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Please suspend your suit against this small business.  Step up to a new website name and don't make a public showing of your company's disregad for the "little guy".
I will no long buy Nissan cars or forklifts until this is resolved.  I have to vote with dollars.
Ric Lange

I feel strongly that whoever established a domain name first should be the owner of it unless other equitable arrangements are made between the owner & the byer. For Nissan Motor Company to take this action is unforgiveable.
I am an owner of 3 Nissan autos but believe me if this kind of thing isn't halted I will never purchace another from a company who treats others in this manner.
Dave Knie

This is an insult to an existing business.  I will withhold from purchasing a Nissan car or truck if the legal battle is not stopped. 
Sincerely yours,
Karl W. Ellerbeck

To Nissan Motor Corp,
I just wanted to say that my wife and I were planning on buying one of your new Frontiers but now I am reconsidering in light of this recent lawsuit and will probably buy from a different manufacturer. The big guys shouldn't be allowed to bully those weaker than them!!
Simon Orth

If you pursue this unwarranted attack on a small man neither I nor any member of my family shall never buy another Nissan product. Shame on you.
Michael Hunt

Sir or Madam:
Appalling is the state of the union when a corporate entity may force a small business owner OUT of business for simply being born with the same name. Undoubtedly Uzi Nissan has worked very hard for most of his life to create his business. Certainly Nissan Motor Corporation was begun in such a way by a hard working individual with the name Nissan, however the fact of the matter remains that Uzi Nissan won the internet race and was awarded the unique and simple domain name of his descendents'. I personally feel that Nissan Motor Corp. is using its large pocketbooks to force and unwilling party to its will. If the corporation wins the court case it will NOT be justice served. Instead it is money which decides the outcome. To use copywrite infringement statutes as a way to legally take over the domain is ironic, considering Uzi Nissan "legally" obtained it in the first place and has every RIGHT to keep it. This country should return to RIGHTS due inalienably as opposed to PRIVELEDGES bought with money.
Bob Mims, NM

This e-mail is being sent only to protect the small businesses as myself. As I have seen in the past, big company as in Nissan has away of eating up the small business, I have experience it myself. I just want to mention that the internet is a world of its own it should not be included with the reality but only in the virtual world. I feel that registering and paying for a domain name is like a virtual property. If you want it back Nissan Motor buy it off them just like a piece of property! We should have rights and it should solely be our own property. let these people built a name and business. If anything you will reap the rewards for the advertisement for free. Let us not be greedy and learn to give a person a chance. They have a right and I for one back them up 100%. Stand up and fight Nissan Computer and let them buy the domain from you!
Lydia golden

This is ridiculous.  If Nissan Motors wants the domain they can buy it.  They shouldn't try to ruin some guys business or livlihood.
Ian Congdon

Nissan computers obviously has a right to use the name in promoting its business online.  I don't see any reason why the Nissan automobile manufacturer can't use or something to that effect.  Taking away an already established online presence is simply ridiculous unless they are ready to compensate Nissan computers adequately.
C. Wilkins

I will be sending this link to all my friends and business associates in support of your cause.
Good Luck...
Donald Marsh - Thomasville, NC

Just to add my voice to the many, expressing the usual outrage at the bullying of small companies and individuals worldwide by big corporations. The tide of global opinion is turning against the bullying corporations, who should bear in mind that without the support of their customers, they will soon fall.
Evangelistic but accurate?
James McDonald - UK

You cannot own a man's family name.  Since he registered the domain names first, while you were deciding what to do about the internet and your business, he is already the "winner" of the domain names.  Hope you can beat the little guy next time, but Mr. Nissan of North Carolina has beat you to the punch.
Denise Laws

I believe you have a case here of being "too late to the party".  I would suggest that you should avoid the lawsuit and make the current and rightful owner of the domain an offer which is suficiently lucrative that he accepts it and avoid the lawsuit.  If you cannot reach such an agreement, then accept it and choose another name.
I believe that the adverse publicity and the legal expenses which you will engender otherwise will hurt your business far more than the domain name.
Jeff Sanders

I'm simply sick of large corporations dominating the internet. Upon its creation there were no rules. However, over the last couple years all internet laws have been passed by the pressure of large corporations. They have no right to have this influence and I believe we can stop it if we try.
Brian O'Connell

Nissan Motors should be aware that they are simply cheapening their brand even further with this sort of overbearing and ill-considered misuse of the legal system.
James Cruickshank

I believe that the Nissan Computer computer has a right as a first come first serve to maintain the website. How can a company just bring charges, when the website was constructed back in 1994. If there is any failing in creating an purchasing the domain name, it is strictly on Nissan Motor's court. I hope that Nissan Computer wins because there is no true way to regulate the purchase of domain names, especially by using big business tactics of going to court.
Kevin Lee

I think the old saying, "first come, first served" (oops.. is that copyrighted or trademarked?) is quite true. Sorry Nissan Motors, you should and most likely will lose. Simple, sweet and short. This case should never of made it to the courts in the first place.
Kevin Krieger

Nissan motor, you should consider that you are not the only nissan around, and know that in this case it is not a sybersquater BUT a legitimate buisnessman that uses his last name for the name of the company.
Boris Levit

I believe that Nissan Computer Company has the complete rights to the web names and  Clearly Mr. Uzi Nissan legitimately and honestly registered the names using his family name in advance of any claim by Nissan Motor Company Ltd.  Size of the corporation or the size of its wallet should have no bearing on determining the right to the cited names.
Jim Rahfeldt

I think it's a shame that some multimillion dollar corporation is suing someone for using his own name.  I hope that the courts find for Mr. Nissan and stop corporations that try to run everyone's life.
Leta House

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