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I am in the market for a new car, and was considering a Nissan. However, I WILL NOT support a company that utilizes unfair marketing strategies, i.e. your frivolous lawsuit.
As a result, Nissan motors is off my list of automobiles I will consider - for good!!!
D. L. Pulliam

I think you don't need to worry that any court would force you to give the domain name to the car manufacturer. It is clear you rightfully own it, there is enough evidence.
Meanwhile I will NEVER buy a Nissan car, and surely disadvice everyone of buying one!
Frederik Vermeersch

It is the last time I buy a Nissan car or truck!!!
Wayne Rayner

The last time i looked nissan motor corp was a near bankrupt organisation itself.
I have removed Nissan cars from our company car policy and hope they rot in hell.  it is a commercial world why dont they make Nissan computers an offer for the domain name. it would cost them less that the over paid lawyers charge in LA.  Does the domain name registrar have some responsibility nre also. Afetr all it was them who received money for the orgional resgtration.
Neil Brookes

I was going to buy a Nissan from my local dealer in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Instead I think I will buy a Honda. I think it is appalling that big corporations can squeeze legitimate Internet companies into giving up their domain name. Although I disagree with cyber squatters, this is clearly a case of a legitimate company with a legitimate claim to the domain name  I hope you win this case, because if you don't, no name will be safe.
Jay MacDonald

Also I am buying car soon.  I may just pass up all NISSAN DEALERS.
Q: How many others you think are thinking as I am census says a minimum of 10,000 people have same thoughts at same moment. THINK ABOUT IT.
Carlos Lopez

Dear Nissan Motors, i'm sorry to hear of your legal dispute with Nissan Computers.  Please deal kindly with your smaller namesake and reach an agreement with them outside court.
yours sincerely,
Andy Clark - Fukuoka, Japan

I feel that nissan automobile will just need to get there own domain name. I think that Uzi has a legimite use for both and If he has a web site and is using it for business purposes and not just sitting on it, then good for him. If i was on the jury i would definatly be voting for Uzi.
Daryl Linge

I think u r right. The names that  have a pedigree and if it can be established, then there should not be a problem as in this case.  But at the same time there needs to be a line between such cases.  In this age of globalization , it is always possible that two companies may exist in different spheres of the world and when they both decide to come on the net, there is bound to be a problem.  I think first come first serve basis after fulfilling the legal requirements ( which may be submitting the Articles Of Association, Company harter and proof of intention that the site is not being hijacked just so that later it can be sold of to THE COMPANY for some moolah is enuf.  Rest as they say, Its a free world.

It's a shame that big money calls the shots - doesn't anyone know right from wrong anymore?  Why doesn't Nissan Motor just buy the domain name for a fair price?  This sort of thing is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - and he's legitimate.  Nissan Motor is pathetic and I hope they lose and that Mr. Nissan counter-sues for billions and wins.
Julie Roberts

I do not believe you (Nissan Motors) has the exclusive rights to the name Nissan. I stand behind Uzi Nissan's use of his family name on the internet and recognize Internic's authority in their decision to award to Uzi Nissan. I ask that Nissan Motors immediately cease pursuit of the domain name through legal action or otherwise.
Rick Jones

Just because Nissan motors has LOTS of money does not mean it should be allowed to destroy other peoples identaties that they have rightfully earned ! and that belong to them justly.
Anthony Smith

What you are doing to Mr. Nissan is down right bullying. How can you fight a man for his name? Who in your company is named Nissan?

I am completed ashamed at what you think is your right to own a website address by some sort of preordained "god given" position... You must not understand at the exec level what this domain name stuff is all about you are just on a ride via people that you are paying and of course since you are paying them to "sue" "setup" your new web account you are believing what they are telling you..    The web domain is first come first serve YOU BETTER NOT TRY AND TAKE MY PHONE NUMBER IF THE NUMBERS HAS NISSAN IN THEM!!!  Don't just go for the ride (same thing that you had to go thru to really be TQM)  understand the ride.
Dissapointed Customer
Jeremy Dietsch

Fight The Power!!
show those Japs what Jewish computer ppl are made of! If you need a good lawyer - give me a shout... :)
Good Luck
Guy Youngman

To Nissan Corp.
I believe that Uzi Nissan has a case agains U guys. After all, Nissan family name has been there since the bible days - and we got proofs.  I could understand this law suit if the company you fought was even related to cars, but this company is a computer company, and by no means threaten your giant organization!
Leave it alone! - Stop behaving like U own the world!
Johan Pompas

Dear Sir,
Whilst I normally deplore the actions of big corporations Nissan motor's are also a business which upon which, presumably, thousands of peoples livelihoods depend. Maybee you are just as gready as they are!
Niall McGlashan

Nissan Motor do not have prior rights to the word Nissan, which is obviously a surname. If they were too slow to see the importance of registering a domain name, early in the internet history, then they must accept that, just as any other individual or company who misses out.
Katie Walters

Had you stayed with the name Datsun you wouldn't have this problem.  And people for most of the '80s would have known who you were.

Shame on the motor company for not having foresight many years ago and getting on the bandwagon early on and now trying to steal someone else's idea. Whether Nissan or Madonna...  Maybe it's time for another Internet Organization Extension ... add a .FOR for fortune 500 companies or some such process.
Michael Gurley

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