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What you are attempting to do is unfair and utterly ridiculous.  I presently own a Toyota Camry and was seriously considering a Nissan Maxima.  You may not believe me but I'm thinking otherwise now. Allow this man to keep his family name for God's sake.  Is he "really" harming you?
J. Addie

I have owned several Nissan cars over the years but I will in no way overlook this sort of thing when it comes to my next car purchase. In fact I am thinking of burning my 200SX in protest when I buy my next car and filming it for a PSA.
I will stay informed of this case.
Ben Watson

I will never buy an auto from a corporation that would people should be ashamed of your tactics....this isn't business, at least not done in the right ethical way....It's time your corporation and all others who try to do this will be boycotted by the consumer....and let's face it without us your product just sets in their lots getting older...
I am going to purchase a new car this year but it will not be a Nissan due to your action.....try being a fair and upright might find it refreshing.
Joyce Justice

This is too much.  This is not the way to hijack the things.  I am software consultant and I am planning to buy a car but no, I had decided not to buy Nissan car.
Chandra Challa

This is ridiculous, Nissan Motors is suing Nissan Computer Corporation because of the domain name.
I assure you that the Nissan Frontier pickup that I have been considering will never reside in my garage as long as Nissan Motors is pursuing this action.
Jacob Christiansen

I think Nissan motor company is a bunch of greedy bast__ds that will never see one cent of my money.

When you are born with a name nobody has a right to tell you, you can't use it.  Shame on you for useing your money to break her.
Joseph J. Ippolito

Mr. Nissan has the right before Nissan Motor Corporation. Theres no bad intention in his website nor did he did it to gain money.

Whoever used the name first should have first rights!!!
Sandra Hiramatsu

Nissan Motors - you snooze you lose!  Accept that you wern't quick enough or that you didn't have the foresight to acknowledge the value of the internet in time.  Now that you have don't play the tough guy, acknowledge that you made a mistake but don't exacerbate it by making a bigger one now with your suing of Nissan Computers.
Joel Clarke

I like many would be enraged if this lawsuit continues, it is not necessary but U know this is very wrong I had heard of this B4 but wasn't sure if it was true.
Nissan motors please drop the lawsuit.
Thank you
John Fason

To Whom it may concern:
I totally understand where you are coming from and I am so sorry you had to experience this in your life. My last name is High and I see companies everywhere that use my last name as the name for their companies. I myself have considered opening my own buisness using my last name but I am a bit skeptical because of the same thing that is happening to you. I strongly feel you should have the right to use and your God given family name. The best of luck to you. You have my support.
Leslie M. High

This is very unfair.  The Nissan Computer had the name registered and is a legitimate name well before Nissan Motor even thought of it.  I suggest Nissan Motors remove their name and use NMCO as a name or a Japanese name that matches it.  Let justice be fair and done
J. Henwood

No can a company change my home address, if they decided on the same street. This sounds more like big company egos. Make it rather then Why sue a man for his personal property? Leave the private citizen alone.
There is a strong case for a countersuit. No honor in this case.
Katherine Tredway

No More Hijacking !!!!  All rightful owners a name should not have to fight to keep their name.  rightful owners being given/family name at birth or first in buisness/first to claim ownership.
Ezralea Mathis

I am trying to get a domain name from someone that has it now.  I have to pay him, and we are working to create a win-win.  Nissan (Japan) is obviously not the type of company that wants to play nicely with the other kids.
Lory Fairfield

I support your fight against large corporations hijacking names from the rightful owners.  It appears that Mr. Nissan had every right to use "his" name, a name that has been in his family for many many generations.  How awful it is that in a country like America you can not use your own  name.  What's next?  Our first born?
I lose respect for major corporations who use their position of power to control, manipulate and monopolize.  What happened to free enterprise?  I really don't think that Nissan Motor can prove that they have lost any revenue as a result of Nissan Computer, but they choose to waste money on a law suit.
Joyce Spencer

I have no axe to grind here except to say that if you told me to go to i would expect to see the car manufatures site.  Why don't you have a shared site with links to both your home pages.
Neill Rutherford

I am appalled at the tactics used by Nissan Motor Corporation and they do not deserve any honour or respect from the public because of their bullying tactics.  They have more money than the world needs so they should put their hand gracefully in their pockets and buy the domain name legally, if that is what they want, and not squash a legitimate small businessman going about his job.
Nissan, your name is mud.....  Your big-gun lawyers, partners, associates, and any others connected with your company should hang their heads in shame. If you and your crowd chose to ignore the people's will all catch up with you one day!

It would appeart to me that Mr. Nissan had the domain name first.  If Nissan really wants it that bad, instead of suing him, it should be PAYING him big bucks to buy it from him!  That is the American way.
Loretta Collins

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