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To Whom It May Concern:
Nissan Automobile Comapnies lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corporation is unfair, unjust, and the most blatant form of abuse the legal system I have ever known.  America should not protect businesses that use this type of tactics to get what they want.
I will NEVER do business with Nissan in the future because of this issue.
Tommy Norton

You won't have to worry about me ever buying any Nissan Motors product again!!!

I own a Nissan Pickup Truck and the truck has just been great. I was already to buy its replacement (another Nissan) until I found out what you are doing to the little guy (Nissan Computer).
Now it will be a Toyota Tundra for me.
You should be ashamed of your actions and I am going to tell everyone I know how you are pushing around the little guy.
Michael Boeh

Simply this:
A domain name belongs to the person or organization who owns it, not to the one who wishes he owned it.  What is the purpose of registering domain names if someone else can come along at any time and take it away, saying that, because it is the name they wanted to use, it should rightfully belong to them!  Nissan Motors could have registered the name years ago, when registration first became possible, yet they failed to comprehend the power of the internet and failed to register the name. If they chose not to get in on the ground floor of the internet, it is not the fault of Nissan Computer, and Nissan Computer should not be made to suffer.  It is childish for Nissan Motors to now say, "Hey!  I wanted that name!"
To allow Nissan Motors to take the or .net domain would be stealing, it would be a  legalized theft of the intangible, yet asset-rich, property of Nissan Computer.  Don't let major corporations steal from individuals and small companies.  The cost to world freedom will be too great.  And the cost to small business, the bread and butter of the internet, would be death.  Nissan Motors will lose nothing if they don't get this domain name, but Nissan Computers will lose everything.  Should justice be only for the rich?
Most sincerely,
Judith Vargo - Foot of the Cross Publications

Fair is fair. To me, this is clearly NOT a case of Nissan Computer trying to take advantage of the Nissan Motor Company's brand name.  Please pass on to Nissan Motor that I am currently looking at purchasing a new vehicle, and up to this point, the Pathfinder has been at the top of my list.
I will now allow myself an additional six months to make my purchasing decision. If Nissan Motor has not withdrawn their suit by this time, I will drop the Pathfinder from my list, and if this happens, I will probably never buy another Nissan Motor product, nor, I can assure you, will any members of my family.
I will do this out of spite for their being so unAmerican that I couldn't go out and buy the vehicle I really want and keep my conscience clear.
OC Native

I don't agree, whats going on is not right and even you are a multi-million-billion dollar company, Mr. Nissan had the name first and you can't change it.  Especially him is more part of the internet than you, because he as computer specialist has done his work to made the internet what it is today.  You did nothing expect selling cars. Please tell me who has more right to use ?
- a guy called mr. nissan who registered the domain name years before the www became popular.
- a multi million dollar company who wants more bucks ?
Dammit, Mr. Nissan was a pioneer in internet things, I even did not know that there was something like a domain name when he registered it in 1994 !!!!!!
This world is crazy !
My 2 cents,
Alex Kampl

I'm on your side. You have all the right to keep this domain name. The currently widely discussed "cyber squating" does not apply in this case in a least bit. Nissan Auto, apparently did not have a vision far enough (like say Proctor and Gamble, who spent quite an ammount to register any relevant to their product line domains),  when it came to Internet a few years back and now they're simply too late. Keep on fighting.
Sergiy S.

Using your corporate power to punish smaller companies is something which cannot be allowed.  Your reputation will be severely tarnished unless you stop this action now.
Allan Little

Please stop these abuses of POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff Kuejmstedt

I am against any dishonest business practices and it's hard to make a judgement with the limited knowledge of this case. But if the satements are true about both Nissan companies then Nissan Computer Company is in the right and I would support their stand.
Joseph Burke

It is unfair to ask Nissan Computer to cease using the domain name They have a right to use it. End of story. Give it up Nissan Motors.
John FitzGibbon

It is my opinion that in the ever changing world of the internet we must maintain a first come first served policy when it comes to domain names. I to take honor in my last name and would love to use it yet someone has already registered that domain and has the right to do so because they had the iniative to take action before I did.  I therefore conclude that Nisson Motor is not only jealous but downright morally challanged for trying to commandeer domain names from their rightful owners.  Some people may challange my position by stating that people have copyright rights that allow them to maintain that name indefinately, yet my reply to this is that just becasue the government allows you to steal other peoples names and intellectual property an copyright it does not mean that you have the moral right.  What if someone went and copyrighted the word God, Christianity, January, Moses, or other such terms.  We could therefore have to ask them to print the bible. 
Thank you for listening to my humble opinion
Edward L. LaLone

This is wrong. Just goes to show you how the big corporations only care about themselves and have no respect for anyone else.
E. DeBolt

To think that a little company should have a greater right to a domain name over a giant corporation is absurd.  NCC will rightfully lose and should have picked a name such as
Fred Ding

As a staff sergeant in the United States Marine Corps I enjoy the ability to voice my opinion to 170,000 other marines.  And I will voice my opinion on this matter.

Leave the computer company alone.  If Nissan Motor wanted the domain name then they should have registered it before Nissan Computer.  Now that it's registered it should only be fair that Nissan Motor comes up with something different.  Nissan Motor is a big company they should be capable of generating something intelligent without stealing the domains from Nissan Computer.
Kendal Judy

I agree that the lawsuit is ridiculous - surely an amicable arrangement could have been reached between the two parties without this petty outcome.  How can a huge conglomerate like Nissan Motor Co feel threatened by this situation?  A totally unnecessary reaction - that is my opinion!
Gillian Anders

I am a small business owner too with a webpage that I registered back in 1994 also.  I hope no big business tries to take my site away.  This is absurd.  Nissan Motors should be ashamed!!!!
Lonnie Barish

I agree that nissan computer corp should keep the website but cmon, all of your messages sound like they are written by the same person.  try voicing real opinions instead of the usual "boycott nissan" drivel.  nissan sells over a million cars a year, do you really think a thousand boycotts will mean anything to them?  good luck with your lawsuit, I hope you win.

Hi i see the concern of nissan, but i also see you are in title to get the domain, since you got here first. Well thats what it seem like. But i sugest to put and end to all these nonsence, you should, help nissan create theire site, and you be the webmaster, and put a big banner, in youre site, that says "click here if you wanted to go to nissan automotors" as simple as that.  This way you get a second job as a postmaster at nissan motor company, and you help people like me get to their site.
Carlos Briggs

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