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I went to thinking I'd find Nissan Motors's site (but knowing this is only a guess and I may find someone else's site) since I was considering buying a Nissan car.
After reading about your lawsuit I will never buy a Nissan car.
Asaph Z.

This is the most laughable thing i've seen in a long time.  I doubt very seriously i'll ever purchase from your buisness again.
William J. French

I own a Nissan sentra, If Nissan motors can't find an amicable solution, I shall not purchase any more Nissan products in the future including Nissan brand spare parts for my car.
Akshay Patel MD

Dear sirs,
Leave Nissan computers alone. They had the name before you. I have owned several Datsuns and Nissans in the past but if you continue with this bogus lawsuit I will NEVER buy another one again. I know this probably doesn't mean anything to you but to me and my large family of Nissan owners it could add up for you. You can decide if it is worth it.
Rex E. Riester

How disappointed I am in Nissan Motor Company for being behind such a law suit. Glad to say that I just sold my 90 Sentra and made the decision to but a VW this go around. I considered purchasing another Nissan prior to learning of their antics.
Nissan Motor Company has lost my business.
Jill E. Norris

Just because Nissan Motor Company is larger than the computer one, doesn't mean that they can just take our rights away. We need to work to stop the power of the big companys, because the bigger they are, the harder they will fall. If they think they can get away with this, and they do, there will be a great price to pay for them. They will regret they ever thought about this.
Keith Srang

A family should be able to register their own family name!

This does not appear to be a case of 'squatting' so I support Nissan Computer Corp. in their efforts to defend the domain of as their own.  Had Nissan Motor been quicker to the punch instead of sitting in the back row for so many years, they would have had the name first.  If Nissan Computer Corp. did not actually exist or show significant revenues I may side with Nissan Motor Corp.  Seems some confusion could be eliminated by using as it's just as accurate a name for Nissan Computer Corp and Nissan Motor could use  Just a thought...

I believe is unethical of Nissan Motors (a supposedly responsible corporation)to take Nissan Computer to court over a internet domain name when N. Computer is a legitimate business and has been using the domain name for some time.  I can see why Nissan motor wants the name and if it really wants the domain name it should be buying it from Nissan Computer just like real estate.  If Nissan Motors wants the domain name but Nissan Computers is already using it, it should be up to NC if it wants to relinquish it and NC should realise a financial gain.
This case does not sound like NC has set up the domain name merely to make a profit by selling it to N Motors.
Yours sincerely
Kieran Scott

I object to large companies blackmailing smaller companies whether it be by work pressures or pressures regarding names.
Hugh robertson

Just a note to let you know that many of us are apparently aware of your attempt to steal a name from another who used it first. Why don't you try to buy it from the man? Why don't you modify your email address & website using some high paid imagination?
Doug Barnes

For the fact that Nissan Motor must have been in existance before Nissan computer,it does not gaurantee them, the right to sue Nissan computer,and knowing that the twosome differ in business, one in Automobile and the other in e- commerce  should be enough evidence for the two businesses to operate peacefully without witch hunting each other, Also two people have the right to answer Mike , it is either they differ with their last names or their middle names. wish you success in pursuit of this rightful course.
Charles Ewelike

A large corporate entity such as Nissan Motor Co. should have had the forethought to register the name first.  Since they didn't, they now petulantly bring suit against a person who has just as much right to register a domain name as anybody else does, perhaps more, since it is a family name in long standing.  You bring dishonor on your corporation by continuing this suit.  Better you should act with more foresight in the future, rather than bullying a smaller company that was faster off the mark than you.

I think that Nissan is being ridiculous by attempting to take the name to court. They are just mad that people are going to the website and not finding their cars on the site. I think if Nissan were not cheap and offer a good deal to buy the website, all of this could have been prevented. It is their fault that they did not register the website before the computer company did. Like they say, you slow you blow.
Alex Mercado

This is the most absurb lawsuit I have heard in a long time.  Just because these large corporations just happen to have a name that has grown to be well known around the world, they think they can just push the little people around? Like someone who just happens to have the same name, that has been in existence for years and years before the corporation was even thought of???  This is ridiculous.  What happened to "first come, first serve"?  Too bad if Nissan Motor didn't get on the internet bandwagon in time to grab the names first.  They are just angry b/c this "little guy" won't sell it to them.  Boo hoo. Get over it Nissan, your business isn't going to die without the website.  And hey, if you're really nice to Nissan Computer and pay them a little something, maybe they would be kind enough to put a link to your website on his site......
Remember common courtesies people!!!!
Kristi Hutchinson

If what this website says is true, I wholeheartedly support this movement. This lawsuit does not stand anywhere.
Amit Jairath

Global Corporations bullying around smaller companies because they were not on-the-ball enough to register a domain name is not fair!  I wish NCC the best in their legal battle!  And kudos on your 'grassroots' campaign! Glad to help!
Paul Shuman

To whom it may concern,
I just wanted to express my support to Nissan Computer. I am sorry that they got the name you wanted before you but this is how it work on the internet. It is not a matter of who as the more money that should win. The internet is a place where every body should be treated equaly and by doing this law suit, you are turnishing your image. I hope you understand my point and please forget about that lawsuit, you are hurting yourself more than anything.
Martin Fournier

Nissan Motor vs nissan computer:
I just read the email about the lawsuit against nissan computer and have to wonder why file a lawsuit and seek the domain that has been established since 1994 & 96 ? When a website is established,used and kept update there is no basis for action. If the site was not used and had no "real" purpose ,I could agree with the decision to file claim for it.  Has anyone talked to the individual who owns the site and asked for a link to be placed?  How about sites named after your car's? ...come on - be realistic and stop pushing your weight around. The negative publicity you will receive is not worth it.
stefan kopas

It is ludicrous that Nissan Motor would think they have more right to use Nissan than a person bearing that name?  Its a classic example of the big corporation taking advantage of the little guy.  How much more advantage could you take than to attempt to deprive this man of the use of his own name.  He went through proper channels to register domain name.  I don't see why Nissan Motor should be awarded use.
Nina Vukic

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