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Look, you weren't quick enough or clever enough to register the domain names nissan net or nissan org, so what right have you to use your money to legally steal them from their rightful owner?
I shall do my best to boycott your products and also I SHALL MAKE SURE THAT I TELL AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE HOW BADLY YOU HAVE BEHAVED. Its time the little people stood up to your bullying ways.
John Hayward

I promess I will never buy a Nissan Primera or any other Nissan car if this ridiculous proof of lack of imagination is to go on.  Why not ask an artist instead of a judge to deal with the problem?  This is a disgusting way of doing business...
Patrick Schockaert

I think there is very little chance me driving a Nissan car after this.

No NISSAN vehicles ever for me either!
S. O'Brien Irld.

I was going to buy a car, a nissan.. But I am not going to sposorship a company with no moral values.

I have about 20 domain names registered and not currently used for anything in particular.  I can use those domains to support  the movement against the Nissan Motors InC. by mirroring the sites and puting banners on it (I dont want any money for myself).  All the proffits will go to Uzi Nissan.
Uzi Please Email Me for more details I hope I can help somehow.
Steve Slavutskiy

The idea of usurping the right, legitimate use of one's ancestral name is an abomination to all honourable inhabitants of this planet.  How dare you try to pilfer a generations old name for the purposes of your much more recent claim to it.
I will never purchase anything associated with the Nissan Motor company!
Ruth Shertzman

I am ashamed that we have been led to support corporations such as Nissan who are using our apathy to take power from us as citizens.
I will never own a Nissan product.  Do not support a company that would threaten the livelyhood of any person who has done the right thing the right way.
Mr. Nissan you have my support. If nothing else what is law but the voice of the people.
Michael Kerr

Do you really think that the NISSAN Motor Co. has a leg to stand on?
Here are some examples:
1. {Morris Communications is a privately held media company with diversified holdings that include newspaper and magazine publishing and many other mediums.}  The Automobile company is @ URL  {Morris Motors} 
2.  {Search engine & Directory} The Automobile company is @ URL {HINDUSTAN MOTORS LIMITED. Automobile Manufacturers India}
3. {Rolls Corporation is an innovative audio electronics manufacturer}
4.  {Benz Oil -Leaders in Complete Lubrication Programs}
5.  {Hillman Enterprises - Custom Stall Components}
6.  {Electronic superstore}
We could go on and on.......
Why can't the NISSAN corporation be happy with it's present URL @ ? ....just like the Morris Motors Co.
Tom Lipscombe - Montreal

It's pretty sad that a large corporation as yourselves would sue someone for a domain name. The guy has had this name dated back further then I assume you do and you should leave him alone. How dare you sue some small business man with your multi billion dollar attitude.
I will spread the word on how cruel you are.

Sometimes it is better to have style and nobility than greed.
Lars Fure

This has to be the most unbelievable way for a corporation to waste money, time and resources. Yet, here it is, happening right in front of us, and in our own country.  "Only In America" has come to have a very NEGATIVE connotation.  Oh, be proud to wave the flag, claim your freedom, collect your extraordinary fees and sell your worthless products you big corporations you, and feel good about trying to stick it to the little guys out there just trying to get by.   Is Mr. Nissan, Mr. Uzi Nissan, an Israeli-American, trying to claim something so unreasonable that Nissan Motor Company just has to step on his toes and rip his name sake away for the simple fact that NISSAN MOTOR CORPORATION feels so powerful that it NEEDS to do this?  I have nothing but sincere dislike for companies that do these things, and I will lay odds that NISSAN CORPORATION also backs Governor Bush for President, Lays Off long term employees before they can collect a full pension (If NISSAN CORP even OFFERS a pension) and thinks single parents should ALWAYS be available to bend over backwards to the corporations WANTS and DESIRES.  When was the last time NISSAN came to the national aid of ANY NON-PROFIT organization or helped promote a NATION WIDE effort to organize national help for the truly needy and destitute.  And here in NISSAN CORP. trying to spend a lot of resources to strip a man of his inalienable right.  Let's break this down to the rudimentary baseline here, and call this what it is.  A TESTOSTERONE pissing event that even NISSAN CORP. can not deny. It is a "game" to companies like NISSAN CORP. to see just how far they can push things, just how many big guns they can tout and if the people supporting NISSAN CORP. were the look, for a second, and realize just how much of the companies resources were being 'hi-jacked and held for ransom' by the risk-management teams of NISSAN CORP. to salvage the companies image, (hogwash) then realize just how much this equivicates to in dividends, bonuses and other profit-measuring systems that won't be paying out now, because the monies will be tied up in this truly needless event...then MAYBE someone would cry foul with in the halls of NISSAN CORP. and relinquish this silly nonsense!
Leave Mr. Uzi Nissan, an Israeli-American business man ALONE! Live and Let Live! For pete's sake, let's act like adults here, and get over yourselves!
C. Michele Baker - AT&T Communications, INC.

They are only trying. There is no way they can win, but they have to give it a shot dont they.

I strongly express my outrage at this blatant violation of a person's right to propagate his name and business. Nissan Motors, should not resort to this blackmail to popularise themselves. In Internet and the real world the early bird gets the worm and this shall remain so. Surely there are better ways for Nissan Motors to build their brand than infringing on a lesser guy's legitimate business.

Hello! I think that "Nissan Computer" has the right to the domain name.
Micael Nystrom

this kind of "stealing" (and that's exactly what it is) is outrageous. I happen to like the Nissan motor company, and there should be a resonable way to resolve the company name problem. Nissan was first, so they have the right to the name .net etc. nissan computer company can easily take or something similar if not taken, I could easily goto and take all of those names and try to sell them to the company, but I believe that is wrong.
Nathaniel Harnack

Nissan Computer should be able to use the name.  The laws were not instituted for the biggest to bully the rest.  Nissan Computer is not like Nissan Motors.  Is chasing after Nissan Computer part of Nissan Motors business strategy?  They are sure losing ground in the auto industry!  Isn't it time to refocus Nissan Motors?
Did Nissan Computer try contacting some of the political candidates?  Let's see who is made of real man-power or who else has sold their soul!
I pray that the judges will vote in favor of Nissan Computer.
Debra Manoogian

Sir or Madam:
I am writing to express my opinion that the current web site dispute is an improper business excercise and that it is actually causing consumer concern.  I think that the Nissan Computer corporation is a legitimate corporation with a fuctional, purposeful website.
Your "dilution" argument does not apply because anyone who travels to this web site will instantly recognize that this is not your company site.  People interested in your company will continue to visit your web site.  While I can understand your desire to have this domain name, I think that in this instance it is unfeasible and will not be supported in a court of law.  I urge you to drop this matter.  I think an easier and more effective manner of rectifying the situation is to conduct an advertising campaign for your website.
I hope that you give the concerns of other legitimate their due weight in the future.  I hope to hear that you have taken positive action in the near future.
Ryan Kimble

I'm writing this email in defence of Uzi Nissan.  I've never met Mr. Nissan, I'm not part of his family, friends or one of his colleagues.  What I'm writing is therefore relatively objective and independent.
The bully boy action taken by by the Nissan corporation is bitchy, mean but sadly predictable. Because Nissan Corp. ignored the idea of registering their name on the internet someone else got there first. That tough boys, but that's also life.  Taking action against someone who registered the name, (THEIR name) just because they can is really pretty pathetic. And nasty too.  Nissan Corp. is acting like a small child, if we don't get our way we're going to kick and scream.
You definately have my support! Are you sending all this mail to Nissan Corp? I think you should personally. If you do remind them that 'net users like me may decide to vote with our pockets and stop buying their cars...Hmmmm, there's a thought!
Michael Preston - London, UK

Nissan Motor is using bullying tactics to attempt to obtain the NISSAN domain names. The Chief Executive of Nissan Motor corporation should be ashamed of himself.
David G. McKelvey

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