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I think that the domain name must remain to the first owner and not to Nissan car manufacturer, because Mr. Nissan was the first one who choused to use his last name as a domain and no other reason is obvious to not do so.
John Georgoulis

Nissanmotors should NOT be able to take away a name that a family has used for decades no matter what their business interests. They should not be able to enjoin someone from using their legitimate family name.
Howard Hirsch

If you used the domain name Nissan for no other reason than to sell the domain, then I would understand the lawsuit.  But, you have legitimate claim to the Nissan name and have a business named after your last name, end of story.  I was thinking about buying a Nissan Maxima but after hearing this ridiculous lawsuit I am obliged to not even look that way.  I admit, I entered this domain thinking I was going to Nissan Motor Company but in no way did this domain try to make me believe it was affiliated with Nissan Motor Company.  Nissan Motor Company, you should be ashamed for bringing up such a ridiculous lawsuit.  Is business really that bad that you need to scrape the bottom of the bucket for dirty and pointless lawsuits?
have a great day,
Glen El-Hayek

Nissan Motors should get a life they make garbage cars and are suing a computer company for no reason I think the owner is just some uptight jerk that needs to lay off of you guys
Jon Krein

How can a law suit advising someone he cannot use his legal surname...which he registered and trademarked?  This is America.  Had Nissan Motors wanted to copyright their name they should have (attempted to) when they started using it.  First come, first serve.
Joanne St. Andre

You are clearly in the right here. If this was not your name I would think differently. If they keep harrassing you, you should sue them back. If they so desire they should offer to buy the name from you if it means that much.

As a Nissan owner, I find it upsetting that Big Companies can come on the the scene of the internet and use their muscle to take away something that was intended to be "free"!

If Nissan Motors wanted the website they should have registered it first.  You can't just go taking something because you want it if you had the chance to get it and opted not to.  too bad Nissan.  If you want it I suggest coughing up some major dough for it, be fair.

Typical large corporation trying to squash the little company! Get your hands off Nissan he was there first so hard luck. You should have registered it first, Mr. Nissan is obviously more forward thinking than Nissan Motors are when it comes to 20th century technology so it's just sour grapes on the motor companies part. It's a sad day in justice if Mr. Nissan has to give up his web site address. He very kindly has a link through to the motor group site and he didn't have to do that! Good luck with your fight Mr. Nissan!

Hi there.
I just imagine that someone will open a company with the name "Elimaliah", then will ask me to change my name... I think that because someone has the name, he is allowed to have it registered in any way he wants. If there is a conflict of interests, the one who is first, he has the luck (as you have the luck of having a nice company called the name you want, but not every thing you have).  If you still want to have more than the luck gave you, then try buying with money, but don't try to make believe as if it should be yours, it's not!  Have a nice day, and good luck in other things!

Please cease the harassment of the individuals named in this law suit.

I would like to know where Nissan motor company got the name Nissan from and who are they to tell someone that they cannot use their family name?  What P*gs!!!

To Whom it May Concern,
I understand the position of Nissan Motor Co. wanting to have the domain name of Looks like someone got it before you fair and square.  Please leave Nissan Computer alone and end this needless lawsuit.
Concerned Car Buyer,
Mark Wuerslin

I have been involved with domain registrations and dispute resolution of the same for several years now.  Legal briefs aside, I have to say that the stand of Nissan Motor Corp. is strictly a poor case of bad timing.  Mr. Uzi Nissan did not take malicious action when he registered the and domains - he exercised his technical savvy and knowledge of domain registration for the sake of his own business.  It is unfortunate that the senior management and systems staff of Nissan Motor Corp. did not act until after the "dot-com craze" had already started.
Best Regards,
Jonah Pressman

By the information that Uzi Nissan has completed on his site,, I have to say I 100% support his view. Sorry, but Nissan Automobiles was to late in realizing how big the internet was going to be and that is their mistake and no one else's. Shit happens!
Dominic S.

May 14 is the anniversary date of Israel's independence. This is the date that Uzi Nissan chose to incorporate his business using his ancestors' last name.  The 5th commandment specifically states that one must honor one's parents. This extends to death as well.  What better way to honor one's parents than to carry on using their name long after they have left this world?  I personally happened to be involved with the Chabad movement in Johannesburg, South Africa. This organization is operated under the auspices of Rabbi David Masinter. Each year there is a fund raising campaign of which the Nissan Motor Corporation is the the MAJOR sponsor. Since their involvement with Chabad, car sales have rocketed.  The moral of the story, Nissan Motor Corporation, is to support the Bible and its followers and not drive them out.  Instead of telling your BIG problems to G-d, please tell your problems how BIG G-d is.  Uzi will overcome - as Bob Dylan sang, he has G-d on his side.
Good Luck Uzi - remember that the bigger they are, the harder they will fall.
Warren Kruger

2-nd World War started by Hitler and his friends because Germany at that moment became as a very big and strong 'Dinosaurs' without big piece of 'pie' of the Earth land ... Now everybody blames Hitler and his Company, because we can not return back to life more than 50 million people and more ...
Nissan Motor is out of an educated in history people. If you do not want to be a BAD HISTORY, I will suggest to 'Nissan Motor' - STOP any actions against legitimate in US 'Nissan Computer Corp'.

Nissan Computer company did not register, but instead chose just Nissan. Knowing that there is a Nissan trademark. Sincer the name Nissan is a registered trademark and Mr Uzi Nissan is running his site as a business and not as a personal site (referring to his family name) I think Mr Nissan was aware that he was infringing on the name of a big corporation and using it to increase his business. I do not support Mr. Nissan.
Ole Haugland

Go Nissan Motor Company!!!   From now on I'll buy nothing but Nissan Cars, Trucks and SUV's.  I've never heard of Nissan Computers so I don't care.  Nobody cares about Uzi...Isn't he a gun maker?
Katsutoshi Arimura

If you got, please give up
Charlih Chen

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