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I presently own a Nissan vehicle-it has been a great car.  I will be selling it soon.  When I purchase another vehicle, I will not be considering a product of Nissan because of this lawsuit.  You are really sad.
Harold Welty

I am send a note to let you know how I feel about your suit against Nissan Computer. Think of the damage you do to your own name if you continue with this action.
Please beware that I dislike this action, and I will not  buy any of your products. Think twice about this.
Robert L. Vanadestine

I just recieved a piece of email that brought my attention to this matter. Whoa boy is this a hot button of an issue. Not only was I in the market for a new vehicle, but I WAS seriously considering a Nissan over a Toyota. After coming across this site, Toyota is a clear winner on this issue.
What Nissan Moter Co. apparently does not realize is that with the click of a button, millions of people are finding out about this and it is going to do SERIOUS damage to their bottom line.
Joel Helgeson

Kudos to Mr. Nissan for fighting those too big for their britches, think they can have anything they want company.  I work for an ISP and last time I checked, domain names were first come first serve.  My last name is Cartwright and the domain just happens to be taken.  Shall I sue?  I think not.  Over the years I have heard one "I want your domain name" story after the other, but this one is a downright crime against Nissan Computer.
I will NEVER buy a Nissan, nor will any of my family or friends.  Best of luck, and know you will be victorious!!!
C. Cartwright

I am so tired of big business running the country.. and now they want full control on the internet too? Forget it, I will never buy a Nissan vehicle.  You own this domain fair and square. Hopefully, the courts will agree. In fact, I think you should countersue for lost time and money this lawsuit is costing you. Good luck!

Nissan motor corp you are wrong in pursuing and suing individuals for exercising freedom of enterprise!  The domain name was in use long before you developed the notion that you could steal it with high priced lawyers.  I suggest that in the future you use foresight rather than hindsight.  ie: Employ visionaries rather than thieves.
Guy George

Big corporations are out of control. The human face they once had has been replaced by an ugly ruthless one. They take what they want and they dont care what bodies they leave in their wake. I wish Nissan Computers all the success in the world and hope they remember where their grass roots are if they ever get as big as Nissan Motors.
Kyler Seals

This is outrageous! NOBODY could possibly mistake nissan Motors with Nissan Computer. Nissan motors is making a TERRIBLE mistake in pursuing this BOGUS suit. Nissan motors can expect a backlash from MANY people over this. If owning or was, or is, such an intregal part of nissan motors online identity, then why didn't Nissan motors reserve them when they had the opportunity? Nissan Computers has EVERY right to these domains. Afterall, Nissan IS this gentlemans name, AND he IS using these domain names LEGALLY. How typical of a 'Deep Pockets' corporation using it's VAST resources in an attempt to 'Out-Spend' a small business, circumventing what is RIGHT and CORRECT!
My wife will make SURE that when she trades in her 1997 Nissan, that she DOES NOT purchase another vehicle from this company. Shameful, greedy and unwarranted behavior from Nissan Motors!
Charles Keagle

Whilst I disagree with Nissan Motors actions in this case, I must also question the validity of a legal system that allows them to pursue such a course in the first place.  Anybody with an ounce of sense would reject an application of this nature, so why does the American legal system allow it?  Could it be the only ones to benefit will be the lawyers?  Besides, Nissan already has the name - that describes their business far better.  What we are seeing here though is the result of allowing big corporations to actively pursue individuals through the courts simply because those individuals were quicker off the mark in registering domain names.  Just another step towards the corporatisation of the internet.
Jameelur Rahmaan

Dear Nissan Motors,
It is unfortunate to see such an unprofessional attitude from one of the corporate "leaders" of the automotive industry. As a responsible consumer, I will make a point of bringing this issue to the attention of all my associates.
Chad T. Thompson

Those bas___ds cant get away with that.  They can go to hell.
John Macdon

I believe domain names are a free for all. First come first served. It's that simple.  Mr Nissan from Nissan Computer Corp has not only registered first, but he also has his surname, and business name to go along with the domain name.  The Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America have many other options for domain names. If I went to and I got computers my IMMEDIATE response would be something logical... such as ... which coincidentally happens to be the Nissan Motor Co Ltd.  So the Nissan Motor Co Ltd would loose no business. It just means that the Nissan Computer Corp gets additional 'hits' from people looking at cars. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME on the internet, and with a little commonsense people get to where they want to go - in the end.  Alternatively, the Nissan Motor Co could pay for a link to on the Nissan Computer Corp web page - I'm sure it would be A LOT cheaper than a legal battle.  Overall, I think that it is a RIGHT to have whatever domain name you like, for ANY reason, just as long as you registered it FIRST. If a large multinational company wants _your_ domain name, well they can pay for it - they've got the money. Otherwise just pick another name!

From what I have read about this dispute, Nissan Motor company has no right to claim a prior right to the web name "Nissan".  They should claim the web name "Datsun", instead.  This sounds like big business trying to get it's way by steamrolling a small business!
James L. Hays

Nissan Motor Company:
What you are doing is completely WRONG!. Money does not give you the right to do as you please with other people's lives. Stay out and respect the name that legally and moraly belongs to someone else.
Oscar E. Moreno

This is not an example of someone without any viable connection to a domain registering it with the intent of profiting from it by selling it to it's rightful owner.  If Nissan Motors feels so confident that they are in the right, as the law suit suggests, then perhaps they should file with the international forum that decides the validity of domain name ownership.  Or do they know they have no legal or ethical ground on which to stand and prefer 'sue' Mr. Nissan out of business?
Jon Morgan

It's a touchy subject - but it seems to come down to whoever has the most money and can provide the "best lawyers." That's the deciding factors when it comes to who "rightfully" owns a domain name.
Ester J. McFarley

It is disappointing to see that a multinational corporation can not come to some solution other than a lawsuit to solve a situation such as this.  A clear established history of the use of the Nissan name is present, and benefits the side of Nissan Computer.  It seems to me they also registered the domain name first, without nefarious intent, but rather business intent.  I suggest to you, Nissan Motor, you find another way to solve this situation, because it is a waste of your resources and those of Nissan Computer to enjoin in this conflict.
Nicholas P. Mueller

Arent these corporations powerful enough? We cant let them get away with this, or soon we will lose all freedom to those with the money to take it from us. Support the Nissan Computer Company!
Chris Watts

This country was founded on free enterprise. Nissan moters does not own the internet. It would appear that Nissan computers does, at least with that domain name. If nissan motors thinks they can hijack it from nissan computers it goes against the grain of everything this country was founded on!!!!
Mark Huber

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.  We see again that big business thinks money will buy the right to do anything - despite the legal or marla implications.  We stand with you and the right to use your own name for your business.  You will be in our prayers!
The Cubines

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