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Nissan Motors, make certain this consumer will not acquire your products and is sending copy of this e-mail to my very substantial list of e-mail recipientes. Shame on you!
Andres Lozano

Mr. Nissan,
Was Nissan sleeping for the last decade? Did they think the domain was going to be available when they "felt" like registering it?
I thought I was sold on Maxima. I think I'll buy the Accord.
Good Luck,
Charlie Collura, - Hamilton, Ontario Canada

This action is typical of the large companies that know money can buy anything thru intimidation and all the while knowing their wrong.
Well you can scratch anything from nissan motor co. from any of my future auto needs.
I believe this happened to a man who had a resturant or bar named "jeep's" that jeep/eagle sued even though it was in business before them AND they themselves hi jacked the name from a comic strip and the wwII "jeep" nickname.
No honour amoung theives.....
H. Hartman

Dear Uzi,
Like so many others who have written you, I was looking for a car or truck (Altima or pickup). Due to their ridiculous lawsuit, Nissan has just sold a Ford Ranger. I will let them know that immediately.
Bruce Schneider

I think your attempt to steal the domain name of Nissan Computer corp is pathetic.
I will NEVER buy a Nissan car.
Jeff Chant

I am now almost ashamed to say we own a Nissan Maxima.  This lawsuit, while supported by some case law that "squatters" may be divested of a trademark name that they rushed to register in order to extort money from the trademark owner, is not against a "squatter" it is against a valid company who just happens to have the same name.  IF nissan motors (lower case used deliberately) prevails against Nissan Computer, I will resolve NEVER to purchase another nissan motor vehicle and will ensure that no member of my family does either - and we have 4 upwardly mobile and affluent children and many cousins.
Just my 2 cents in this rather ill-advised suit.  I have to wonder also about the statute of limitations - if nissan motors knew of the use 5 years ago - there may be no basis for suit at this time.  In closing, in the meantime, I will alert as many people as I can about this abuse of the legal system by nissan motors.

Dear Sir or Madam,
This is in reference to domain hijacking, according to Canadian Stats 80% of the economic growth in this country is due to the share determination,hard work and hard earned money of small businesses. Please don't get greedy with the people of Canada and the United States who have blessed you with the billions of dollars in purchases.
>From an honest hard working business man who at the age of 47 has lost every thing and trying desperately to start all over again.
God Bless you
Have a wonderful Day
Clarence Collins

With the advent of the Internet, I have seen the light and dark of day it has brought to the IT industry. As a developer, it is difficult to believe that one thing--such as an internet address--could cause such interest.  Thankfully, there ARE other options. For instance, the url address,, is still available.  Surely corporate Nissan Motor Company must know this.  Why opt to push the little guy out of a space that is rightfully his? He WAS there first. As a Nissan Maxima owner, I'm ashamed to see this happen. Besides, an Internet name is not everything.
I intended on having my Maxima tuned-up at the NISSAN dealership (right around the corner from me). Now, I think I'll take it somewhere else. Somewhere where I KNOW my name means something... besides business.
Karen Izbinski

Nissan Motor Co......
Quit picking on small guys who have a right to their family names, and to do business.  Let's face it...  He is smarter than you and owns the website.  You don't own the internet. 
Let me know when you drop your case.
Stan Howard

As I understand it, the law says that if you legally have a company with that can be associated with the domain name, you are legally entitled to it.  I think it's tough luck that Nissan Motors was too slow in registering the domain.  Like they say..."The early bird catches the worm."  Maybe back then they didn't think the web was going to be as important as it is today...they gambled and they lost.  I congratulate you for registering your domain.  Best of luck, Mr. Nissan.
Carlos Schrock

I own a Nissan and have been a loyal customer for years. I just dont think it is fair for a big corporation to drag a little guy who is inocently doing his business to court to bankrupt him.  Wouldn't have been better to spend attorney's fees to "buy" the domain name from the guy.
Shame on you!!
F. Nuah

Stop this practice of hyjacking domain names.  If you are the first to register, then that person is the owner.
thanks so much.
Jay Dean

How can a corporation own the right to somebody's last name?
Joshua K Roth

You have my suport in this matter, I do not belive GOD is asleep he will answer your prays.
Kirk Desce

If we let corporations lay monopoly over names and words then what is there left for the general public and particularly small businesses.  Should we refer small non-corporate businesses as store 6690443343/ or the store that sells computers owned by Mr. Nissan.  What right or legitimacy does anyone in the world lay claim to any name or word.  True it may cause confusion for the consumer who is looking for Nissan Motors and going to Nissan Computer instead, but that is all a matter of the consumer having to find the right website and locating the company they desire.  Should we let corporations trademark ordinary words like "my", "shop", "emporium",  it's ridiculous.  It's a slippery slope if we let corporations have this right.  the internet is a forum for free speech and free market.  Who ever lay claim to the first domain name should be granted that domain name.  There are many domain names that would be similar.  How does Nissan Motor have the right to control and trademark everything with Nissan.  There are plenty of people who possess that last name.  should Nissan motors sue them for possessing a trademarked surname.  Should these people be violating a law for having an email address with Nissan on it.  It's ridiculous and dangerous.  The internet should not be policed that way.  It is one of the last places for real democracy, that should be the intention of the internet.  To let everyone have a fare share of reaching others.  We can't let big corporations rule it, the governments are already ruled by them.

I don't think that a company should be able to reposses someone's domain name which they have been using and paid for. Nissan Motors had the same opportunity to purchase them before they were taken. Let them use NissanMotors as a domain name.
Grace Cincotta

This reminds me of--maybe it's not quite as bad as--the suit against by the university of a similar name. Trademark protection is valid as a barrier to product imitation. When it's extended to absolute ownership of a piece of the language, and the law is not invoked to prevent unfair appropriation of a reputation, but rather as a positive reinforcement for big business's marketing efforts, something is seriously wrong.
David Knapp

I feel so bad that I own a nissan automobile...
Corporations like that should be boycotted.
I fully support you Mr. Nissan.  Believe me.. I have already forward your email to over 100 people.  Please have our full support and we stand 100% behind you...  If nissan cars should win this case then it will prove how unjust the US goverment is to little business and they only care about big corporations who can maitain them....

There are plenty of names out there! big corps, if you are too late in claiming a domain name, tuff. Pick another.
Don DeVaul

Let Nissan Computer have it's rightful name!!  It's a heritage much older than the company name.
D. Johnke

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