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Nissan Motors Corporation's actions in this matter are nothing short of outrageous.  It is entirely clear to any fair-minded person that Mr. Nissan has the right to use this domain name for his company.  Nissan Motor's allegation that "92% of people expect to find us at this domain name," even if true, is entirely irrelevant -- Nissan Computers had the name first, and has every right to use it.  Your argument, in a nutshell, is "We are bigger, so we should get the domain name."  Your abuse of the judicial system to try to take advantage of this man is simply evil.
I would never, ever consider purchasing one of your products.  Wake up and realize that money and might do not make right.  The "corporate veil" will not protect you from divine judgement.  May God have mercy on you all.
Dr. Chris Wyatt

Dear sirs, I find your actions thoroughly despicable and deplorable, how you feel you have the right as a worldwide company to stomp on other people in smaller buisnesses simply because you have the financial muscle is just another note on how the world has become greedy, selfpossessed, and digusingly poluted.
I say to you that you have no honour, I find higher lifeforms on the soles of my shoes, also could i please add that I have withdrawn from the purchase of an almera since becoming aware of this situation, this is merely to show you that not one of you will ever be as big as all of us.
yours most thoroughly disgusted
Ian Schofield - Ireland

As an owner of Nissan Patrol (which I like a lot), I am really sad that Nissan Motor gets involved in such a lawsuit. It is perfectly obvious to any person using plain logic that years ago Nissan Motor ignored how the market develops, and did not register '' domain name when it was free. Well, it is too late now, this particular name is NOT vailable any more, because it RIGHTFULLY belongs to Nissan Computer.   Nisan Motors would do better looking for other domains with 'nissan' in them and register them today, rather then waste money of loyal customers who buy their cars.
I for one will look very closely at Toyota offering, when my old and trusted Nissan 4x4 needs replacing!
Derek Bem

This is pretty disturbing. If you browse the net you find several "NISSAN" or related domains, why would Nissan Motor Co. single you out. Is it because you have been successful with the use of your last name that just so happens to be the same as the auto maker.
I will never by a Car made by nissan!  do you happen to have the email for the legal counsel for nissan?  I totally support you and best of luck.  I would really love to hear a quick update on this issue please.
Jeff Betters

Mr. Nissan,
I have owned 2 Nissan vehicles in the past and I have convinced my family to purchase them also. I was very satisfied with Nissan products and their service and I would have bought another one in a second. In a year or so I will be in the market for a SUV or a mini-van. I feel that this lawsuit is groundless. There is no reason why you should have to give up your domain name,  named for your company, which in turn is named for your family!
I'll be taking my $ 30K somewhere else.
John MacNaughton

I have never owned a nissan product although I have always considered them to be a top of the line product. Now however I will not buy a Nissan motor product at all! Any corporation who sues a smaller guy for having the wherewithall to register HIS OWN NAME and use it first before some big auto maker did is simply ludicrous. And using the American Justice System to run any business out of business should be illegal.  They are not even in the same industry so I fail to see why Nissan Motor is all up in arms. Did they honestly think they were the only ones in the world with that name and the rights to use it?
They have lost one potential customer right here!

I think your lawsuit against is ridiculos!  It is his name more than yours - you chose it, he didn't.  With domain names it first come first serve anyway.  What do you think you are doing?  Oh, that's right looking out for yourself money wise.
Well, I garantee you are going to lose business on this - other ex-customers like me.

I'm sorry!  Nissan Computers WAS HERE FIRST!  You CAN NOT take a domain from a company that was thinking AHEAD!  Grow up NISSAN-USA.COM and start thinking AHEAD!  I am so disgusted that big companies think that they can just come in and take something from someone.
It is a shame that my monthly  Nissan truck payment is helping to fund this ridiculous lawsuit!
J. Nolan

Why can,t the two companies coexist together after all there are a lot of smiths in the world and a lot of companies that have smith in the name (mrs Smith's pies, mrs Smith's peroiges, Smith brother's cought drops ect.).  The big boys should grow up and concentrate on the business , not build a smoke screen because of poor performance on thier stock.
Thank You
John Darko

Go back to Datsun, Nissan is a brand name for less than Nissan's get a name for yourself.
K. R. Seshadhri

I support Nissan Computer.  He has a business name that includes "NISSAN",  and if he got the domain name before the car company did, then it should be rightfully his.

I think this is an outrage!  It should come down to first come, first serve.  Mr. Nissan obviously registered his domain names legally.  Nissan Motors could have registered other variations such as .net, .org, or whatever as soon as they became aware of Mr. Nissans registration but they chose not to!  What makes them think they can just bully other legitimate businesses to get their domain name?  Are they doing the same thing to  Just because Nissan decided to switch from using Datsun to Nissan, should not be the source of putting another company out of business.  Anybody who has any influence in this case, PLEASE let common sense prevail, tell Nissan Motors to stop whining about not registering a domain before someone else and send them packing!

Nissan Motor company,
Who are you trying impress? The consumers? Stick to building your cars, trucks, & whatever else it is that you buid and sell.. Leave the small companies alone, especially since they have a similar name!
Unless you are prepared to purchase the company... LEAVE IT ALONE. STOP TRYING TO "BULLY" others who are not in violation of any laws!
John Gearhart

Let's reverse the situation. Let's say that Nissan Motor had the internet sites first. However, they were the smaller of the two entities. Nissan Computer comes along and decides it wants an internet site, but it then finds out that a small motor company already owns that address. In response, (and with the knowledge that they are a powerful company, and assuming that the world revolves around them and if it doesn't revolve around them they should see what they can do to get it to) Nissan Computer files a lawysuit to wrench the web address away from Nissan Motor. It just isn't right. If one is awarded a patent for an idea, then no one can rightfully take the patent away from them, unless it is sold. They had the idea, so they should reap the benefits of it. The same should hold true in the case at hand.

I was recently informed of the current domain name dispute between Nissan Motors and Nissan Computers.  This type of domain name conflict seems to be occuring more often than it ought to be nowadays, and unless there is a proven case that one business seeks to undermine the other, I see no reason why such disputes aren't settled amicably.  With Nissan Motors' larger world presence, I hardly see how a small company TRADING IN A TOTALLY SEPERATE MARKET can affect their business.  Mr Uzi Nissan has infact provided a link to on his front page.  Hardly the actions of a person who's out to kill Nissan Motors' business.  I would suggest Nissan Motors register a more obvious domain name than '' - how about '' or '' and that Mr Uzi Nissan places a larger link to Nissan Motors on his website - perhaps linking to a picture residing on the Nissan Motors site.  Settle this amicably, folks.  Nissan Motors were too late to register their choice of name - bad luck.  That's the way life goes. 
Matt Brunton - Network Manager, UK

I am a satisfied, return Nissan Motor customer. But I am very DISsatisfied with how Nissan Motor appears to be acting in this case. Their larger size gives them no larger right to the domain name, Futhermore, domains such as,, etc., are more than adequate. Several corporations, even large ones, have had to compromise on this issue. I am sure that if Nissan Motor had not acted so rudely, Nissan Computer would have been willing to place a link on their homepage directing lost Nissan Motor customers to the Nissan Motor site, for a reasonable charge. And if not, then, frankly, that is their right.
Will Ethan Pooley

As a person with a last name that could put me in a similar situation with Mr. Nissan, I understand his predicament.  If he registered the domain names first Nissan Motor Corp should either buy the sites, or come up with another name.
John Frisbee

As a Nissan driver (and free thinker), it offends me that the company to which I have paid thousands of dollars over the years is working so hard to infringe upon my basic rights and those of my fellow citizens.  I hope that this unfortunate event can be halted before permanent damage is done.
Charles Boehm

Nissan Computers owned it first and has legally mainted ownership of so nissan motor companys should settle for .net or .org.
John Stearns -

Nissan Computer Corp. has the domain name and legally and is not "sitting" on the names... This lawsuit is invalid and should not be taken any further.
Dan Lezoche

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