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If Nissan wins this suit, it will be a sad day for democracy. I have never, nor ever will buy a Nissan product. I will also make all of the Nissan owners that I encounter aware of who they are dealing with. If bumper stickers become available, I will freely distribute them.
Wayne Martin

Mr. Nissan,
You should offer to sell them both of your domain names. For 100 million plus stock options. And then when they refuse this offer ask them if they need any computer assistance since they obviously have an inept group running things in their high tech department...otherwise they would have been intelligent enough to have thought to register the name of their business earlier than 1996. I will spread the word about this and get some traffic to your site. And I won't be buying any Nissans again. Hang in there and don't give in. The bigger they are the harder they fall.
Jim Wilson

You have no right to tell someone how to use their name.  You do not have ownership of the name Nissan.  How can you sue someone over the name which they own by birth, and have the right to use just as you do if you used your given name and started another business.  You pick on the little man with your expensive lawyers and drag this out because you know the financial burden you cause will probably be more than a small company can bare.  By doing this you have no concern or consideration for small businesses so why should anyone have concern or consideration for you.  I hope Nissan Computer wins, and sues you for putting them through this.  It's a computer company, not a car company using the same name.  What are you going to do next, sue someone because they open a mom and pop store using their last name as the name of the store," Nissan stop and shop"? What do you think these people should do, change their name, just not use it?  You change your damn name, he can trace his back, and he should use it.  And don't hand me that mess about people thinking its you, because Burlington Coat Factory has a sign on its doors stating that it is not a part of Burlington Indurstries.  So you don't have to sue, you just want to flex your corporate muscle on the small business man.  If you will treat a small business man that is no competition to you in this manner, then you would have no consideration on me.  So I can not support you or your products.

If the Nissan Motor Corp goes through with this case, neither I or any member of my family will ever purchase another Nissan vehicle.
E. J. Cooper

This is a ridiculous attempt to dominate the individual`s rights. The outcome of this case will decide whether I or any of my relatives purchase any Nissan motor company goods in the future. I trust this will be addressed. Thank you.

It's sad when a large car company like nissan thinks they can get whatever they want just cause of their size.  Nissan Computer had the address first and should never have to give it up.  Just cause nissan motors is slow getting on the internet.  They should have to pay the price of not having the name they want.  It should be a first come first serve basis.  Nissan computers has the right to the name Nissan and should never have to give it up cause of some stupid car company that thinks they own it cause they are bigger.
I never have owned a crappy nissan car and never will.  I want a car that gets me where I want to go and with no problems.  I am a proud owner of a Volkswagon.
Andrew Haugen

That really sucks that they won't let you use your last name. If they showed no concern that you used your name once and then they sue you, i don't think thats right at all. I can only give you my recommendation for the rights to the site. they shouldn't touch you. thank you.

Dear Mr. Nissan,
It's a shame that you and the Motor company have the same name for your corporations... Seeing as you have named your company after your family name, I completely support you in your struggle to uphold your right to ownership of this domain name... I only hope that you have the resources to defend this right in the courts.  In Canada, there is legal precident for companies which are named after family names, and this has been affirmed in cases such as Leon's (the furniture chain) v. Leon's (the store in Winnepeg, Manitoba).  I wish you all the best of luck and success in your business, and in the battle to defend your corporate identity.

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I found and read your case about the car maker as I was actually hoping to end up at their web site by typing as I am used with almost all other car makers.  After reading your story and the origin of your name, I do hope that you win the case and keep your site.
One comment:  I am proud Assyrian from Iraq, and as you probably know, we are the people that gave civilization to the world as we know it today- to make a long story short, we Assyrians also have the month "Nissan" (march 21th) as our new year and we celebrate it every year for the past 6750 years.  "And there shall be a highway from Egypt to Assyria and from Assyria to Israel"...
I will pray for you.
Edison Chalabi

Sorry, Charlie
You can't trademark someone's name (You can trademark a particular signature of that name or a combo name/symbol).  Otherwise, that's a violation of trademark law.
I think the FTC should take a look at this.
Neal Watts

I personally think that you guys at Nissan Motor are way too greedy. As a matter of fact, I think you're lazy too. You should have registered the domain name quickly if you guys really cared so much about it. You probably just want the money...Look, you guys already have a lot of money so why don't you just back off against Nissan Computers huh?

I believe this lawsuit is grossly unfair. The director of Nissan Computer's registered it in good faith and he has as much right to the name as the motor company does. He just got in first. He's not misusing the name in any way or trying to trade under the pretences of the Nissan Motor Company, so he has done nothing wrong!
Anneke Barlow

I would just like to say that I think it's really said when a man who's name is Nissan isn't allowed to use he's name for his domain.  The guy who owns and should be able to keep something he has had 6 years. Is it illegal for me to go into someone's house and steal all of there stuff? Well I believe I'm correct. If you take this domain your taking this mans rights to be him self. Who I see is a well-respected man and is allowed to use his last name as his domain. My name is John. I don't know correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I should sue someone who owns just because that is my name and I want it. It seems that the person who has the largest dollar should always be initiated to having this and that and never the person who had it first.  I think that Mr. Uzi Nissan should be able to keep his domain. If the Nissan car company wanted the domain in the first place they should have had registered the domain in the first place. But they didn't and now they don't have it and they should deal with it. There's different domains I wasn't able to get because someone else whom already beating me to them. I didn't get them and was forced to get a different domain.
Good luck.
Sincerely yours,
John - Web design firm and family named business.

I am a Saphardic Jew and a 2nd Generation Holocaust survivor.  I resent anyone from the goyim world trying to 'steal' and profit from one of our sacred words/names etc.  Uzi Nissan can use whatever logo or name he chooses and this is another example of an attack towards our people.  Beware all goyim, revenge is a dish best served cold, and it's a delicacy that should only be served once.  Hell will hath no fury till Satan's toungue has cursed my name.  We Children of Isreal are watching you all the time.
Baruch Benarroya

I'm strongly supporting Mr. Uzi Nissan in his trial. It is time that "ordinary" people will not be intimidated by giant companies who has the power to destroy anything standing in their unlawful way.
Nathan Baruch

We are with you. You'll get full support of every small business owners against the ruthless black mailing of these (so called) giants.

After all, it's the man's last name. He was there before the car company was. It's first come, first served. That's how I see it.

This really sucks!!! You should be able to carry and use your own name without being punished for it.. Good luck.
James P. Jacobs

I am not surprised that Nissan would want the name, however, there are still times and places where the bigger kid should not be able to bully the lunch money off of the little kid.  The rules are no as simple as "first come, first served" but where a ligitimate claim can be made and the proper channels have been followed, the outcome should be assured.  Justice should not be able to be bought.  If it can be...I need to start saving!

What you are doing to this computer company is really shitty and petty.  There are plenty of words in the world that you can oick from so leave these people alone and go choose a new name you sorry excuse of a company!
bailey,ALexander - a worried reader

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