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As an ex employee of a Nissan dealership for over 8 years and currently an owner of Nissan products, I simply want to state, does the words "FRIVILOUS LAWSUITS" have any meaning to you ???
Mr. Uzi Nissan was born into this world as a "Nissan", who are you to impede his business and file a lawsuit because of his ancestral and rightful name ???
Because of me, my family and many friends are current owners of Nissan products, but, that will soon change if this lawsuit prevails.
Adrian C. Flores

To whom it may concern,
If nissan motor company would like to hijack the domain name then I will take it upon myself to not buy a nissan car. First come first serve. The nissan computer company had the name first. They are the owners.

Nissan Computer is the rightful owner of the domain names and .net.  Nissan Motors is immorally trying to take what belongs to Uzi Nissan.
For this reason I will never buy one of their cars.
Brian Wheeler

I have been a Nissan car owner for years, and have considered strongly purchasing another Nissan brand car, but I cannot condone such business practices.  I will not buy another Nissan car.
Alex Bixler

To whom it may concern:
I am writing in to show my concern for the small busineses.  It is wrong for Nissan Motor to try and show it's "muscle" by sueing Nissan Computer for trademark infringment.  Mr. Nissan has "owned" his name for a whole lot longer than Nissan Motor has been in existence.  In my opinion, domain names, are on a first come, first serve basis.  It is too bad that Nissan Motor was not smart enough to realize the power the internet would have.  I currently own a Nissan Altima, but I have been in the market for a new car.
I had planned on getting another Nissan, but after hearing about this law suit, I think there are a lot of other manufacturers who deserve my business a lot more.  I hope Nissan Motor realizes the mistake they are making by pursueing this issue. 
Sincerely yours,
Eric Freeze

what a bunch of crap!  I could see Nissan Motors POTENTIALLY having some grounds for a lawsuit if the Computer Corp tried to SELL them the domain name and was set up exclusively for the purpose of selling Nissan.Com or Nissan.Net to Nissan Motors.  If this case goes to trial it will be a sad day for democracy.  For those of you thinking of buying a Nissan, I reccomend checking out a Hyundai (no I'm not a salesman or Stockholder nor do I own Hyundai.Com).  I test drove one last weekend and was very pleasently surprised.  Show those greedy Japanese what we're made of by boytcotting them and buying Korean.  Besides, Japan, unlike Germany, never made any reparations to the countries who their army raped and plundered in Asia during WWII, so you are all morally obligated to buy other Asian products at the expense of the Japanese to lessen the disparity that was created by our lack of foreign policy in post-wat Asia in exchange for the Japanese surrender.
Uncle Sam

Hi there, I believe you should let this guy in peace, his only crime is to born with the nissan last name, and that was not his choice, I believe that he has the right to buy a domain name using his last name, by example, ford was from henry ford, now tell me, from whom should nissan shall be?  get the point?
He made the move first than you did, leave him alone.
Edgar Sosa

Shame on you Nissan!!!
L. Pilat

To whom it may concern,
I am, and have been, an avid fan of Nissan cars/trucks. I myself own a 1988 Nissan pickup and I cannot say enough good things about this automobile and, in the past, I have owned a 260Z, when the company was Datsun; however, I think that this lawsuit is highly ridiculous and I, would think, beneath the Nissan Motor company. This is just a domain name and users can be redirected, if necessary. The Jewish month that has had this name is obviously a historical fact and that this man's name is just a spinoff of this. Listen, I think Nissan is successful enough than to pick on the "little guys". I really do think that this whole situation can be reconciled, seeing as this man was not properly notified as to the lawsuit. Thanks for your time and patience.
Michael Weinstock

Get a grip, he got it first and has a right to it because of the family name and company name.
Gregg Cercy

I believe Nissan Computer should not have to give up #1 Nissan is the last name of the President of Nissan Computer #2 Nissan Computer got the website first,and Nissan Motor was too slow...Nissan motor should just quit complaining and use or, Nissan computer has Every right to use unless they choose motor is just jealous\envious because  they didn't come up with it first. My Support goes for Nissan Computer all the way :o)

I strongly disapprove of the above lawsuit.  In my opinion Nissan Computer has the legitimate claim to the domain name.
Miss M. Ford

It really sucks that Nissan is doing that.  I'm in Mexico and I was deciding between a nissan and a VW  now I have made my mind, thanks!  VW will be.

Internet is of the people.  Please let it to the people.
Francesco Salzano

Nissan Motor had opprtunities to but snoozed.  Nissan computer realized the importance of a web presence years ago.  This is totaly bogus. Nissan Motors should Either back off or make offer.
Jim Bianchi

I can hardly believe that a company of such stature would stoop to such a low level !!. Why do you see fit to go after a small business that has as much, if not more right to use the Nissan name ?. I feel sick at the thought that this can go on. If you do continue this immoral action then you will lead the way for others to do the same. Are you proud of this ?. I truly hope not.
Naveed Qateel

I feel angry that they are taking you to court in order to take the name that you have been using for many many years.  If they win, then there is no justice on the Internet.
Alim Ozcan

It seams that You have right - You were first on line.
Ela Lugin

I think domain registering should be totally legal and should remain on first come first serve basis.
Juliano Carmelo

The lawsuit is bunk, if he used the domain name first it is his. I hope Uzi Nissan wins. There should be a law stating that domain names are first come, first serve.
Lindsey Greene

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