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I will never buy a Nissan motor corporation product again.  Sums that up I guess.
Daniel O. covington

I find the Nissan Motor Corporation's action to be reprehensible and ill-founded.  I believe that the Nissan Motor Corporation does not own the copyright to the "Nissan" name or trademark across all business sectors, and is not entitled to remove the domain from the current business that registered it.
As someone getting ready to buy a new car (and thinking about a Nissan Maxima) I will refrain from purchasing a Nissan automobile until Nissan drops their lawsuit.
T. Orlando

I will never buy a nissan again.  NEVER.  You are thiefs.

I consider your attept to sue an otherwise honest computer co. because of their having the same name as nissan cruel and would not consider buying your product.
Daryl Jerace

Certainly when I go to buy another car "Nissan" will be a name I have never heard of. it is now expunged from my memory. "Nissan", what is that, is it a fish or is it some kind of reptile?  This is another example of corporate wealth being used to control us through the courts.
Charles Cann - Malaysia

Since Nissan company domain name has been registered earlier Nissan motor company has no right to claim the domain name.  In computers it is like first come first serve basis. Uzi I sincerly hope that u should win this case.  A big company can't bully a smaller company. I was looking to purchase a new car from Nissan and now I Erased that idea from my mind and Iam going to tell all my friends the same.
****If Nissan motor company is so much after the domian name why don't it buy for a Billion dollars.****
Challapalli Kumar

Whoever uses a Domain Name righteously acquired should retain TM rights to it, regardless of size or wealth of any challengers (or public name recognition, as in some long-established women's websites and in the Nissan case). Muscling in long after a website has created it's cyberhome is plain bullying, unfair and wrong.
Lee Walker

I know that the Nissan Computer Corp has been around for a long time even before the Nissan Motors was founded I have heard about Nissan Computer Corp many times this is the first time I have even heard of Nissan Motors. well not really but still I think it's crap that they are trying to take away which is rightfully yours.
Nathan Fuller

Enough, already.  A person can't use his family name, for his own company, ridiculous!  This individual properly registered his companies web sites, and now Nissan Motors, wants to take action against him.  Just because Nisson Motors, didn't realize the impact, that, the web was going to have on getting information to the world population, and didn't register their name, when they had the chance, should not infringe on anothers rights.  Mr. Nissan, isn't using Nissan Motors, as his domain name, but, a family name, that had been properly registered.
Charles Landis

Nissan Motor Company should be ashamed.  There are proper ways to obtain domain names that are in dispute: by buying them.  The fact is that Mr. Nissan has every right to his own family name.  There are many cases that have been resolved without legal battles: used to be owned by man whose son was named 'ty'.  It is now owned by the toymaker through a private negotiation.
This action only makes Nissan Motor Company look bad and will lose as legislation was rewritten to prevent domains registered in bad faith (squatters) and not legitimate users.
Frederick Farzanegan

I support Nissan Computer's right to keep their domain name; irregardless of whether or not Nissan Motors wants to have it.  Obviously, Nissan Computer has been in existence long before Nissan Motors... in the democracy where I live, the United States of America, I support a first-come; first-served notion.
If Nissan Motors wanted that domain name, they should have been quicker on the draw.
Collette Blue

Good luck, nice to see someone standing up against the 'big boys'. Really though it is rightfully your domain name, as it is relevant to your business name.
Kevin Auld

Who had the domain name first should keep it. If nissan motors was smart they would have gotten the name before nissan computers. If nissan motors wants it they should pay nissan computers whatever they want for it. All of the sudden these big corp. want to own the internet becuase they see there is money to be made in it. F them. The end.

I think Nissan Motors is in the wrong...If I were to register my name on the internet, (one I share with a leading snack-food company in the uk) i wouldnt expect them to file a lawsuit against me for simply sharing that name,especially if i had registered first; so where do Nissan Motors think they have got the right from to do exactly that??
Vanessa Walker

To whom it may concern,
I believe that it is unfare for someone to have to give up their rights to their own name in order for a large corporation to use it. If Uzi Nissan obtained sites using his own name, he should be elligible to continue to use these sites. If Nissan the motor company would like these sites for their own advertisements, they should offer to buy them not steal them. First come first serve.
Rhonda Freda

Another story of big business trying to run the little guy out of town.  I think you have more right to the and domains than Nissan Motor ever has.  I'm behind you 100%.
Nicholas Good

Give the man his name back. Just because you, Nissan Motor, have MORE MONEY doesn't mean you are MORE ENTITLED. What's fair is fair. He had the name longer than you. Don't be a stupid capitalistic yahoo. You lose this time.

I'm sure that all of the talented people at Nissan could figure out a way to get users to their website without bullying a small company.  Perhaps they should offer to buy the site.  Copyright doesn't seem to me to have any relavence here.  What if I copyrighted the number 1 or 1600, would people have to change their addresses?
Brian Pantalone

This is a clear case of a megacorporation trying to use its power and wealth to override common sense, fairness, and the law.  I thought there was already a ruling out there that companies with trademarks do not automatically own rights to corresponding domain names?

For anyone to claim that use of their name as a domain is illegal is a travestie.  It's a shame to the Internet, and manipulation of the legal system.  What next?  Shall people be sued for righting trademarked names down?  How about for saying them?  If someone buys a domain name, that domain belongs to them, regardless of what it is.
Abandon your pursuit of power and be fair.  Drop this suit.
The Jester

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