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WHAT? ...Do you mean to tell me that because my last name is CEDENO, I could very likely be sued by the baseball player of the same name?
I'm going to get rid of my Nissan and get a Chevrolet! Screw you idiots!
Michael A. Cedeno

First come, first serve.  I believe Nissan Computer beat you guys to the punch.  Guess I won't be buying that new truck you have on the market.  Don't really want to do business with bullies.
Don Carson

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I actually came to this site looking for information on purchasing a car.  I quickly realized I was in the wrong place, but continued to read on.  After reading the information about your current lawsuit and doing a bit of research on my own, I have decided not to purchase a Nissan vehicle.  This sort of "money talks" mentality that is held by so many large corporations is unfair to the consumer and to possible entrepreneurs.  I refuse to give them any money, which might go to support their cause.  To attempt to run your competition out of business through fair competition is not only acceptable, but is a wonderful method of increasing the overall quality and price of products in a capitalist economy.  However, running other companies, especially those with whom you aren't even competing, out of business in a poorly founded lawsuit over a name and the fear that your customers might not be intelligent enough to tell the difference between a computer and a car, is unfair, unjust, and insulting to not only your customers, but all people in general, and is a slap in the face to democracy and ethical business practices.  Nissan Motor Corporation should be ashamed.
Chris Johnson

We fully support you and consider that justice is not a matter having deep pockets to afford lawyers.
In order to help you we've placed your banner in our website.
Carlos Gilardone -

I have owned a Nissan automobile in the past and was consdiering purchasing another Nissan automobile.  I find it rather disturbing that a company as large as Nissan Motors would even considering bringing a lawsuit against a company who legally registered and owns a domain name.  Why didn't Nissan Motors register NISSAN.COM when they became established?  Probably because they didn't have the desire to have a presence on the Web at the time.  That isn't Nissan Computer Corporation's fault.  Why won't you leave this person alone and allow him to state that he is in no way affiliated with Nisson Motors?  This bothers me and it may make me decide to purchase another vehicle - just because of the principle.  I support small businesses and don't think Nissan Computer Corporation is at fault in any way.
Michael Kiesewetter

As a lawyer and systems administrator of our organization's computer systems, I fully support the cause of NISSAN COMPUTER and pray for its continued strength and success. LEt us all join hands in resisting bully tactics.
I have never liked Nissan Motors their vehicles are not as good as those of their other Japanese competitors.
Francis Dagnalan

Nissan Motor Co. LEAVE NISSAN COMPUTER ALONE The name belongs to them!!!!
Martha Musser

I have believe that some large corporations are going a little overboard in name and logo protection.  I realize this is an important part of a business but also believe that if it is so important, they should do a better job of registering domain names earlier and not choosing names that are common and may be already used by others.  If you were to choose a name such as Smith or Chang, you may have a few problems with exlusivity.  Being a less common name does not eliminate the possibility of conflicts and in this case if facts are correct, Nissan has no more entitlement to the name "Nissan" than the computer company.  If it's so valuable, then get out the checkbook and buy this computer companies rights to the name.  If not, maybe the price of the cars and trucks could be lowered instead of wasting money on lawyers.
Thank you for listening.
James W. Burnham

I really think that it stinks, Nissan Motor does not have any right to take over your domain name... This is all I can say right now.. Be strong and win this battle!!
Young Barreirinhas

Dear Sirs,
I understand that you are trying to obtain control of a domain name used by a small computer business using their own name going back generations, and which by coincidence, is the one that your company is called.  Since this seems to be their own proper name, they have a right legally and morally to use it, just like I have my own proper name.  Would this person not have the same right, perhaps more so than you, to make exactly the same claim that you are making? Of course he has.  The fact that you are a huge and powerful company does not give you any moral (nor legal) right to strip him of his right to use his name.  I understand that financially you are much mor4e powerful and could get him down on his knees, but this would be unfair, unjust, and not honest of you.  It certainly is a shame, and a pity for you, that someone eslse has this name going back for generations in his family, but you do not own it outright and above all reason.
Yours sincerely,
C. G. Dan

"I am Uzi Nissan -- So I own Nissan Motor Company and all the businesses named after the word NISSAN !". Is this what they are trying to do to Uzi. This is no jungle. Nissan motor company will never succeed.

My first name is Daniel and I don't go around trying to force anyone else with the same name to stop using it because I had it first.  I believe this is a free speech matter, being able to use any name we please to identify ourselves is an inaliable right. To use power or money to change that right is immoral and unethical.
Daniel Lambson

You snooze, you lose, boys!  Leave the man alone.  The Internet has been around for awhile.  First come, first served.
Brett Hagey

I do not often or easily take the time to get involved in others conflicts, but from what I can see it is "first come, first serve" not "the biggest get it" in regards to obtaining website names. Mr. Nissan hasn't done anything wrong. Often I see businesses with names similar to brand names and those companies certainly don't have to defer to the big guys. Come on Nissan, stop being sore losers and pick a new name like nissanmotors, for heaven's sake!
Beverly Churchill

I am disgusted by the bullying tactics of Nissan Motors regarding internet domain names.  Just because you would like the name for your company does not mean that you have the right to steal it from someone else or drag them through expensive court proceedings.  If your company had any creativity, you could create a novel and fitting domain name for yourself.  Do the honorable thing.
Dr. S. Hsu

Stop this nonsense right now! Stop the Domain Name Hijackers!
Frank Linnemann

Stop the bullying.  Legitimate domain name owners should be required to have a clause in all advertisement and on their web site that their company is not associated w/Nissan motors--nothing else.
Bettie Isiaka

I offer a simple analogy.  Internet addresses have become a form of company logo.  If the Ford Motor Company suddenly realized they wanted to use the logo from the Betty Ford Clinic, would they have a right to take it over?  Of course not!  On a more philisophical note...  Consider the reverse argument.  The Nissan family name has apparently been around longer than Nissan Motors.  Can the Nissan family force Nissan Motors to change its name?  Of course not!  The conclusion I reach is simple.  Both parties have a right to use the name, and one party made a business decision first.  In the world of business, if the price is right, companies buy other companies' inventions all the time.  If a company does not wish to sell its invention, that is their right.

If a site isalready registered, and not up for sale, it should be left alone!  It is not right to bully another company in to non-existance!  They have a right to have their own name as a web site address. So their customers can easily find them. Which is why Nissan Motor is doing this. They should back off. and use something like, or ( is a free readdressing web system anyway!!!)  Tell them to try that!
Yours (outraged at the big fish eating smaller fish)
Kevin Neal
PS. I hope they fail! and Nissan Computers win!

Nissan Motors is entitiled to names such as nissanmotors, nissan cars, nissanauto, etc. However, they do not have the sole claim to nissan. Nissan computer, though smaller than Nissan motors, was there first and therefore have the rightful claim to the domain name. We can't just start giving domains to the largest companies. What would happen in the future if, after losing the domain, Nissan computer became bigger and more powerful than Nissan motors - would they then be entitled to the domain back?
Harinder Sandhu

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