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Uzi Nissan had the name 'Nissan' first, and he registered the name first, he is entitled to the use of his name. If Nissan Motors Ltd wants a domain so badly, let them be happy with ''. After all they ARE headquartered in Japan aren't they?
As I am in the market for a new car, I am scratching 'NISSAN' off my list based upon this outrage.
John Reynolds
Note to 'Nissan Motors': personally, I wouldn't provoke a guy with the first name 'UZI', ya know?

I think that Nissan Motor is definately wrong in what they are doing.  It makes me very angry to see them deliberately trying to hurt a smaller business just so they can take over their web address, which we all know is what they are doing.
After seeing that they could do something this low, I am sure I will never purchase a Nissan Car in my life.  If this is how they treat people, I don't want to do business with them.  I will be posting a link on my website to try and help you out.
Joiey J Seeley

I will never buy a nissan.
Clare Flower

I am in the process of buying a new car. I will NOT consider a Nissan after hearing about the strong arm tactics being used by Nissan Motors.
Kay Ku

The arrogance of large corporations cannot be tolerated. The government and business in general exist to serve the individual, not the other way around. Leave off this illegal attempt to hijack this domain name.
I will not not patronize any of your products until you do so.
Dan Luczkow

Nissan Motor Corp :
I feel sorry I own a Nissan, I wanted to trade in my Altima for a Quest but now that wont happen and God knows, how many potential customers you will lose before coming to your senses!!!
Bharat Sharma

In a free market shaped by new technologies, Nissan Computer registered the domains & in a legitimate, legal manner, and has every right to continue ownership & use of said domains. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. is behaving like a spoiled, indolent child, trying to penalize a legitimate business for its failure to register the domains first. Nissan Motor didn't register & pay the small fees for the domains, but now it's willing to pay a small fortune in lawsuit expenses in this unethical, unbusiness-like, well-funded tantrum?  Instead of good business practices, they're using their size & financial clout in an attempt to reverse their lazy procrastination. Guess what, Nissan Motor-- the World Wide Web is populated with educated people who communicate with each other.
Perhaps if this lawsuit assault against Nissan Computer is continued, no amount of TV ad space purchased can untarnish your reputation among the people that can actually afford one of your new cars.
Carrie Nalley

Oh well.. I have been seen many cosumer refused to buy any Nissan Vehicle and which it is effect me not to buy any NISSN vehicle in the future at all. Maybe one day, I will refounder new vehicle for Nissan's family and make it looks good for their family's generation. I fully well-respected their wishes. Nissan Company of Vehicle want to destory Nissan family's small business. You need to stop lawsuit if anyone else who has name as such as " NISSAN ". It concerned me that you sound like you GREEN GREEDY MONEY as Bill Gates. I have enough of it. I will have a word of mouth about this. I am sorry for NISSAN Company of Vehicle. It is very sad for you to hear about this. No wonder .. No one want to buy of your vehicle products. Now more of them are buying like BMW, LEXUS, ACURA, etc like that. I wish Nissan Computer best luck in the future and expanding your business.
R. Williams

If a man can't use his on name in America, that's getting pretty bad, if you put up with that, it will go a little further next time.
I will never buy a nissan car again.  I am behind nissan computer all the way.  An American would not get away with this over there.  The u.s. should not let this go on.
Rick Glassco

Nissan computer beat Nissan Motor on a level playing field.  Any court action to reverse this fair action would be anathema to the democratic process and equal protection.
Additionally, I will not consider the purchase of Nissan products for the foreseeable future.
Janice Mink

It is unreasonable to try and prevent Nissan Computer using the family name Nissan in their web site.
In any case a Japanese company does not use the western alphabet but  a Japanese or kanji script for its name and Nissan for motor cars is a  late starter compared to Nissan as a seventh generation family name.
There can be absolutely no confusion that Nissan Computer is trying to pass itself off as Nissan motors. So how can Nissan Motors demand that they withdraw their name.
Everyone has a right to use their own surname in their business title. To rule otherwise is  an act of dictatorship.
Please could the Nissan Motors lawyers explain their stand?
I, as the former head of the Asia Pacific operations of the world largest public relations company would be happy to fight on behalf of Nissan Computer to right this injustice.
Peter Bostock - Melbourne, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Keep up the good fight. Thanks for fighting for the little guy.
Nathan Orme

I think Mr Nissan should be suing the Nissan Motor  Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, over thier illegal use of his surname! But I don't think he woul be very succesful as he is not legally called Mr Nissan Motor Co Ltd, any more than Nissan Motor Co Ltd is legally called Nissan. Ie. their name is their whole name, not part of it. Domain names are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. If Nissan motors really wanted these domain names, then they should have registered them first. This is blatantly a case of corporate bullying, and anything less than a defeat in the courts, requiring Nissan Motors to pay full costs of all legal expenses would be unjust, unfair, and  furthermore plain downright dangerous.
Gordon Ian Stalker

A name is a name and no-one should have the right to force anyone to change it. I understand you are going against the big Guys who have unlimited resources, but stick with it. Do not be afraid of them, they will loose the case if it goes to a JURY. It is sad, that America has sold out it's ideals, of LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, to the highest bidder.
Andreas Panayiotou

I think it is a distinct shame that a large corporation feels the need to run a small business owner into the ground over such a trivial matter.  It would be different if the gentleman in question that owns the site was utilizing that location for slander or in some matter to negatively effect Nissan Motor Corp., but this is another place of business and justifiably one that is owned by a gentleman with the same name as his company.  Can Nissan Motor Corp. claim the same status?  As a company named  after it's founder who is still running the company to date?  If not, no offense but Nissan Motor Corp.  needs to bugger off!  I always thought Nissan Motor Corp. was a reliable, reputtable corporation.  This issue certainly gives me reason to pause and rethink my opinion.
B. L. Buchanan

As the president of a small business that shares its name with a number of larger enterprises, I can share Mr. Nissan's frustration with the heavy handed tactics of a large corporation.  In America, we side with the underdog.  Mr. Nissan, you may lose in the court of law (actually you should not); but Nissan Motors should know that it WILL lose in the court of public opinion on this issue.
With that said, it is understandable that Nissan Motors would like access to the domain names that the majority of Americans associate with it.  A compromise would be to set up the domain names and as directory sites to both companies.  Since the domains are owned by Mr. Nissan, Nissan Motors should pay a royalty for the right to share the domains.  There would be no harm to either company.  Most corporate web sites require numerous point and clicks to find the right page.  This compromise would not be cumbersome and would save both companies trouble!   Hope you can work it out.  You could take the money that both companies would spend in legal fees and make the most spectacular web sites on the net!
Douglas Motter

They can use  In my opinion I belive that "early bird gets worm"
Dan McKercher

Question? Is it illegal for me to test drive a Nissan tomorrow, push as hard as I can to get the best deal I can (would be good practice but also could be interesting to see who can get the best price for particular models), get the salesperson to explain all the various options and costs etc., take a few days to think about it before signing....  'discover' this issue and let the salesman know I will go elsewhere?  A couple of hours of my time, but what the hell!
M. Powell

I can see why Nissan Motors would want the domain name, but this person registered the domain legally. He and his family have had the name much longer than Nissan Motors. Leave these people alone or give them a huge amount of money for it, don't bully them out of it. I'm a car buyer and I will be watching.
James H. Rivoir

Hey, relax and realize when you didnt make the cut.  Realize when someone was quicker and had more forethought.  Let this legitimate company keep their domain or else I will never buy from you, ever.
will chadwick

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