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I hope that Nissan Motor Company will realise how stupid and defiling their acts are by taking away a legal right initiated by Nissan Computer Corp. Nissan Motor Company has no right to the name Nissan as compared to the founder of Nissan Computer Corp.
I hope that Nissan Motor Company will realise how bad they are, they were bought by Renault anyway... what's next?
Adrian Lee

I considered buying a Nissan Maxima but if the information I've received is legitimate (and I will check) I will not buy a Nissan automobile.  A good business is one that tries to build. I don't do business with those who destroy, especially on a personal level.
I'm disgusted.

He has as much right to this name as you do and he got there first. Buy him out or make a new name, or even pay him to link to your own site.
Your approach of bankrupting him with a law suite fills me with disgust and as a long time frequent Nissan buyer I think I will buy a ford next time unless I hear that this has been resolved via the market place and not the law courts.
Dean Randle

Whilst I find the actions of Domain Name Hijackers deplorable & would fully support anyone taking legal action against them this is CLEARLY not the case this time. No court should consider allowing this action to succeed against a legitimate user and holder of the domain name. Nissan are a massive organisation who are really showing what a bunch of bullys and coniving sharks they are.
I will not ever again buy a Nissan. I think Mr Nissan is more than generous telling people who just 'guess' their way round the web where to find NMC's site.  By their actions NMC have proved that they do not deserve such courtesy.
Good luck in your defence against NMC. They do not deserve to win & I cannot see any fair minded jury finding in their favour.
Neil Adamson

Too bad for Nissan Motor Corp. that they didn't have the vision to register the nissan domain name first.  I am appalled that our legal system entertains these types of lawsuits and that this suit with no legal rights was not thrown out of court immediately.  Nissan Computer Corp clearly and legally registered the site first.  If Nissan Motors wants it they should pay a fair price for it, not bully a hardworking enterprising American citizen.  Shame on them! 
I have owned and been satsified with Nissan autos, but will never again even consider buying Nissan cars unless they drop this ridiculous lawsuit immediately and compensate Nissan Comp Corp for their time and court costs!  I will also encourage my friends and business associates to do the same.  Good luck Nissan Computer!
Jennifer St.Clair

I am sick and tired of hearing of all these companies suing over a domain name. If they wanted it so badly, why didnt they register it, this man has every right to have these domains as it is his name, and has been for generations. If they are going to do this, might as well sue to make him change his family name while they are at it, and how about every other person with that last name too, go crazy. Its insanity. Couldn't they just be happy with or something to that effect? it wont be any harder to find for someone looking for the company. I hope they lose, just like Sting did when he tried to sue some poor person over, how can you trademark a word like that.
This loonacy needs to halt, and i will never buy a Nissan car. period.

I feel your lawsuit is bogus. Your a major corporation stepping on the little guys shoes.  Haven't you made it to the top of the ladder.  Step down and let someone else on.
Your lawsuit makes me ashamed to have a Nissan in the driveway.
Michelle Brown

I think that should belong to the Computer Corporation, along with, .org, and all of the others. Nissan used to be called Datsun, and it's not the computer corporations fault that nobody thought of that web site earlier! is still a good site for nissan motors, and when you do access, they are very informative in letting you know Nissan Motor's web page, which is something that they don't even HAVE TO DO. They are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts.
Joe Uzdavinis

The business practice of crushing someone who has previously registered a domain name you want for an unrelated purpose is both immoral and dangerous. It needs to stop.
Daniel Nalbach

It'a shame such frivolity has erupted it's ugly head.  Nissan Computer Corp. has done no harm as I see it.  Most of these law suits have "greed" as a motive.  Hustle a "fast buck".  Nissan Motors ought to shut up and keep making vehicles!!!!!
Best Regards,
Al Rosenbrock

To whomever may be interested,
The ridiculous nature of this dispute makes it hard to refrain from using improper language.  However, I shall do my very best.  The grounds on which Nissan Motor claim the right to escape my understanding?  The situation as I see it, is that two corporations by the name of Nissan exist(probably more). The one (Nissan Computer) was the first to register  As Nissan Computer is a legitamate corporation to every extent that Nissan Motor is, Nissan Computer has exactly the same rights to as Nissan Motor does.  However, the deciding factor here is as simple as this:  Nissan Computers got there first.  In fact, as I see it, there are several reasons as to why Nissan Computer should have the right to, instead of Nissan Motor.  Isn't it more fitting to have a computer company on the logical domain name, on the global network of COMPUTERS, called the internet?  And hasn't Nissan Computers got more right to the name Nissan, as it is the name of it's founder, which is not the case with Nissan Motors?
Don't be foolish, the question itself is laughable, as the answer is so clear.
Charles Lumley

In view of the fact that Nissan is in fact Mr. Nissan's last name, if anyone should be at the recieving end of a lawsuit it should be Nissan Motors. Do they not make enough money as it is without driving independent, hardworking, small business owners out of business? I think I speak for a lot of internet users when I say we've had enough, and we're not going to take it anymore!
Bryan Purcell

Those who are (were) late getting into the game, and are now whining by throwing their money to lawyers who will help them squash the innovators who WERE there (those who stood in line early enough to get their domain name), who are crying now, are quite simply just too late.  Their  domain names were bought and paid for legally, and Nissan used his own family name.  His family name has been theirs for many, many generations, and he has the right to use his own family name as his business name, and he is not infringing on anyone's rights, or property.  Companies whose officer's egoes are so out of whack that they really do believe their superiority need to realize that fair is fair (conforming with the rules; being within the foul lines)- - EVEN in business!  Hopefully those lawyers get paid by the hour, and not only when the case is won, and hopefully the judge hasn't been paid off, too!
Maybe - MAYBE -  SOMEDAY - the lawyers will begin seeing what the truth really is, and get some religion, or possibly even some integrity, and find a way to make as much money by going about it honestly (FAT CHANCE??).  The online world left the oldline world in the dust, and now it's catching up, sobbing after having slept!  It's the same as a lazy kid sleeping through the schhol day, missing a test, and failing the class!  Same thing!  Multiple Choice: Who's at fault?!!
See Ya Online!

Well, in my opinion, Nissan computer corp. should be allowed to use the domain-names they have had since 94. If you ask me (which you won't) the size of a corporation is not an excuse to a lawsuit. Early bird gets the worm. But there are those individuals and corporations who have bought ie. and and such just to make money by selling those domain-names forward. If someone is not connected in personal life or in business to a domain-name somehow should not have the option to buy a domain-name similar to a famous artist, corporation and so on ( is a tricky one, madonna is not just an artist-name but a name which has been in use for centuries). Just my opinion.
A little voice,
Lauri Kujasalo

Nissan motors has to shut up and to recognice: The faster is the winner. To change this fact with money is so bad. Marx would turn around in his grave.
Restes calmes!
RFD - switzerland lawsuit was sh_t. It doesn't have to be related with that singer Madonna herself. It is totally beurocratic. As for Nissan Computer, they have my full support.

Dear Sirs,
I strongly support Nissan Computers ltd. and I find completely unaccettable and immoral what Nissan Cars is doing. Let's stop this antidemocratic corporate practices: they should not think they have the right to do whatever they want. Let it be a 'David vs. Goliath' that can provide a precent for small business to mantain their right to exist on the internet.
You have my total support.
Matteo Mode'

I tried to register the domain name but it was taken so I had to register If is taken then Nissan Motor Corp should look for another name for example
Hein du Plessis

You snooze...You LOSE!!  Anyone can register a domain name, once the fee is paid. If you want your company name as a domain name, be the first to register it or pay the guy or gal who did BIG BUCKS to buy it from them.  That is the way the game is played.  I remember when your company sold Datsun. Would this have been an issue if you'd looked more closely into name usage when you decided to change your company name?  For a big company, you should be more on the ball.
Deana Shelby

Whilst some people improperly register domain names to sell this in the future for profits, Nissan Computer is not this type of business. They are behaving ordinarily as any other business would operate; with a view to expand and increase profitability through the use of the internet. As they are called Nissan and have been for a long period of time any legal action instigated by Nissan Motor is simply an attempt to improperly take something rightfully owned and used by a smaller business.
Matthew Smith

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