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I've owned a Nissan Sentra and currently own a Nissan Pathfinder.
Never again Nissan. Your actions are irreprehensible.
Darren Jukes

Your behaviour in this dispute will not go unnoticed. Concerned Internet users make up a large part of the demographic that is able to purchase your cars. Companies that disregard the rights of the online community will have consequences. I will not purchase anything from your company, and will advise others to do the same, unless you refrain from this legal action against Mr. Nissan.
Shawn Boughey

Nissan is the mans name and you can not take it away.  And to think i was going buy a 4 door truck from them.  Oh well a love lost.
Francis C. Arnesen

Stop this.   It is wrong.   I will never consider buying a Nissan vehicle.
Chris Hope

To whom it may concern:
I have just become aware of the petty lawsuit you have started against Nissan Computer Co. 
I am in the market for a new vehicle, and WILL NOT be buying a Nissan from you because of your acts.
Please end this lawsuit NOW!!
Jon Linville

I think it is in very poor taste that the Nissan Motor Company is pursuing this frivolous lawsuit.  Although I happened upon this site while looking for the car manufacturers web site it didn't hamper my search in the least bit.  In fact, after reading the article written by Nissan Computer Corp about their dealings with Nissan Motor I may reconsider purchasing a car from them.
Chris Bloom

I cannot beleive that the courts would even bother to see this case.  In previous cases of domain name squatters trying to make money from a domain name they really didn't have a legitimate claim to own, the courts determined that the name could be taken away after looking at the evidence.  In my opinion, your evidence presented on your web site is more than enough to send Nissan Motors looking for another domain name.  The fact that the names of their key automobiles are the domain of someone else is more than ample proof that they cannot lay claim to your domain name.
Fight this one all the way.
Abed R. Laracuente

Having used the Hebrew calendar for 40 years I feel it is presumptuous for the automaker to claim any rights to this name.
Mark Rotlewicz

Another case of David Vs. Goliath.  We don't see the problem here.
F & J Kelly

I don't think that there is a problem for Uzi Nissan using his name for his company name nor for the domain name. Since it is his last name I don't think it's wrong. There's a lot of people who use their last name for the company and for their domain name as well. I think that this case should be discalled like nothing ever happened.
David Han

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to express my dissapointment in your company in trying to bully another company out of a name that you have no claim to, I expect more from your company, being a Nissan owner, and I expect you to back down from this action at once.
Cindy Joseph

Nissan is the blokes name so he is entitled to it.  Why doesn't the Nissan car corp spend its money in more useful ways than law suits and pay a good web designer to think up a better domain name...
Meegan M.

I'm a big Nissan fan and I also drive a nissan but what  they are doing is a joke.........  F**k Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear the two of your can't settle this in a more simple fashion.  If I had to guess, I would say Nissan Motor is a larger, more powerful company that has more to gain by having the rights to (and therefore, more to lose by not having the domain name compared to Nissan Computer).  It is clear Nissan Computer has the rights to the domain name.  Therefore, if Nissan Motor wants the rights, they should be willing to buy the rights to the domain name (if Nissan Computer would be willing to sell).  What is the domain name worth?  I would say $1 million would be a good place to start.
Now, as far as Nissan Motor sueing Nissan Computer for the rights to the name and/or domain name, I think that sucks! 
The rights to the domain name belong to Nissan Computer.  If Nissan Motor would like the rights, let them buy them like anyone else who wants something.
Good Luck,
Kelly Olauson

It is complete bullshit that Nissan motor corp. would even bother with someone who's obviously not out to affiliate him/herself with the car company. Is this not the United States of America? Where is the justice in big corporation sueing the entrepeneuer over something as trite as a name? Especially when it's been a family moniker for ages. This is an outrage....

I demand a stop to , "Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. This is not right and I am writing my congressmen/women.
Jason Pike

Surely there is a young budding attorney out there that wants to get his feet wet with a big class action law suit against nissan corp.
J. Hughes

You guys have no rights to a name that can be somebody's last name. The name Nissan is not exclusive!
David Grimmel

I do not believe the larger corp. Nissan has the right to "bully" you into changing the way you have been doing business.  I for one hope that you continue to thrive as and I know that those looking for the motor co. can surely in this day and age find it.  Good Luck.
Lisa Ramos

The court should order Nissan Motors to leave poor man alone. I can not imagine someone to stop from answering or using my last or family name. After all, Nissan Motor just started answering Nissan few years ago.
Eugene Elendu

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