it first, Mr Uzi Nissan isn't just using it to con Nissan Motors out of money, the page is in use for his own buisnesses comerce, the very best tool a small buisness has to grow... Nissan motor has huge advertising budget, puts the domain to their sites, numerous ones, many models of their fine autos having it's own domain. I will close by saying, Mr Uzi Nissan did one thing I may not have if embroiled in a similar situation, he posts the url to Nissan Motors at the top of his page, to redirect lost web surfers. Mr Nissan shows class there, that adds to the obvious point he isn't a cyber squatter.
Bill White

That is a total crock.  If i get a domain name now and later a company is created that has more success than mine does that give them the right to take the name.  HEEECCCKKKK NO!!!!
Matthew Craig

I'm getting tired of big business using the law to 'hijack' domain names. If a company started with a name that translates directly to the domain name, then that name belongs to the registering company. I'm sorry if Nissan Motors is mad because they didn't have the foresight to register the name first, that's their problem. This practice of disputes over trademarks and their domain names is a total violation of free enterprise. I feel that this action is a spit in the face to what this country was trying to achieve. Big business should simply take their medicine and find alternatives.
I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor,
Jeff Mundine

Yet another example of corporate power gone awry.  If there is a petition to sign, or any other way to help, please let me know!  How such a case can even be entertained by our legal system is beyond me.
William Mierisch

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