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I just purchased a new truck.  On nothing but the basis of this lawsuit, Toyota recieved my business.  Way to go nissan motors...anyone I know in the market for a new automobile will get my opinion of you and the facts on this idiocy you call a lawsuit.
Thomas Reed

What in the world makes you, Nissan Motor Company, think that you have the right to steal a Domain name based on the fact that you may have more financial clout.
I have purchased 4 Nissan automobiles in the past, but I can tell you now, I will not purchase anymore, until you retreat from attacking a hard working American. NissanMotors.Com or NissanAmerica.Com is certainly a good Domain Name, and would certainly do what you as a company need it to. This is   America, not Russia, we as Americans, will not be coierced by someone or some company, just because they have more money.
This action, will indeed, cost your company and your reputation, much more than that Domain name is worth!

I can't believe the judge is actually entertaining the notion of hearing Nissan Motors "accusations".  What a bunch of crybabies and unfortunately my only witty comeback is a whiny one in itself but I have to call on the tried but true "First come, first serve".  Nissan Motors is just bitter because they didn't jump on the idea first and now they're going to punish the Little Man simply because they can!
I have never owned a Nissan--it was nothing personal at the time--but now I never will.  They're sick.
Ann Herion

Dear nissan motor corp,
Piss off!  The name isn't yours!  I will be telling my friends and anyone else who will listen about your behavior concerning this matter.  You will never get a dime from me or anyone in my family.  Why not go back to calling yourselves datsun.  The internet domain names are on a first come first serve basis.  I couldnt get the name I wanted for my site because it was already taken.  I admit I was disappointed but those are the breaks.  I had to come up with a different name and so should you.  Please drop this ridiculous lawsuit immediately.
Les Lloyd

I am writing to let my opinion of "Nissan" issue be heard.  The company Nissan (auto) and there frivolous law suit is just another example of what is demoralizing this nation.  Over-run by corporations and their corupt, high price  lawyers and public relation campaigns.  If this lawsuit is to go on, then it is a true shame to one mans HONEST american dream.  No manipulating corporation should be able in any circumstance, bring a law suit of such ignorance in a country that is supposed to represent competition and prosperity. 
I am earnestly never going to purchase another product or service from a Nissan oriented retailer again.  Also all friends, family, employees and persons for that matter that I come in contact will here of this and sensibly follow the same example.
Best of Luck to the honourable and principled Mr. Nissan and his computer business.
J. Jamax

Well, lm an Australian and the same thing has happened here with the likes of Virgin Airlines. A small business that makes sweets (l think) and had the web site with the name "Virgin" was going to be dragged through the courts (plus countless other businesses) because they have the word "Virgin" in them and the Airline was starting up here?????????????how dare the court system allow this to happen because of the size of a company.............NISSAN pc had the site first, why should they be ROBBED?.....How did the NISSAN motor co become the "soul" owner of the name?.........face it, you missed the boat, NISSAN pc has the right......stop using your size and money to push people about!!!!!!!!GTLP
Mark Mckenna

It is a shame to our justice system when a company like Nissan Motors can sue Nissan Computers. Who in the hell do they think they are. He was first it's their tough luck the way I see it. These kind of lawsuits should be unlawful. We have our great lawyers to thank for this mess.
Margie McElroy

Dear Sirs,
I would like to bring up points that may or may not have been discussed already. If they have, I feel there is no harm in reiterating those points.
1.) Why is is that Nissan Motors didn't sue or have a problem with Nissan Computers before this internet name? May companies have similar names. As long as it apparent to the consumer that the products or services are not related. (I.E. you wouldn't mix up a dog food maker with a watch maker.) No one in these United States sees any computer services or products from Nissan Motors, So to stumble across a website related to computers becomes obvious that the motor company has a different URL.
2.) Nissan Motors should just register "" It's not that hard to remember. Plus, in my opinion as an automobile enthusiast, it seems to have more sound as if they are serious about their engines in all arenas (racing, etc)and not just consumer vehicles. This gives them more status.
3.) It seems as though litigation makes things more complicated than they should be. A simple agreement to have a link on the Nissan (computer site) to the Nissan Motors site would end it all. The computer company would still keep its namesake, traffic would remain high, and the lost car fans/consumers will be led DIRECTLY to the correct site. (No returning to a search engine to be distracted.)
It could be a win-win situation instead of a legal battle.
Big Bri

It's obvious this man has a history with his name and should not be sued by Nissan motors. If anything he should reverse the suit back on them. It's bad enough they strip of us everthing else now we have to fight for the right to use our birth given names...Stop the madness....
Karlette Karras

The internet is for everyone.  Now that the little people are connected, it is time to stop the big companies from pushing us around.
David Gillett

If Nissan is this guy's last name...theres no reason why Nissan Corp. should take it from him.  Both had the same legitimate reason to register the domain name it came down to whoever did it first and thats it. Nissan Motor look elswhere you blink you loose.
Fabricio Dominguez

Tell Nissan of Japan to take a hike - This is America - Or sell them the name for some scores of millions.
Sandip Mistry

Please stop your anti-competitive actions!
Corinne Trask

RE: Domain name.
I want to take a moment to express my dismay at your companies action regarding the Nissan Computer company and your attempt to stop them from using the name Nissan.  This is a family name of this computer company which has been in exsistance for almost 30 years, the name itself has exsisted in that famil through unbroken liniage since bibical times.
Your attempt to stop them from utilizing there own Sur name smacks of corporate greed taken to the max. Please leave them along, or, if there use of there family name is just unbareable to you, Change your companies name....
Dave Jung

It is unfortunate that this extremely opportunistic media has to be exploited and perverted by companies that have no regard for professional freedom. Shame on Nissan Motorcars!
Ted Gerald Seay

I hope you win this battle.  Nissan and so many other companies are wrong for this. is another example you may research.

This is a perfect example of how corporate business thinks that they are entitled to special privileges when dealing with the general public. This is absolutely preposterous and unacceptable. Nissan motors and all big business needs to know that they cannot bully the small business community. Nissan motors does not reserve any right to an internet address that was legally registered on June 4, 1994 by a gentleman with Nissan as his name. There is nothing on the site that in any way degrades or slanders Nissan motors or any affiliate of the Nissan motor company and therefore Nissan has no authority to take the domain name. All of my support goes to Mr. Uzi Nissan and Nissan Computer Corporation in his plight against the Nissan motor company.
John O'Neill

The Federal Trademark Dilution act of 1995 has already answered this question.  Nissan Motor Corp. owns the name.  They have invested more capital in name recognition than Uzi Nissan, they have used the name longer, and they stand to suffer greater loss through dilution of the mark.  This is not a moral issue, this is not a last-name issue, this is a constitutional battle and the law wins every time.  I doubt this will get published to your website, but it's the truth.  Sorry.
Levi Wiggins

Nissan Motors should stop this lawsuit. You are such a giant company that you shouldn't feel threatened by Nissan Computers.
Francis Sumba

This lawsuit you have against Nissan Computer over domain rights is hidious.  This company clearly registered the name Nissan before you did and it is this man's family name.  How would you like it if some company tried to put you out of business for the same reason?  Give me a break.
Victoria Erkkila

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