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Well, you have reached another person in search of a car, and now, after hearing this, there is no way in hell I would buy a Nissan vehicle.  Funny, I thought the Japanese were big on honor...I wonder what other Japanese think of this ridiculous action.
Matt Cox

I have purchased my last Nissan.  They are fine automobiles, and I will miss the one I will sell tomorrow, but I don't do business with thieves.
Thank you.
Edward Crasper

I will never buy a Nissan car.
Jorge Suarez

Nissan is out of line he had it first and he shouldn't have to fight for something that was his.   It's simply not right.
I will never buy a nissan now not if that's the way they do buisiness

I bought one of the first cd-rom drives to ever be available in North Carolina from this organization and found them to be reputable and a fair and honest business.  I think it is a shame that the owner of this business has to defend his registering of his OWN NAME as he was then as now called Nissan Computer.  He certainly has a right to name his business after himself as do millions of small business owners and to do business on the internet under his name as also millions of other people do.  This just seems to me like a giant corporation trying to squash the little guy.
I am getting ready to buy a new truck had narrowed it down to either a NIssan or a Chevrolet, guess I will be pucking up my Chevrolet later today!!!!
Bill Litaker

I would suggest to you to stop this action at once. It is not good for your image, and as a consumer of your products (one truck,one car) this well weigth heavily against you in considering if there well be another.
Samuel Prince

I Agree,and support your case against Nissan Motors and any other big corp Company.
John James

If anyone registers a name first, regardless of their name or affiliation, they should own it. If they choose not to sell or ask a high price for it, that's their business. It's the good old American way and lawsuits to try to take the name from them should be dismissed and all costs including the time and effort to defend such a suit should be assessed against the plaintiff.
Steve Stout

I think that the actions of nissan motor corp are despicable. I belive that domain name should be on a first come first serve basis. And if I bought maddonna's domain I should be allowed to keep it. This is a case of the person with the most popularity wins. I think that is wrong, and now with these disputes going to the courts, it will be the one with the most money wins not the one with the most rights to the name. Thank you once again US government for catering to the rich. I think domain name disputes should be like small claims court. No lawyers, just justice.
Serge Abbott

I just received this email about this dispute.  I can understand the arguments from both sides.  But, I agree with Mr. Uzi Nissan.  Nissan is his lawful name; he did not legally change it, it has been in his family for generations.  Therefore, he should be able to use his own name for his website. 

Nisan Motor Corp.,
Being the only entity most people think of when they hear the name "Nissan" it would seem that '' should go to you; generally when someone heads for they're looking for cars and such, not computers.  But Nissan Computers IS a legitimate business entity that beat you to the punch when the Internet was not the revolutionary phenomenon it is now, but it indeed WAS still known.  Your corporation failed to anticipate the importance of the 'net and did not act to secure an easily recognized address for your company.  It would be naive of me to think that powerful corporate entities such as yourself do not or could not use your influence to change things for your own benefit and legally get away with it.  But the Internet is a universal medium where the freedom of ideas rightfully reigns.  If you would sacrifice your honor in pursuit of capital arrogance, it is your choice as much as it is your honor.  But in so doing you sacrifice a stone of gold for a house of tin.  Perhaps you do not still have much honor to lose; I wouldn't know the difference.  But I do know what you are doing here.  It IS wrong.  It will not be of true benefit to you.  Another domain name WILL do just as well.  If you persist in this disrespect of the rules of fair play, if you destroy Nissan Computers, then you will destroy yourselves- not financially, but people who ruin and stain their souls will have tainted themselves.  When, in your individual lives, someone or something does to you the kind of injustice you are daring to attempt, what voice will you have to speak with against injustice to yourselves?  What makes injustice against you wrong when you have done it to others.  By failing to abide by a principle you exclude yourself from its protections.  If money and name recognition, market share and material concerns are all that matter to you, you will have them.  But you cannot escape, buy off, or fire your conscience.  That will stay with you long after you leave Nissan Motor if you don't leave Nissan Computers alone.  Your company will of course profit by the actions you are taking- it is just a conglomeration of finances and materials with employees tending it- it has no soul.  But you do.  Forget that and you will be too.  No one will remember you a hundred years from now for being a part or probably even the if you're the head of Nissan Motors.  Act on principles and do right, and what you do in life will be remembered and held up as an example for generations.  You can start now to turn toward a better life by dropping this ridiculous lawsuit.  Even the company will suffer from the stain of your unfairness.  It is simply wrong and it is not worth it.

Hello, I read the article and I am on your behalf.  Keep working and you will win one day.
Kamal Bhusal

I completely agree with your feelings but as a business decision it would be far better if you settle with Nissan Motor.  The cost will be to great and more then likley they will win and what will you gain.  Even if they do not win they will win.  Good Luck.
Charles Klausman

I believe that it is not right or justified to file a lawsuit against a company or any other entity who has a registered domain name just because it resembles or matches another.  If that were the case as in Nissan Motor vs. Nissan Computer, Nissan Motor should be also filing agains Nissan Computer company for their company name, newsletters, letterheads, logos, and everything else bearing the name Nissan.  As well as everyone who says the name Nissan without permission...including me for this email.  I didn't have permission to use the Nissan name in this email.  Should I be sued as well?  That is how ridiculous this all has gotten.  Instead, Nissan Motor Company should be trying to purchase the rights for the domain name from Nissan Computers, if they haven't already, or create as a domain.  How childish can you get?  About as childish as Madonna.  Wonderful singer, great Mom I'm sure, but seriously.  Demanding a website?  Totally ridiculous.  This is all equivalent to children in a neighborhood where one child purchases a toy and demands everybody else who gets this toy that they give it to him/her because they had it first.  Nonsense.  Grow up folks.
Matthew Villaflor

I think that every company has a right to own thier own domain. Unfortunately the name in mind may not be open for choice. That's when an alternate name should be used ( for instance), not a lawsuit.
Thank You.
Michael Paul Fleming

Attempts to steal the domain names and from a legitimate and long term holder of the addresses is an appalling action which should bring The Nissan company into the contempt it deserves. Even if one could not see the gross injustice involved in trying to bankrupt an innocent party to steal "the prize", the corporation should stand back and ask itself just how important the name really is to them. How many people will be turned away from the Nissan Motor Corporation when they find the site belongs to Nissan Computers. I suggest none. The kind of people who are using the internet are more intellegent than that.
Companies like The Broken Hill Proprietory Company have prospered since they became known as BHP, Gutteridge Haskins and Davey have move into the big league as GHD and many other corporations have done the same. Wake up Nissan Motors, look around at the potential damage to your reputation.
Mr Nissan of Nissan Computers has a legitimate right to the domain names and it is to your great shame that Nissan Motors is trying to steal it.
Shame, shame, shame Nissan Motors.
David Ratcliffe - Raymond Terrace, Australia

I can't believe what this world is comming to these days.  For one, my maiden name is Miller, does this mean I will get sued if I use my own last name when I start a business? This is sad. Nissan doesn't have enough to do?, they have to go after someone for using his own last name just because it was the same name as they have? Pfft please!  I say leave the poor guy alone and move on!
Dawn O'Connell

I also think that it is wrong that the Nissan Motor Corp. will sue Nissan computers.  Specially that the two corporations have nothing to do with each other.  One deals with computers and the other deals with cars.  Nissan Motors has no right suing that business just because it decided to use their company's name for their domain.  If Nissan Motors was not smart enough to get that domain name early, it is a lost cause.  Every business makes slow decisions, and sometimes regrets it. If Nissan Motors was slow that is their loss.
James Gaertner

This is not the first time I've heard of corporate web domain name theft, without sugar-coating that is just what it is. Equal rights should not stop for the all mighty dollar. This is a simple case of "First come, First serve" , I side with Nissan Computer.
David Koski

Good luck for Nissan Computer!
Yukiko Ogino

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