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What Nissan Motors is doing is outrageous.
I will never buy a Nissan Motors Corp. Product, and I will try to spread the voice on this abuse of power to all my friends, relatives and co-worker.  PEOPLE, TOGHETER, CAN DO MORE THAN A DEEP POCKET CORP.  Because, after all, what Nissan wants to do , is to sell more cars...Well, THEY WON'T !
Christian Kleinberg - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Others have said all that needs to be said concerning this case. We are planning to purchase a new car in the next few weeks. Nissan Has been removed from the looksee list.
Iain Mhuirich

Come on, Nissan!  Let's take a look at this:
Customers you've lost from not being able to find your website: maybe 50 or less
Customers you've lost from making this stupid lawsuit: over 500 already
Stop this insanity!
Eric Winer

Attacking a legitimate business for the prestige of a domain name is insane.  I am willing to bet that, and several others are still available.
I will not be purchasing any nissan vehicles if this is how the corporation operates.
Matt Allen

As a consumer it is cases like the one you are pursuing that really effect what products I will purchase. I do not agree with the type of tactics corporations like yourselves use. Niether, do I like the way large corporations like yourselves use money as a means to take advantage of people.
I will definitly NOT consider your company when looking to purchase a vehicle.

Unless a party is using a name of a well known group or entity for malicious purposes the first person to register that domain owns it.  I think what Nissan is doing is both wrong and heavy handed and really turns me off to the Nissan auto company as a consumer.
Joseph Rodriguez

What do you want???????
The guy to change his name just because it upsets the Jap/usa corporations, sounds like another macdonalds..... WE HAVE NAMES SO WE CAN USE THEM.
John Wilson

What right does a big vompany have to say some one can't use his own family name?  I suggest a trip to the Federal Supreme Court, for infringement of your rights. I know it may cost but it'll keep it from happening again, hopefully.

I am a junior at the University of Utah, and I came across the Nissan case in one of my inbox e-mails. I was definitely not shocked,the big businesses step on the little ones all the time. It is a sad statement, but Nissan Motor will probably get away with this as other big corps have done in the past. However, it is time for this type of superficiality to stop.  Businesses, institutions, and individuals should and are entitled to seize opportunities in order to improve their existence financially and other. Nissan Computer should not be punished in any way for registering an internet site with Nissan in it. It is their right.  Let Nissan Motor cry and whine, but DO NOT let their money compensate for their illegitimate claim against Nisan Computer.
Christina Hyland

Nissan computer is a family owned (named) business, and for nissan motor company to come and try to destroy their company is unconstitutional and un-American!! Shame on you nissan motor company. Shame!!!
Marshell Corum

First COM first served.  If you had wanted the name NISSAN.COM you should have registered it first.  For someone who has a true reason for registering before you and not out of spite or malice then they should be entitled to the name.  His name is Nissan and therefore has a true reason.  Stop using bully boy tac tics and think of another name for yourselves.  ie NISSANCARS.
Michelle Heymans

Hey this just aint fair. Internet domain name registration works on first come first service. Nissan is his domain name nissan motors can use why create problem for other people and disturb there bussiness.

Mr. Nissan
I just wanted to let you know I have been following your case over the past couple of years and I full support yout position. I have mention you case briefly as an example in a rant on my personal website. If you are intrested see my Oct. 31st post on
Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know.
James Ho

Yep, Nissan Motors, keep off! Anyway I didn't ever like NM. Now this is a disgust. Tired of those courts...
I'm a soldier, not a diplomat. I can only tell the truth.

Its a pity that the penniless are dominated by those with money, its true.  But I'd hardly say Nissan's short of a bob or two.

Please stop this childish behaviour! Change your name (Nissan) to Datsun again. That was a good car :o)
Michael Berglund

It's hard to believe everything you hear off the internet, but if this is a true occurance than yes, I agree with the other concerened internet user's that a name is something you are born with and proud of as it represents your family. Nissan Motors should accept that this is not there name and go about achieving it the right way, by asking permission and if purchasing the rights to the name is the thing to do than so be it! Have a moral concious!

I agree that big corporations shouldn't use their financial power to destroy small or smaller corporations. I hope that you win this lawsuit.
Froim Moshkovich

Stop stealing our public domain on the internet!

Just take a look at Madonna's affair... It was a shame; hope we'll (and I say "we" because it is an everybody's matter) not have to regret this again. If this is justice then we're all "good guys"...
Sincerely Good Luck!
Ivan Llanas

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