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I hate to sound like a broken record BUT....  I too was one of the many who went searching on the web for Nissan Motors and found out about this ridiculous lawsuit.  If Nissan Motors wants the domain name so bad then break out the check book and start writing.  Although in response to the actions of Nissan Motors I would not sell the domain name if I were Mr. Nissan.  I was looking at buying 2 Nissan vehicles but after reading about this I'll take my money elsewhere.  No wonder your vehicles cost so much.  You have to jack up the prices to finance your lawsuit!!
Scott Starke

You snooze you lose!  Continue your actions and I and anyone I can convince will not buy a nissan ever.  What the heaven is wrong with your company?  Use a different domain you bully.
Daniel Lewis - University of Manitoba Student

I too was also looking into buying a Nissan Pathfinder.  After becoming sick to my stomach seeing what Nissan Motors is trying to do to Uzi Nissan and his corporation, I quickly changed my mind.  It sickens me to see how Nissan operates and what little business ethics they have. This website in no way makes me think that its a Nissan Motors website.  I hope you win this one Uzi, we're behind you all the way!!
Robert Iamanti

I have read with surprise of the actions of Nissan Motors in the United States directed against the apparently legitimate business interests of Nissan Computer Corporation.
Should these reports be substantiated I will withdraw any future support for the activities of Nissan Motor Corporation in Ireland as follows:
1]I will not purchase any Nissan vehicle - new or second hand - for my own use.
2]I will not permit any of my employees to purchase Nissan vehicles as company cars.
3]I will tell my friends and business colleagues of my feelings in this regard.
Above statement made in good faith as to the truth and accuracy of information apparently received from Nissan Computer Corporation.
John J. Allcorn

The first business entity to register the domain name obviously found the name available from the legally recognized registrar(s). If in USA deep pockets mean you can unilaterally redefine domain name registration procedures then I fear for the worst...
NISSAN MOTOR CORP., you have just lost a bulk purchase of, say 5 utility vehicles. I suggest that perhaps you should suethe domain name registrars who registered the name, for not telling Mr. Nissan that the name "belongs" to you!!
J.O. Mwencha

Nissan Motor Corp is WRONG, and just using its economic power to stomp on the little guy.  Nissan Computer has more right to the name/domain than you do and you know it.  It would be a shame for all, but Nissan is NOT the only auto company out there.  Realize these tactics very often blow up in the face of the ones employing those tactics.  Be "big" and accept the fact that Nissan Motors was not here first and let it go.  I think you will be surprised at the american reaction to such strong armed tactics.
Jim Nyman

I think Nissan Motor should lose, and pay Nissan Computer money for this RETARDED lawsuit.  Personally i believe it's bulls__t, but many companys act like NIssan Motor and they should be stoped.
Burn Nissan (motors) BURN!!!!

Gentlemen, please tread lightly into the direction you are going with your lawsuit against Mr. Nissan. I full empathize that you are apprehensive about potential harm done to your corporation and any entities and business associated with it. But also bear in mind that your lawsuit can set a historical precedent and do irrepairable damage to the lucrative entity called the Internet and its subscribers who could abandon it in a panic fueled by "big business's" piracy of the "little man's" intitiative and ingenuity. I know the difference between Nissan Motor and Nissan Computer as well as the difference between protecting one's interests and outright greed and theft of another's interests and property. Tread lightly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jimmy D. Mesker, Jr.

I was shocked by the action. I understood that there are people using the domain name to make HUGE profit by selling it to big corporation. However if Nissan Computer is a genuine company and the founder registered the name first, why should the company face the legal action. I REALLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHERE'S THE 'FAIR PLAY' STAND, does that mean a small business has no contribution to the country economic development? Where's the business ethical value? Don't we been taught the concept of 'First come fist serve'?
Dennis Yeoh

I would not expect such a big corporate to do such a thing. shame on Nissan motors.
Vikram Dasgupt

Don't you have enough money over at Nissan Motors?  I and my family and friends will never again patronize your car company if you continue this unfair suit.

This lawsuit is a dastardly deed.  If you had registered in this country before he did, then you would have a legitimate claim.  However, Mr. Nissan has already registered. The domain name is already taken. It is his surname, and he has a right to use it.  He did not change his name; you did.  Use your old name if it has not been taken.
Norma Borthwick

This sort of action by a "big guy" against a small operator is appalling. Why not use and act in a friendly way by perhaps paying Mr Nissan to put an explanatory banner and link on his site.
Fred J. Crees

It is obvious that Nissan Motors is late to the game, No! it does not have the right to bully the courts on this one.  Nissan Computer, based on a family name and first applicant to domain name, has clear ownership.  Bigger is not the owner!!!
David Karl Fahlgren

I dont see what the problem is., computers;, cars. Let the small man alone or make a generous offer, at least 5,000,000 above the dollar value of his company.
Doug Knipe

I support you!!  You are not wrong in what you are doing.  First come first serve.  Names can belong more than one person.

It is totally ridiculous that Nissan Motor should stoop to such a low level.  How pathetic it is for the giants to squash the smaller businesses, and all for a few more cents.
Dane Levison

Dear Nissan Company,
As an owner of a Nissan Pathfinder, I am dismayed to read of your domain proceedings against a small bussiness owner, Mr. Nissan.  While I agree that copywrites are important in today's world, filing a suit against a man whose bussiness contains the word Nissan in it, BECAUSE HIS FAMILY NAME IS NISSAN, is reprehensible.  Please refocus your energy into creating the fine automobiles for which you are known.  If your company would like to "own' the Nissan family bussiness's domain, then, like your average citizen, please purchase it rather than use backhanded tactics.
As we have a total of four Nissan vehicles between my family members, I am personally interested in a response.
Thank You,
Tobie Wright

It is a shame that you are calling claims to a domain name that is not yours.  I hope you pull out of the law suit.
Mike Harvie

I really don't like what NMC is doing. They should have no legal right to take the domain NISSAN.COM - what's the name of the company again? NISSAN MOTORS CORPORATION, not "NISSAN".
What if this were a trademark dispute only?  Doesn't a trademark usually only apply to a patricular type of product? - ie there is a spreadsheet called "Quattro" and a car called "Quatro"? Do people really confuse the two?
Timothy Ward

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