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Thanks, you have helped me make up my mind about what car to buy.  With this type of corporate action I will NOT purchase a Nissan Minivan.  Any corporation that behaves in this manner cannot be trusted to keep its word about support or other activites.
NOT purchasing your product is the best way I know to protest your actions.
Robert Hawkins

I think Nissan Motor ought to be ashamed of itself.  Let's face Nissan Motor, Nissan Computer caught you sleeping.  They registered and first and now your embarassed.  Nissan Computer has just as much right as you do to those domain names.  They got them first and thus they should keep them.  Why don't you use or or anyother name that could better identify you and leave the computer company alone.  You can certainly tell this this country (USA) is going to pot when I man can start a company, name it after is family name, register internet domain names based on his family name\company name, only to have a foreign company come and try to steel it from him.
To show you the sincerity of my feelings on this issue, I will not buy your cars.
Neil Ragone

Tough luck Nissan Motor Company. The language may be more explicit if we were not over the internet. Being the big guy does not give you the right to win. Quit the bullying.
Presently my wife drives a Nissan - and we're very happy with it - however unless Nissan Motor Co. get back in their box on this one, there'll be no more Nissans in our family!
Neil McQuillan

Dear Nissan,
I am sorry to read of your highanded uspurping of the domain name from its rightful owner.  As with the case and the case you too will lose eventually, as Time-Warner and Hasbro did.
One thing you will also lose is the ability to sell me a Nissan truck for the rest of my life.  I expect we will put an end to you reverse hijackers legislatively very soon.
Allan Samara

Hi.  I just recieved an email asking me to go to this site.  I did, and read it.  I would love to hear a response to the claims made, which I am sure you are familiar with.  Until I get one, I can only assume they are true.  I am shocked and dismayed at the bullying tactics being employed.  It is obvious that this guy has a legitimate claim to the domain name.
Not only will I never buy a nissan, I will ensure that my friends and family do not buy nissans, and I will forward the email far and wide in an effort to stop as many people as possible from buying nissans.  I strongly suggest that you immediately change your behaviour, and publicly apologise.  The internet is a big place, getting bigger, and I think there are very few people who do not either have access or have a friend with access who would pass on information such as this.
Rowan McMurray

Good day,
I would just like to say that your conduct in this matter is apalling.  You have no right to take the domain name from Mr. Nissan, and some might say that he has a greater claim. 
My mother owns a Nissan sunny, and will soon be looking to buy a new car.  I can assure you that it will not be a Nissan.  And if you think that the public cant make a difference just look at the recent fuel crisis across Europe.  Please reconsider.  Will having that web address really increase business, because how much of your business isn't done face to face with customers.
Thank you.
Luke Delsol

This practice of hijacking domain names is very unfair.  If Nissan computer were shown to be trying to extort money from Nissan Motor,  then they would have a case.  But this is simply of case of Nissam computer getting the domain name ahead of Nissan Motors.  Nissan Motors has no legal right to the name,  just because they have more money.  We are tired of our country being railroaded by who has the most money to hire the biggest most expensive lawyers.  Where is our sense of ethics?
Lea Darwin

Rediculess things people fight about, are happening more and more these days. But Large corporations trying to take land and names from smaller businesses has got to stop. Where is the fairness in all this? What is in a name? Mitsubishi has a car and a computer firm and home electronics! Why not Nissan cars and Computer components, as well? Why not try a Nissan line of home electronics, or even better, toaster ovens?  Small kitchen appliances? Just a thought...
O. Michael

Nissan Motors is just one of the brick and morter establishment businesses that was too busy looking down its corporate nose at the internet until they finally missed the boat, and now want to bully their way to satisfaction.  SHAME on "nissan motors".
Bill Smith

I believe Nissan Motor Company should be highly embarresed by their stance against this company and should loose the lawsuit with massive damages against.
Matt Beer

This is a very bad business practice that will ultimately reflect a negative brand image on your company. Please halt this unjust lawsuit for the sake of the free internet and your company's reputation.
Rest assured, you will loose more than one customer continuing it.
Thank you,
Greg Kloiber

Hey Nissan Motor...bad form, why don't you just offer to buy the domain names from him, got to be cheaper that sueing and you'll probably loose unless you can buy the court...
Murray Holland

I think your company is wrong to bring suit against a man that has the same name and is using it on his web site.
Clarence Hassinger

I am disappointed that the Nissan car company is pursuing legal action against Nissan computers.  As Mr. Nissan has been using his God given name in his business name for many, many years (even when you guys were calling yourself Datsun) it is my opinion that you will find a backlash if this legal action continues
D. Moore

This is the most bullsh_t I have ever seen in my entire life, ( and I was raised in the 80') Corperations like Nissan Auto are a threat to any kind human progress, and this is a testament to that. You can not make a claim on a name, it is HIS name, there is no property rights on the name of a human being, if there were you'd be talking to your friend kfbasklvsjdfn oawnfbajv and he'd be calling you akhnfjanfub veuqpgufb.
Stupid capitolistis, I hope you rot in hell you slave drivers.
Captain Anarchy

The nissan computer company bought the domain before the car company. There is no wrong in that!
Kurt Piccuito

The internet has been around long enough for Nissen Motor to have registered the .com and .net if they wanted it.  They should buy it now from Nissen Computer if they want it bad enough.
I side with Nissen Computer.  That's why domain names are registered.  It must stand because if Nissen Motors is allowed to prevail, it makes a mockery of the justice system.
Daz Jonsen

I can't believe a big company like Nissan is dragging this honest small business man through the ringer and bankrupting him.  Ever hear of "First come first served" I think it applies here.  I can't see this helping Nissan's image with future buyers.
Matt Ames

Stop the action - You cannot own every name in the world.

Dear Nissan Motor:
Your suit is absurd.  Nissan is a common Japanese name.  Your action is ridiculus.  Please use or!!!!!  What a big business bullying tactic that ICANN has probably led you to believe that you can take away from a small business.  You should be rightfully countersued for damages and attorney fees.
Martin Good

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