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I must first state that I am TOTALLY against cybersquatting and think laws should be passed to hang the most blatant offenders, but this well documented case doesn't even remotely fit the profile! Why is it that big companies think they have divine right to all forms of the branded names, yet small companies and individuals don't even consider it improper when their names are used by big companies? I'm sure Nissan Motors wasn't the first company in the world to use the name Nissan. I've been a Nissan or Datsun owner since 1970, my first car was a Datsun pickup, and over the years I've owned seven. Numerous other family members are also Nissan owners (incl my sister's new 2000 Maxima) and I'm in the market for a new one this month. I wouldn't even consider Nissan now. This suit shows a tremendous lack of character and honor on Nissan Motors part, and I want nothing ever to do with them again.
Good Luck, Uzi!
Jeff Beard

I actually came to Looking for Nissan Motor Corporation,  I followed the link that you provided to Their Website a time or two looking at their vehicles.  And was ready to head down to the Dealership and sign papers for a Nissan Truck.  (I had negotiated the price, worked the financing and all..) I showed back up today and find out that they are actually suing you?  Holly cow!  I never knew that Nissan has a bad side like that.  Perhaps you can convey this to Nissan Motor:  I was looking at a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab SE 4X4,  If Nissan Motors is willing to sue an Entrepreneur because of his Domain name use,  which happens to be his LAST NAME,  that tells me that Nissan Motors really isn't interested in the General public at all.  If they are willing to sue the "little guy" how can they possibly be making automobiles for them? Perhaps I need to look at the new Ford Explorer Sport Truck,  and forget Nissan Motors All Together.  It doesn't look like Nissan Motors is a Company I want to affiliate with.
Victor Shortt

I was online shopping for a new car, and was going to compare the Honda CR-V with the Nissan Xterra model. Then, I read of the domain name dispute that Nissan Motors has with the rightful owner of the Nissan.COM domain name. Just because you are a large company with a name similar to another company does not give you the right to the domain name.  And as an attorney, I know that simply having a similar name does not constitute trademark infringement. Nissan Motors should be ashamed of its suit against Nissan Computer. If you had wanted the domain name, you should have registered it first. You did not. You failed to obtain what you could have had due to poor business planning. That fact alone does not entitle you to bully a smaller company. I will not be looking any further for a Nissan automobile. I choose not to do business with a company that treats people the way you do. I may be one of those people that you turn against some day, and I do not wish to support that attitude in a company.
Brian Youngerman, Esq.

While I understand Nissan Motors desire to obtain the URL,  using Microsoft or Lotus style tactics is not a way to win customers.   I recently purchased a new Frontier pickup, and this weekend was looking closely at a 2000 Quest.   Between news of this litigation, and the putrid crash test results I will now look at the Honda Odyssey.   If you hold Nissan stock, sell short.
Malcolm Gilmore

Shalom Uzi!,
Tell Nissan Motor Company that they just lost yet another sale because of this ridiculous stunt. If my three year old behaved in such a fashion...
well, she already knows better!  Anyway, you have my prayers. Don't let this get you down. Remember, David didn't defeat Goliath, his faith in God did.
June 18, 2000
By the way, we just bought our new van today (a Chevrolet).

I believe that a man has a right to use his own name. He is clearly not a copetitor with Nissan the motor and should not be punished for the motor companies short sightedness in not registering thier name. In my mind that is very arrogant.
Samuel Stephnes

There's nothing they can do about it. Domain names on the internet are on a first come, first serve basis............period. Let them sue, they'll only be wasting their time and money, as if they don't have enough money already.
Jason Rochon

I think that you have the right to use that domain name as your own.  It is your family's name, & apparantly, you got the name first.
James Lather

After learning of this lawsuit, I believe this is a most unjustified contention, and an illegality  on the part of the Plaintiff, and purely a ploy and strategy on the part of the Plaintiff to intimidate, badger and harass the Defendant, for the financial gain of the Plaintiff.
N. S.

Don't sue him...I mean its not a big deal...they are small and can not hurt you so just give it up and let them keep their name
Brian Wood

If this person was given a DBA and started a business under a name, then obtained a web site using that name.  The web site nor the name should be taken away. 
Tanya Bliss

Fer cryin' old loud, leave the little guy alone! He beat you to it in terms of registering his domain name, his business is named after his family, and computer networks have nothing to do with cars!
Loren D. Mendelsohn

There is nothing more personal than a last name. If a corporation can stop a person from using their last name then we are allowing Corporation to run America and not the people that have made this country great

Mr. Nissan,
I prey that you win the battle.  Don't let them bring you down.  Show to yourself and the world that one man can make a difference.  Stand firm for your rights.  Don't settle for anything less.
Syed Islam

I believe it is a true loss of vision when a large company uses its' weight on a smaller one in the name of marketing.  If only the founders of Niaasn (motors...or Datsun) were here now they would probably see things in a different way. One example I have also seen is Delta Airlines. is not the airline site, but a small business. is the airlines address.  You know what, there is an old saying that sums it up quite nicely...the early bird gets the worm. Perhaps if Nissan Motors had seen the opportunity the web has to offer sooner things would have been different.  Oh well...good going Mr. Nissan, and good luck with your fight!
Thomas Sabo

Mr. Nissan,
You should be allowed to keep your domain.  You are NOT a cybersquatter.  You have a valid right to keep your domain name.

I hope you win. Sounds like a bunch of BS to me. Another of obvious case of a large corporation thinking that because the have so much power and infuluence they can bully the individual business man. They had every opportunity to register the name before you they obviously did not have personnel on staff that were aware of the importance of the internet. You should not be penalized for their ignorance. I wish you the best of luck!

It is very abusive and pretentious by Nissan Motor of Japan to sue Mr. Nissan by using his last name to identify his company. It is simply: he used first and he has all the right to do it.  I wanted to create a web page with my name in this way:  but I founded that ASIS is not only my name but the acronym for the American Society for Information Science, and they registered first and thus I believe both them and Mr. Nisan are right.  But Nisan Motor must not use their potential of billions of dollars in capital to smash a smaller business using a legitimate name.  Japanese people know how respectful is a family name, thus they must respect Mr. Nissan's family name and not to sue him for having a 4,000 years old very respectful last name.
Moises Asis

We are behind you.  You have a right to use your own name.
Eva Abramczyk

Personally, this is just another case of "big company" bullying "little company".   They don't have a leg to stand on.  The WIPO has already set the precedent for this type of dispute.  The singer Sting tried to sue and take Sting.Com from a online gamer who went by the name of Sting and ran a gaming related site.  The Sting the Musician lost.   The ruling states that the current owner of the domain had a vested interest in the domain name and the site had nada to do with the musician or music.  See for the details.
S Sullivan

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