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It's important to not let Nissan motor company take this name from you. If at all possible go on national television and make the public aware and maybe they will lose customers.
Also do you have a list of Nissan products that I can boycott against? If so send it to me.
Jon Cureton

To: Nissan Motors,
Your behavior is unreasonable in relation to DNS of Nissan Computer CO. Do You remember when your company was small and add a train cart full of lawyers over your head trying to ruin your business.
Please reconsider your action towards Nissan Computer Co. or I personally will withdraw my support for your products. And one unhappy customer is equal to 100 potential customers because information spreads.
Lucas B.

Hey Nissan Motor Company, yet another example of a monopoly in the making with you now telling someone who has gone with the law of the land and registered and done every thing right  that your power and money can override this fact. If the matter were reversed, you would be the pissed off party, at having to defend oneself against  what could be deemed a hostile manouver to take control of another business's hard earned sales asset, its domain names. Just because you were a bit slow doing the same, does not mean you can play school yard bully and take their play lunch. BACK OFF  Show the world that you large corporations have a shred of common deccency.
Otherwise stick your Nissan Motor Vehicles where the sun doesn't shine for all eternity.
Dave Newnham

Dear Sirs and Madames:
As a consumer I would like to ask you to cease legal action against Nissan Computer over the domain name  It is against the spirit of democracy that who ever has the most money gets the prize when someone else rightfully has it first.  What if some other company with more money were to seize it from you?   I would be happy to visit your website at and perhaps you could place an ad with a link at the Nissan computer site.
Please be reasonable and know that if you do buy off the system and get the domain I will not be visiting the site or considering your product when I am car shopping (as I intend to do in about a year or so.)
Thank you for your time.
Diana Hecht

Having gone through a similar ordeal lately, I can empathize with your situation. Why is it that these big companies with a big battery of lawyers can get away with domain blackmail? The web needs a way to arbitrate cases like this.
For the record, I wouldn't even consider using a Nissan product.

I believe that Nissan should refrain from this lawsuit, and find a more creative domain name for its operations, something like or whatever.  I believe that it is unfair of Nissan to demand the rights to a domain name that was taken long before they expressed any concerns.
It saddens me to hear about this incident since, I own two Nissan vehicles and have been proud of my choice, since they are reliable cars.  I am not so shure that I will still advertise the virtues of their cars to my friends.
Thank you
Frederico Geib

This is a ridiculous situation. Nissan computer deserves this domain name. The internet is not a corporate controlled enviornment and this needs to stop immediatly.
Aaron Schultz

This lawsuit should not have even come about. Mr. Nissan registered the address first, And it is his last name. Is Ford Motor Company going to sue someone with the last name of "Ford", or Chevrolet sue for the last name of "Chevy"? I doubt it. I think Nissan Motor Company has better things to do then sue someone who registered thier last name.
Mark W. Miller, Jr.

I think it is deplorable what big buisness (i.e. Nissan) will do to gain control of their market and to increase profits.  The people responsible for such behavior should be ashamed - can they really go home at night believing that their actions are ethical?
Jonathan P.

It is my opinion that the Nissan motor company are trying bully boy tactics to crush another who have just as much right to the domain name as you. Just because you didnt get around to registering your domain when every one else was doing so.  Please think again about your action.
Mart Murphy

I agree with this letter this is a bogus attempt to steal from honest people..And it does need to be stopped. I have a domain name myself and this to happen to me.. nor to other people on the web..
Annie Morrison

I agree, the big companies shouldn't be able to just step in and take what they want.  I hope this bid for the small businesses is successful.

That is pretty ignorant on the part of Nissan Motor. The only reason they have a problem with you using the address is that people tying to access their web site find your site instead. And if you have been using the name Nissan for your company since they were "Datsun", then they should be lucky that you are'nt suing them. I just can't beleive that they have a problem with your name. If I were to start a company like "Chiolan Sports apparel" and Acme changed their name to Chiolan Food Store, I would raise holy hell if they tried to sue me. Good luck and I hope you win the case.

This is really bogus! Domain names are first come first serve and should stay that way. Because Nissan Motor Corp was too late doesnt give them the right to drive anyone out of business!  Nuff said.

nissan motors i think you are a rip off hijacking no good.  leave Nissan computers alone!!
Steve Robinson

For two years I have been going to ( Nissan Computer Co to purchase and price computer hardware, software, and search & research the internet.  I read now where Nissan Motors is suing for the use of their name and website domain.  This type of case should not be wasting the courts time.  Not to mention I'm sure the worry and expense they are causing to a small incorporated family-named computer company.  The company is legitimately incorporated and signed up for the domain name before Nissan Motors chose to pursue it.  I hope and urge you to not change the address that I and many other customers type in our web browsers each week.  It simply doesn't seem fair that for acting quickly and getting a presence on the Web this company should be penalized because another company is not run with the same efficiency.
Thanks in advance for your consideration!
Patrick Mathes

It's a case of modern "corporate-raiding" over the NISSAN.NET/COM's reputation....even over the's totally ridiculous....if someone coincidentally have the same (first or last/sur)name with large corporation and the "defendant" have registered on the net AGES before the "plaintiffs" started to think of it...or only then, the "plaintiffs" feel like "changing" to the net (due to "left behind" in the e-race)and started to suing everyone using their .com name....then everyone else must think of naming their newly-born babies to avoid similar occurrence....AGAIN...IT'S TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!  The question is....WHO REGISTERED FIRST!!!and IT'S ACCEPTED!!!!
Nik Zafri Abdul Majid

If you register a domain name, and you paid for's yours!!! NO QUESTIONS SHOULD BE ASKED!!! THIS IS ROBBERY!! I could understand that if someone for example, registered, and sold related products from microsoft, that would be wrong. But in this case, NISSAN Computers has registered their own domain name for THEIR OWN COMPANY, that has their own trademark. This was not an attacks against Nissan motors!! WHEN WILL IT STOP IF NISSAN MOTORS GETS THEIR WAY?? This is like taking candy from a baby...
Joseph Bond

Your case against Uzi Nissan may not have existed had your corporation embraced the internet earlier; regardless of any organizations' size, "you snooze, you lose" should apply to everyone. I do hope you lose your case, no one need to explain to a company of your size about the consequences that hesitation brings.  Maybe you should settle for a .tv domain name! Good luck bozos!
Jeffery Wright

I am ASHAMED of Nissan Motors!
Barbara Myers

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