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For shame! Chaz is out car hunting today and we were looking at a Xterra. I stress the "WERE". I looked here to see what enlightenment would occur, and I was enlightened considerably!  What a sorry excuse for a corporate neighbor! Such greed cannot be alibied, no matter how enticing the excuse, and I have heard plenty of excuses in my tenure, teaching in the grade school! Such malcontentious villanes! I lack the words to out it strongly enough! I don't personally know either of the parties involved, but the descriptive noun that that springs to mind to describe the automobile manufactorer rhymes with "mastered".
If he comes home with a Nissan I shall put him out of the house, and he can sleep out in the dog's house until the infernal machine is taken away!
Mr. Nissan, know that we (yes, "we" for you are verily backed by whole nations!) are on the winning side! How could it be otherwise, with so honorable a name, a name from His own Holy Word!  The mighty shall be made meek and the meek made mighty, even as David smote Golieth with naught but a stone and sling!
Justice shall be done! - Denomi vobiscum,
Samantha Marie Beaudecker

Wow. I have owned Nissans for years, even a couple of Datsuns,  Datsuns by Nissan and Nissans by Datsun!  My next puchase was going to be an XTerra. One of my attractions to Nissan is that the they are not BIG like Toyota or GM but a small corporation.  More 'family like' with a very good product line.  So why go after a small computer company with a nobel family name? You will effectively destroy a man's pride and livelyhood!  Shame on you!
To use corporate clout is very contrary to what I believe in and I will certainly be moving my loyalty to Mazda or Suzuki!
I can't even begin to express my anger.
Shayne McGuire

I too came here looking for Nissan Motors and found you, I was very interested in buying an Xterra and nearly did.. I was approved by Nissan, and only had to come back in to sign. While I was at home before going back to the dealer, I found this page, called my salesman and explained why he had just lost a sale and to let his sales manager know.
I am now the proud owner of a 2000 Honda CRV instead...
Kevin Gibbs

Dear Sirs
I appreciate the concerns of the Motor Company but believe that the individual has the right in this matter as his registration of name eceeds that of the motor company.
I for one will no longer purchase Nissan motors in view of this stance which illustrates that the company is not sufficiently confident to over-ride this matter.
HM Michaelis

If a fascist corporation like Nissan Motors was too slow to register their name, then they need to deal with it. I will never buy a Nissan vehicle as long as I live! Good luck Uzi!
Lawrence P. Mora

Shame on you Nissan Motors.  I'm currently in the market for a new car and now it certainly will not be yours.
Isaac Cleave

The problem here is Nissan Motor Company is trying to make advances into the use of its own name on the Internet, but took too long to realize the importance of the Internet and World Wide Web. Nissan Computer Company has all the rights to the name Nissan as any other company and should not be bullied by Lawyers to give up the name. If Nissan Motor Company offered LARGE amounts of money to Nissan Computers for the domain name than it would be up to the owner of Nissan Computers to make the decision to sell. My best wishes are with you.
Rick Henderson

I accidentally stumbled upont his site when I was looking for Nissan cars, but I read the article and decided I would resond in support of Nissan Computers. There is NO reason for them to sue you or even get upset over the name of your internet domain of what you say is true.  I think that they could come up with something more innovative or imaginative, but then again from the car models I have seen by their company makes me think differently. Their cars suck. Yet, I digress. Anyway, overall my point is that this is YOUR domain and it should stay that way.  They could call theirs Nissan motors or Nissan I hope you win the fight though.

As a Nissan customer, I am dismayed at Nissan Motor Co's lawsuit against Nissan Computer. Domain names are first-come first-serve. Nissan Motor didn't have the vision to get on the web early enough. It's your fault that you didn't get the domain name(s) first.
Jeremy Pullen

Nissan Motor Corporation should be held liable in a court of law for defamation of character.  They have quite literally attacked a man's name, and thus his character.  Besides what could one small business owner do to hurt such a behomoth.  If Nissan Motors percieves an individual entrepreneur
as a "threat" to their corporate interests, then they need to consult the services of a licensed clinical psychologist for their President, Board of Directors and Marketing Departments.  Clearly they have succombed to some sort of paranoid psychosis, perhaps as a result of recent poor market performance.  Jerry Hershberg....get yourself a life and leave the little man alone.  We are an interconnected world, and you cannot tromp over free men and women as if they were grasshoppers.
Thomas Dixon

Wow, what a coincidence.  I get treated like crap at 2 local Nissan dealers in the Tampa Bay area.  I decided that I would come to Nissan's website to find out where I could find another dealer that had better customer service. Then I run into this site. Wow, let's just say I can take hint.  Something is telling me to look at another car, or perhaps keep mine since there is nothing wrong with my 1992 Saturn.  But one thing looks obvious, I don't think Nissan is capable of good customer service.  Or so your actions towards me & the business man you're suing are implying.  Good luck telling that man he can't use his last name as he pleases.  You going to have him change his last name too.  Boy after all the agravation your dealers caused me, I don't entirely feel better.  But it helps to make sense out what happened.
Nissan Motor Co. is just plain mean!
Raul A Torres

(Note: Dispite my email address, I am in no way associated with Lord Canadian Calvert whiskey) I confess that I came to looking for the car company - it would have been nice to have a link redirecting me there. Having been made aware of Nissan's strong arm legal tactics, I don't think that I will bother continuing my search.
Peter Calvert

It should not be a case of the more powerful brand name taking precedence in a URL dispute, but rather who got it first, and IF the one who got it first secured the URL for legitimate reasons.  In this case, Nissan Computer is a legitimate entity with a name that justifies continued ownership of this URL.
David Alpern

I'm not usually one to respond to unsolicitated email, but this story caught my eye. I'm sticking to the theory of "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE".  Many names overlap and get confused in today's world. Too bad.  If you choose a name for a company and someone else already has it, your the one that has to change.  Same situation here.  Nissan computers registered first, therefore the name is theres and Nissan Motors will just have to make do, or buy it out for a ton of cash!!

I fully support the Nissan Computer Corp. in their effort to keep the domain names to which they truly have the rights.  NCC was certainly formed by a person with the name "Nissan," just as Nissan Motors had.  What makes them think that they have the rights to the name any more than any other person born with that name?  It's only because Nissan Motors happens to be a large company, and they're upset that they didn't think of getting the domain name first.  Too bad for them.  They weren't smart enough to think of it first.
David G. Doyle

Nissan Motors should be ashamed of themselves but that only goes to prove if you have money, then who cares about the little guy.  Stop the lawsuit and get on with the business of making decent affordable cars.  Stop picking on someone who's only trying to make a living for their family.
DM North

I was trying (like many other people I am sure) to visit the Nissan Motor Co. website to find more information on a new Nissan Maxima that I was planning to buy from the Bellevue WA Nissan dealership tomorrow, when I read about Mr. Nissan court battle with Nissan Motor Co. I have decided that because of this obviously unfair action by Nissan Motor Co. to not buy the Maxima, and further not to buy Nissan cars EVER if this issue is pursued. I am the type of consumer that tells everyone when I am both happy with a company or sad and I guarantee you that everyone in my sphere of influence will know about Nissan Motor Company's action regarding this issue. I understand the issues surrounding this debate and wholeheartedly feel that Nissan Motor Co are showing a great lack of character.
Jonathan Washburn

This is absolutely ridiculous from Nissan Motor Corp. If they want the name, they should pay for it, since Uzi Nissan had it registered first and LEGALLY.
Jose Kercado

Come on Nissan Motor.  This is absolutely absurd.  Why don't you make an  offer to buy the name?  The name legally belongs to Nisan Computer corp.  On an afterthough, I went to to research and buy a car.  I saw that  the website is Nissandriven.  I was going to go to it until I saw that you are suing.  I am now deciding against buying a Nissan because of the nerve that you have.  Think about this, you are suing him, and he still has your website up on his page.  Ignorrent.
Chris Dougherty

I am the founder and current CEO of Creative Minds Software, Inc.   I fully understand Mr. Nissan's concerns and am truly bothered by Nissan Motor's actions on this matter.  The first time I visited was last year when I was looking for a new car.  In my professional opinion, Nissan Motors should have offered to buy the domain name, there is absolutely no reason why they should be able to bring any legal claims to Mr. Nissans computer business because he in no way, shape or form is misusing the domain name to lure Nissan Motor's customers to his web site. This is a typical case of the big boys trying to push everyone around, I hope Mr. Nissan continues his fight and in fact he should be counter suing for defamation and just plainly for wasting his valuable time.  As a head of a growing company, I would not tolerate such an intrusion from a company that until recently was not even known as Nissan, but as Datsun.  If they want the domain name they should pay some big bucks and not try to get everything their way for free....
Hector Benalcazar

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