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Once again, the fact that this ludicrous lawsuit is actually being prosecuted without intervention shows how the government favors major industry and foreign relations over people's private business and rightful property.
I will never purchase a nissan, since i find this an attempt to establish a fascist society where people's basic rights are violated just because some overseas company with billions of dollars feels that they deserve a domain name legally owned by someone else. It heppens all the time, that a person or business registered a domain name long before these other monopolies even dreamed of going online. What a ridiculous, absolutely immoral demonstration of the world we live in.
Evan Nadel

Looks like I won't be buying any Nissan Motor products in the near future.
Dennis Sinacola

I think it is sad that a big company would go after a small company.  It is Nissan Motor's fault that they did not see enough into the future to protect that domain name.  Why don't they just use  I belong to a non profit organization called SDA, so does that give me a right to sue  I don't think so!!!  My last company was AES, did that give them the right to sue  I don't think so.  I hope the judge throws this one out immediately!
I'm getting ready to by a new car & was looking at the Nissan Xterra, but I'm certainly not going to now!  I think the only polite thing that Nissan Computer could do, is to put a link on their first page to the Nissan Motor web site, only out of consideration for the consumer, not Nissan Motor (after what they are doing!).
Julie King

Sick. I was to buy a Nissan Maxima.... I am not gonna buy one... Silly and sick. That's all I can say. I am off to buy a Honda or a Toyota
Srikanth Sun

Seems like David and Goliath. Uzi, you have all of our support. Nissan Motor Co. knock off. Let the little guy go on with his life. I have known Uzi the last 25 years and he has always had his business name Nissan, because, Nissan is his family name. Uzi, we stand behind you and support you in your struggle to defend your family name.
Best Wishes,
Joe and Araxi - CA

Nissan Motors should have anticipated and registered for the Nissan domain name. Mr. Nissan did it first, so he's the winner - end of dispute, right? But it isn't, because many corporate "bullies" do this exact same action against other independent businesses who have a right to use their name, but concede victory to the large corporations because the legal process to fight for their rights would prove too costly in terms of dollars, stress and time. A perfect example is a little coffee shop in Half Moon Bay, California. The owner's last name is McCaughy (pronounced like "McCoffee"), so she cleverly named her cafe "McCaughy's". McDonald's contacted her some years ago and threatened her with a lawsuit, because they claimed infringement on their McDonalds, McMuffins, etc. line of foods. It's ridiculous, but rather than fight McDonald's and their expensive lawyers, she did give in and actually change the name of her business to M.Caughy's". Now that works, but why did she have to change her family's name on her business?  It's sad. All I can take comfort in is my belief that "What goes around, comes around" and these greedy corporations will get the negative responses to the unjust actions they take.
Roxanne Davis

Mr. Nissan,
I am so shocked about what is going on, I'm very sorry that you have to deal with someone trying to knock you down and the people who help run your small company I own a Nissan and I'm very ashamed of saying i own one---
Good luck.

I would like to point out that Mr. Nissan was first to use the URL and therefore should be able to keep it as long as he wants. In this case, this is a person that registred an address not to make money out of a big corporation but for his own use. I was planning on buying a Nissan truck, and this is how I got to this page. I am now wandering if I am making a wise decision because it seems that the Motor company is one big bully multinational that cannot even get to negociate with a smaller company. I cannot even imagine how I would be able to negociate with them if I had a problem with my ehicule...I hope that Mr. Nissan can keep his URL or that Nissan Motors can at least try to negociate something that would be fair for both sides.
Bruno Giguere

Dear Nissan Motors,
I have bought at least 6 computers from Nissan Computer and have visited the companies web site numerous times. I have never confused it with Nissan Motor Co.Nissan Computer registered the domain name first. It's a free country - Get over it.
Tom Atkinson

Mr. Missan,
I only want to tell you that I support you. Hope you win this lawsuit. I also will leave a message at the datsun site, about how much I hate there attitude.
Rudi Breens

Mr. Nissan,
Dont you worry about nissan motor corp. I like many others was looking for the auto manufacturer and came across your predicament, on reviewing the case I am inclined to agree with you, you and only you have sole rights to the domain names you use!!! I dont think I'll ant to buy a nissan vehicle now, that I'm aware of your situation. I think large corporations should be taught a good lesson. Mr. Nissan I recommend that after you have won the legal battle, you should counter sue them for harrasment, and causing you undue stress and ask for punitive damages!!!All the very best and we the people are with you!!!!!
Joel Gomes

The internet is like America was when the settlers came. In order to get land you had to go out and claim it, buy it. First claim, first pay, first get it. When someone owned certain type of land, that did not give them any further rights, i.e. rights on other land of the same type. More land needs to be purchased.   Now, with domain names it is similar. Just because certain corporations have a certain name, does not mean that they have ownership on certain domain names. If that was the case, then we would develop back into the times of the wild west, where the smoking guns and corrupt money ruled the world.   If a corporation failed to register a domain name they like and someone else has registerd this domain name and is using it for any purpose of other business, or religious purposes or other nonprofit business, or is not using it at all, that is fine.   Today's economy and competition in business is harsh and those busineses who make bad decisions will suffer, loose, may even go bankrupt. This is absolutely normal.   If a corporation now believes that a specific domain name registered to a 3rd party (private or corporate) is so valuable to them that they want to use it for themselves, they should have to negotiate and purchase the rights. Just like when they want certain land, they have to buy it from the owner, if the owner wants to sell.   If corporations had rights on certain domain names all along, as some may claim, then why did they not register it? Why did we have the registration mechanism in the first place? If the legal system of the United States of America would fail to protect current owners of domain names, we would loose a piece of valuable freedom. To me the United States of America means justice and freedom for a great society!
Ralph Joedicke

Nissan should back off and recognize the precedent of first-come first-served when it comes to domain registration. typical japanese arrogance showing through...
John Milani

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I have read your web pages and cannot beleive that Nissan Motors is actually pursuing this. I hope that you keep fighting them and show them that they can't walk over the small buisiness. We have enough to contend with just competing with these big corporate entities in business and their practices. Good luck with your fight.
Morris Lyles, Columbia, S.C.

I came to this website to look at the line of Nissan vehicles.Normally, when I see it is another site I look for the obvious - a pointer. Mr Nissan is gracious enough to to put the for some one like me.However, I was intrigued by the Nissan Motors vs Nissan Computers article. I could not believe what I was reading. Mr. Nissan has a right to be upset at such a big company being as nasty and manipulive as it is. These are the kind of companies that need to be shown that just because they have resources they cannot take away something that does not belong to them. This brings me back to the pointer. Although is was and is gracious of Mr. Nissan to provide that, I will take my car buying decisions elsewhere.
Robert Lewis

First I want to apologize for any mistakes I make with my english, but I am from the Netherlands. Her is my advice to the Nissan Motor Co. a. Fire your complete advertisement team, which probably told you in 1993 that the internet would not play a significant role in your future advertising business. b. Sue the company who takes care of your trademarks and which you pay probably millions of dollars per year. They stole your money and did not do a proper job for years. c. Give at least a million dollars and a free car to Mr.Nissan for all the trouble you gave him.
To Mr. Nissan
a. Fight like hell against the Nissan motor company.
b. Sue them for the reason that your good name has been taken through the mud by the Nissan motor company.
Marcel Uithoof, The Netherlands.

I am a new Nissan driver and I assumed would be the site to look up information on the net.  I was surprised to see that this site does not belong to Nissan (the car company).  Nevertheless I think that the computer company owned this name first.  It is also questionable to sue in 1999, 5 years after the the computer company registered the name.  The legal action is ridiculous.  Here is my advice to Nissan (the car company), live with it-and be happy that there is a link on the computer companies site, something they don't have to do, or buy the name, but for sure stop this legal action.
Roberto Vicente-Mayoral

Mr nissan requested this domain to use in his business because it was his last name. This is a very common request and i did it when i was in business for myself. I feel it is his right and he had this domain before nissan motors was known in north america.   This is another example of a large corporation trying to steam-roll a small family business. It is not right and i will never purchase another nissan product. I will also express my feelings to anyone who is considering a purchase of a nissan product.
I hope you lose!!!
Billy Funderburk

Mr. Nissan,
I just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your battle with Nissan Motors. The world needs people like you who are prepared to take a stand against these corporate bullies.
Paul Wildy

Nissan is a month in the Jewish calander. Mr. Nissan obtained that domain fair and square and is not cybersquatting whatsoever but runs a legitimate business. I think it would be outrageous for nissan motors to interfere with this company.
Tony Trus

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