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I do NOT support Nissan Motor's attempt to take possession of Nissan Computer's domain name. It is an affront to good business ethics.  Corporations are not the only business entities that have rights. If this process of only supporting the rights of corporations continues, then the corporate charters of offending corporations should be revoked.
And I will definitly not buy a Nissan automobile.
Todd Ojala

Sirs: You should not try to steal Web Addresses or Domains from people just because you were not foresighted enough yourself.  Although I have been a purchaser of many of your automobiles including my latest 2000 Infiniti I30t, I will not be so keen on continuing buying from a company that does not play fair.
Allen Guttenberg

If you dont stop hijacking internet names I will never buy from you any more think about it how many can I get to stop buying from you?
donald linens

I will never buy a Nissan car again.
Vince Curtis

I was going to buy another Nissan Pathfinder this week. (I purchased one in 1996) After hearing about what your firm is doing, I will buy your competitors vehicle. Chalk this loss to your greed.
David Chazin

The frivolousness of this lawsuit has presented a travesty of injustice before the very courts of freedom.  Big business has finally gone too far.  Back off or America will stop buying from you, or do you think we cant live with out you.  Drop this suit.
Jefferey Cook

I am writing to express my severe dissatisfaction with Nissan Motor's attempts to squash the American Dream by trying to forcefully take that which is not their's, This domain name appears to be registered in good faith and constitutes no infringement of any sort on Nissan Motor! This is just another example of a transnational corporation extending their invisible arm and taking everything it can reach. Please stop the madness!
Jason Best

I don't beleive what Nissan Motor corp is doing is the right thing to do.  This is clearly not a case of cybersquatting.  There is absolutely no reason this should be tying up our overworked court system.

Dear Sir or Madam:
Hijacking Domain names is wrong.  If the person who purchased the domain name is using it legitametly as is the case with Nissan Computer Corporation, then they should be able to keep their registered domain name.  In addition, companies that exercise their deep pockets to put smaller companies out of business should be restricted under tighter laws.  Nissan should try registering, .net, .org, or another variation as Nissan is a popular word/name not made famous by the Datsun car company.
Thanks for your time.
Joseph Ishak

First come, first serve!  The smaller company had the name first, & according to the story of how far it goes back, have a right to claim it, too.  Anyone can see Nissan is just trying to bankrupt them, not because of the trademark, but they want them out of the domain & to pay.  Nissan thinks just b/c it is bigger, it can bully the little guy out of what he has more of a right to -- disgraceful!
Dawn Boe

I don't think you can win your lawsuit against Uzi Nissan, an Israeli-American, who is the founder and president of Nissan Computer Corp.  And I think it's a shame that you are attempting to bankrupt him while he defends his legitmate rights.  Nissan's last name has been in his family for more then seven generations and can be traced back to biblical days, long before Nissan Motors was in existence.
Lee Herald

We would be angry if this happened to us, we write this letter in support of Nissan Computers, why should Nissan Motor Co get away with this.  If Nissan Motors want that domain name Nissan Motors should pay for it and a great deal of it too.
Ocean Computer Systems

This is preposterous. Do they think they can do whatever they like just because they're big? This is behaviour we wouldn't allow our kids to indulge in - how come we let companies do it? They need to be slapped down hard.
Morten Ranulf Clausen

Please.  cry me a river.  Why don't you just buy Nissan computers and fill it in with concrete.
Babys.  You should have bought it first then.

Pay up or shut this man enough money to retire for the internet domain or leave him alone.....YOU have had YEARS to secure this domain name for yourself, your late and you know it!
Ian Wilson

The fact that you are filing a lawsuit against Nissan computers is bogus!  Nissan is the man's rightful birth given name and you are trying to take away his right to use that name.  Obviously you have a lot of time and money on your hands if you are carrying through with this.  Why not use that valuable time and money on something more useful that would help to better the world in some way.  It's people like you who give large corporations a bad name because you are all obviously in everything that you do for the money, and that's just plain greedy!
Alison Violette

I feel that a person's family name and who registered the internet domain before another company deserves and is entitlted to the RIGHT to use that domain name. Shame on the major car company for not getting the wisddom to ofer a buyout of the domain or accepting they weren't first!
Joshua C. R.

Dear Nissan Motors people,
Mr. Uzi Nissan's name, as you have been told, has been in his family for since biblical times.  Please do not act like Goliath picking on little David because you'll soon find out that you stnad to lose.  It's just your tough luck, but more specifically your lack of foresight,  that he was able to register his domain name before you did.
So, what;s wrong with registering as
O. de la Cuesta

What you are doing is totally wrong.  He had the name before you became nissan.  If anyone should be going after anyone its him going after you.  Let him use his family name it does not say nissan motors  its nissan computers.   what difference does it make any how,  all you are is money hungry.  You get enough from your cars, (which arent that good anyhow)  leave him alone.
Janet Kruger

Once you register a Domain name and set up a Business which is different from anothers, you should have the right to own that domain name. If Nissan motorshad thought about the web advantage earlier, they would have got it. Chevy chase Bank was in a similar situation and lost.  Nissan computers should be allowed to keep the Domain name. I am a Internet Car Manager at a volume store and am seeing a lot of people who support similar views
Nissan Motors, stop being a Bully, and grow up.
Remy Narang

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