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I went to Peachtree Nissan today in Atlanta GA to buy a car, but after looking at a web site for computer supplies I saw an over seas car company was trying to bully a small American business man and I was shocked. No-sir not me or any one in my company or any body who does business with us will be in the market for a Nissan now.  Our company has 6 infinitis now and we will not be renewing our leases. One of our sister companies has 1 infiniti and its lease is up this month and we will also turn it in. Good luck with your pushing people around tactics you will soon see that Americans will not put up with it.
Anthony Weaver

Fight the good fight Uzi.
How dare Nissan Motor Company be so bold as to think they own all forms of the name "Nissan"!! I too stumbled across your site in search of a new car and was immediately aware of your redirect address ( to the Nissan Motor Company. I then went back to your site out of curiosity and read of your plight. I will not support the Nissan automobile company when it acts in this fashion. They have lost my vehicle purchase this time and they will lose any future purchases IF they win this lawsuit. Again, I WILL NOT support this type of corporate bullying. Get a clue Nissan Motor Company.....END THIS and leave a legitimate company alone. Feel free to post whatever information you like. By the way, I am buying a FORD.... ;o)
Don and Linda Page

It is absolutely outrageous that Nissan Motor Co. can sue you for using "" when you registered it first and it is your surname. Nissan motor is a huge multinational with deep pockets that can endure years of litigation. A million dollars in legal bills is nothing for this company. Yet, you, I am sure, must incur a comparable amount to defend yourself. It makes me sick to my stomach.  I found your site because I was interested in taking a look at Nissan's new Altima. Forget it. After learning this, I will never drive a Nissan. I urge you to seek massive punitive damages for all of the grief and trouble that you and your family are enduring in defense of this injustice.  Your punitive damages should, at least, be around 300,000,000 USD. God be with you.
Harry D. Willard

Leave Mr. Nissan's domain name alone! I was considering buying a Nissan Frontier and although I landed here first, I had no trouble finding your web site. I'm sure you have plenty of creative folks who can come up with a different, identifiable .com name to market.
T. J.

I am appalled that a major corporation would dare to challenge the use of a person's legal name as the name of his company.  It is a shameful abuse of our legal system and an unfair burden on Nissan Computer who must defend this innocent and rightful use of the Nissan name.  Based on previous ownership of a Datsun some years ago, I would have considered a Nissan vehicle for my next new car.  This is no longer an option.
Marlene Denenberg

I'm from Sweden, exactly this thing happen in Sweden a couple of years ago when a bigger company sued some person to get the domain name, it didn't work, so I want to say 2 things:
1. Nissan will fail in court
2. Their cars really sucks
Thank you
Peder Berglund

To whom it may concern:
I have a similar situation with a domain name which I registered and am now being pursued by a large company demanding my relinquishing rights to this specific URL.  According to U.S. patent and trademark law, as long as there is no infringement on a similar type of business, or dilution, there is no real case.  You don't appear to be cybersquatting, a serious issue as well. I suspect they basically assert because of their size and significant marketing of their name, they deserve the rights to your domain name. Nissan Motors no doubt has an in-house legal department and nearly limitless resources to attack you, the defendant, a small enterprise.  Intimidation no doubt plays into this as well considering the real life David & Goliath situation.  I hope this has been brought to the attention of the media. Considering  they, Nissan Motors are annually losing market share, perhaps a win somewhere, such as this, is simply an effort to boost moral or to compensate for their marketing department dropping the ball regarding the internet during its infancy.  In the current American society of money can buy you anything, I wish you, Mr. Nissan, the best of luck.  Perhaps a countersuit is in order based on several points outlined.
Sincerest regards,
Bryan Hoffman

I would like to express my solidarity with Mr. Nissan and support him and his family in their struggle against Nissan Motor. It is hard to fight a mega company especially when they sue you over a basic right to have and use your own name.  I send my support to Mr. Nissan in his fight for his right.
Shlomi Elimelech

If the claims Mr. Nissan makes are in fact as he states them, and as a Nissan Motor Company client, I feel that Nissan Motor Company needs to either satisfy Mr. Nissan's interests in the use of the name or "get over it". Obviously, my personal  concerns are of little issue to the lawyer. But then, I'm only a customer.. why should I matter?
Paula Thornton

To little, to late.  Nissan is a name just like any other.  You can try to buy him out, but if he wont budge, to bad.  First come, first serve.
Easton Harvey

If Nissan Computer registered the name first, they're the owner of the name. If Nissan Motor wants the domain name, they will have to either purchase the name from Nissan Computer or wait for Nissan Computer to miss a domain name renewal.  Any sort of legal action to steal Mr. Nissan's name makes me sick.
Jeremy S.

I own a Nissan 300zx, and have owned a 200sx in the past.  I am very happy with my Nissan and with Nissan in general. I like the car company a lot.  I am also a network administrator and work a lot with the internet and computers in general, and I feel that anyone who registers a domain first should be allowed to keep it.  The fact that is owned by a man NAMED Nissan should make it even more convincingly his, but that is still irrelevant. He was first. Talk to Columbus.
John-Paul Townsend

I say keep up the fight.  It's not as if you were squatting on the site... It's your family name.  If the take it from you, it will signal the downfall of our rights as Americans.
Jonathan S.

You snooze, you lose.  This guy was here first.  Maybe you should change your name back to Datsun.
Andrew Logan

Hey, I drive a Nissan (as of now), and They are really good cars, but if you were here first, then its your right to the domain name, Keep fighting Nissan!
Kyle Walter

Although I am a passionate fan of Nissan's cars, in particular the models that they never bring to America (Skyline, Silvia), I would have to say that to sue someone for beating them to the punch is absurd. I am reminded of a case in which a local band was sued by Warner Brothers over their name. The band was called Riddle Me This...Warner Brothers claimed that they had a copyright on the phrase. (One wonders if that means that we must all pay WB royalties anytime we use that phrase in conversation...)   To the best of my knowledge, that suit was thrown out, as most likely this one will be...Weather the storm and don't give up.
Chris Willis

I think you have all the right to that name. As a Multimedia artist, Nissan Motors should have registered that Domain name a long time ago.  As the saying goes You snooze you loose! Too bad Nissan.
Walter Nietmann

Dear Nissan Motor Co,
Sounds like you're company was a little slow on the curve ball on the internet game.  And as I'm sure your lawyers have let you know, just because your company's name is "Nissan" does that entitle you to that web site's name.  However, if the Nissan Computer CHOOSES to sell you the site that is their prerogative.
Good luck Nissan Computer.
D. Foster

To Mr. Nissan:
I have been following your case, I live in the Dominican Republic and I think that Nissan Motor should live you alone and let you go on with your business in peace. I hope that this situation will be solved in the very best way possible. I believe that the two parties should sit in the negotiations table and settle this matter once and for all. I think that a company must not use power to crush hard working people like yourself. I know that your page is not damaging Nissan car sales or disrupting any process or whatever.  I hope that you win this one, because you did what was right, you contacted them and let them know about your intentions and the focus of your computer business.  Everybody has the right to use their family heritage such as name, emblem or recipe if that is the case. I believe that in the bottom of everything, Nissan Motor will flexibilize their position towards your webpage. God Bless and keep on fighting because: "Faith is the security of wating and the living proof to the things we cannot see". I heard that 9 years ago in church  when the priest talked after reading that bible's passage.  I've been a fighter too, and if you have faith God will provide, not in our time but when he decides is the right time form him to let things happen for you. Keep on and never ever give up.
Eng. Kelvin Alberto Peņa Raymond

I am a grandson of Mes'uda Chitaiat, married to Avraham Nissan, of Baghdad, Iraq. My brother Albert and sister Amira live locally not far from me... Most likely we are related.   Anyway, I hereby support you in your claim to use the name Nissan.  You should prevail. You will...
Joseph Shochat

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