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No misrepresentation intended. You snooze you lose Nissan Motor Co Ltd. I guess I won't buy one of your vehicles now.
Freedom Club International

I regret to hear that by purchasing 6 nissan pickups last year I supported a company that would be this immature in thier business strategy
I personally will follow this case and not purchase any Nissan car/trusk untill theier lawyers grow up!!!!

In my view Nissan Motor Corporation has no right to claim your domain name: as their URL. If they wanted to purchase the domain address from you for an agreeable price, then that could be a possible solution. If this is not possible then Nissan Motor Corp. better think about selecting another domain name, maybe (!
I will not purchase a Nissan product because of these actions being taken against you.
Good luck,
Jack Watson

After reading the dispute with Nissan Motor and Nissan Computer, I felt the only way I can be of help is to let others know that I cancelled the order for my 2001 Nissan Car.  I will look for another make of car that does not contain any Nissan Moter parts any place on or in the car. I seriously hope others will follow me and let Nissan Motors know that strong arm tactics will not work.
Johnathan H.

I am writing to to tell you that I think you're lawsuit against Nissan Computer corporation is pathetic.  It makes more sense for the computer company to be suing the car company.
I will never even consider purchasing a nissan car again.
Joshua Robinson

Mssrs and Madams:
Corporate lawyers going after Mr. Nissan for registering his ancestral name as internet domain is another example of the rampant greed and impoverishment of ethics that typifies big business.
If your corporate hyenas are so smart, why didn't they register the name before Mr. Nissan.  He was first.  That should be the end of it.  You can bet if it were the other way around this would not be an issue.  Find another name and play by the same rules as everybody else.
Professor James R. Jarrett

I totally agree.  Just because Nissan Motors did not put up a domain by their name hoo!
D. Nanette

The sleazy lawyers are at it again.How can someone be sued for copyright infringment by using their own name.Nissan was Datsun.Uzi Nissan should counter sue for them using his name without permission.Something needs to be done about people and companies tying up the courts with frivolous lawsuits.Is this the way that our court system works?Of course,as slick willy said,"it depends on what is,is".Nissan sucks!
Johnny Hughes

I'm sure, you can do it if you want.  You may very easy obtain what you want from that court of law and from that small ISP.  But before beeing big and powerful, anyone (including humans, animals, ideas, corporations e.t.c.) is small and easy to beat.  Remember this.
Somebody From Romania

Hey, I think you guys are really being jerks about this.  Why don't you just let the man put up a link on his site that redirects people looking for nissan motors to your site?  I don't know why you think you can push people around just because you have more money.  First come, first served.  Even grade-school children know this, but I guess enormous, money-hungry corporations never learn manners.  Please, do something decent and honest for a change, instead of trying to throw your weight around.  It would be worth it to you in good PR, and it's the right thing to do.
John Payne

This is corporate bullying and must be fought. Nissan Motor had their chance to register the domain name and got to it last, Tough! You Lost Nissan Motor! Grip and deal!!!!!!The gentleman at Nissan Computer was over the finish line first and won with a very genuine claim.
The legal system should protect the innocent by default. Money should not overturn what is right and proper. Power to the Nissan Computer organisation. The internet has enough challenges without allowing these giant corporate bullies to take whatever they want.
Chris Ellis (Englishman)

Why do you think all your money can buy you someone else's name? Pathetic heartless company's like your's give the hardworking american built bussiness's a bad name.  Grow up nissan motors!!!

I side with NISSAN Motor Corp. on this one and I would be more inclined to boycott "Uzi Nissan's" Computer Co. Maybe Nissan is really his family name, maybe it isn't. But the fact is that Mr. Nissan didn't register the domain until 1991 long after the entire world associated the name NISSAN with the car company that worked so hard to make it a famous brand. I cannot believe that Mr. Uzi Nissan didn't intend to profit off of the work of the car company at best by coincidence of his family name and at worst if that's not even his true name. How fortunate for him that his first name is also a registered brand (Firearms). Is he trading on that domain coincidence also? I'm interested to see if you are printing both sides of this debate.
Joe Butera

This is the world wide web. Nissan motors, you had the same oppurtunity to register your business name years ago. You chose not too, and besides, Nissan is not your full company name, is it? All you big corps are alike it seems, trying to get what you want and don't even care about what happens to the little guy. Well beware the power of the net, there are many little people who communicate here and I wonder if you people are willing to take a 15-20% loss in sales like Ford has, but due to bad PR. Think about it....You can get a different name, first come first served. End of story.

I think if the Nissan company (automakers) wishes to remedy this situation fairly and peaceably, a large cash settlement to the family would be appropriate, to compensate for the anquish the Nissan family has gone through.
The arrogance of Japanese and American corporations is a blight upon the modern Western society and they would do well to remember who buys their products, and show some respect and compassion for their customers.
C. Clarke

If you fall asleep and when you wake up somebody took your place legally, well, maybe you should have thought the matter before going to bed...
Luis from Argentina

I believe Nissan Computer (NC) has a legit right to keep the registered domains.  It is too bad that Nissan Motor (NM) didn't act quicker in the Internet market.  NM has no right to marginalize the efforts put forth by NC given that NC has put years into building NC's brand on the Internet while NM has waited idly until more recently.  Too bad, so sad.
Ozgur Eylem Gunal

I think that actions like these should be regarded as corprate tyranny.  It seems that large companies can presently do anything they want and get away with it(ie AOL firing 3 workers for being gun owners.  I am sure that what comes around goes around and the people making the poor choices will reep what they sow.

Merely being large does not guarantee you any right of preeminent domain to an existing legitimate business' use of its name.  Nissan Computer Corp. legitimately acquired use of its domain names and is entitled to enjoy full and unrestricted use of them.  Nissan Motor Corporation has no particular claim on these domain anames and should cease any and all legal actions aimed at depriving Nissan Computer Corporation of full enjoyment of its legitimately acquired property.
Jared Hecker

A similar case happened in Aruba a few years ago.  A family started cooking vegetarian food for a few and after some time decided to register in Aruba as OLIVE GARDEN, because the family name is OLIVE. Cable was not a big deal in Aruba in those days so they had never heard of "THE OLIVE GARDEN" in the USA. Some local lawyer who wanted to make money (They make money lose or win) alerted THE OLIVE GARDEN and was permitted to start a legal case against them after trying to pay them off for NOT using the name "OLIVE GARDEN".
As in the above case Nissan Computer has the right to those domain names. In this case it should be a case of first come first serve. Why did Nissan Motor not choose that name.  By the way the family in Aruba could keep their name after a few years of dragging them to courts.
Success to you NCC!
Donald R. Gumbs

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