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The people and your coustomers resent you will give you no money and we will mobilize to boycott your product. We will not buy you things and turn you Q4 and Q1 into a stock dropping nightmear. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT TO YOU. What ever you sow you will reap this is not mocked just waite and see.
Jhonny Quest

I offer full support to this company, I think your bulling tactics are a discrace!.  Nissan motors obviously has future fears about the state of its company...this is how the company is handling those be continued.
A reason for us all NOT to buy Nissan Motors.
Sarah King

Until we as individuals stand up for our selves and say that a wrong committed against one is a  wrong committed against all, then our society will not advance as a race, so I say to Nissan Motor Corp. that you need to look at how your corporate humanity is managed. and its cause and effect. I will not buy Nissan Motor Products until this is righted.
Marshan Sam

If Nissan Motors is allowed to get away with this, then each and every small business on the Internet might as well shut down for their success would signal that literally anyone can be targeted.  This is so utterly unAmerican it is pathetic. First come, first serve. If Nissan motors had been on top of things they would have gotten to those domain names first. Mr. Nissan did not purchase these names to capitolize on the auto maufacturers' success.
I am in the market for a new car even as I write this and can assure you that Nissan is completely stricken from my list!
Jim Wilson

I believe in 'First come, first served'.  The best way I can think of to fight bullies like Nissan Motors is to not buy there products.  So, in support of what is in my mind a clear injustice done to Mr. Nissan, I will NEVER buy a product from any corporation that behaves in this manner.  Most of my friends are computer professionals and might also be persuaded to change their spending habits after seeing what is going on here.  My suggestion to Nissan Motors is get over it and try registering '' or next time come to the party early instead of whining when someone beats you to it. 
If Nissan Motors has a reasonable argument, I would love to hear it.
Whit Pitcher - Systems Analyst

From what I have read, this gentleman has more right to the name than a corporation.  I will certainly let all my friends know about this ridiculous lawsuit.  Nissan Motor should be penalized for filing a frivolous lawsuit.
Martha Flick

Please drop the lawsuit against Nissan Computers.
I don't know if Nissan Motors will prevail in the courtroom, but it will surely lose this case in the court of public opinion. Which is more important: acquiring this domain name, or preserving the good name of your company?
Matthew J. Fisher

Leave the little guys alone. Without them you will have no customers.
D. Hekkala

This is to say that I am in opposition to this flagrant display and I, will be in support of Nissan Computer. My sense is that if the corporations were on the ball in support of the market of the internet in the first place, it would have avoided this entire mess of people having to pay out of their own resources to develop a public domain and I resent the fact that the work of thousands of programmers, who invented and utilized things like shareware etc. should be allowed to continue their quest for democracy online. We will not tolerate the abuses of multi-national corporations on our economy, environment, or our lives. It is with displeasure that I say this because the good intentions of our parents who worked hard in the past, to provide us with this democracy, is being scuttled by those in position of power. Rather than provide new opportunities, these brain Locked industrial age thinkers, seem to feel exempt from public scrutiny, but beware you leaders of the dark, there is a major change in the air, and if you are not able to join in the Spirit of Change, if you refuse to acknowledge what you cannot hope to overcome, your rewards will be unfruitful. It is time for you to reconsider your positions and begin by a Spirit of co-operation rather than continue to pursue this predatory approach. Do not cloud the truth with semantics. Your acts will produce a fruit that will be bitter and your actions will cause problems for generations to come. It is no wonder, the state of our world today.
Dennis Morrison

Give  that guy a break !!
He came in first and got registered , you should have thought of it before.  Just concentrate on making your cars better , don't get involve in cases like this one and prove that you are immature.

I ask you to stop this ridiculous lawsuit against Nissan Computer Comp.  Don't you have better things to do with your time than bankrupt small businesses, like concentrate on the quality of the cars you sell?
Alison Eley

Do not give up Mr. Nissan. If Nissan Motors have not taken the necessary precautions to protect their brand name, then they can have it. They could always buy back the domain from you. Make it expensive. Will you.
Good luck.

It is obvious that Mr. Nissan in NC was using the name NISSAN in trade long before the Nissan Motors in Japan was used in the United States.  Unfortunately, Nissan Motors can probable bankrupt Nissan Computers just with legal fees.  Nissan Motors should have to pay all of Nissan Computers plus substantial damages to Nissan Computers.  GOOD LUCK, Nissan Computers.
Ellis Grimes

When will the madness end?  If i start a company simply called 'com', can i sue the owner of  can i then proceed to sue every owner of a .com domain?  The legal issues surrounding domain names are absolutely ludicrous.  Back before the courts gave corporation legal rights over domain names, individuals were buying domain names and selling them at high cost to corporations... in the interest of 'protecting' a company's trademarks, all they have accomplished is horrific amounts of money and time spent on lawsuits and managed to waste valuable time of the smaller companies the big-wigs are taking advantage of.  Legalities aside, if you buy a domain name, you get to keep it.  if you were forward thinking enough to grab one you knew someone would want - smart thinking...congratulations.  Concerning the legalities of this situation, Nissan is a family name - point enough to own it.  Nissan has also been several company names, who is to decide who gets to own it?  first come, first serve - point two. 
In addition to all that, if nissan motors somehow has an explicit right to own, who will stop them when they decide they have the explicit right to be the only company by the name of 'nissan'?  Some golf company owns  should i sue?  maybe i should be the only pete scott that is allowed to have that domain name...
Really, i think all i am trying to say is that Nissan Motors, for all their money and success...needs to grow up.
Pete Scott

If anyone has a right to a domain name, it is you.  From your description, your situation is a far away from a "cyper-sitter" as is possible.  This seems to be simply the case of "first come, first served."  I hope that you will be able to prevail upon Nissan Corp. that you are intitled to that name.  Have they offered a monetary compensation for the use of your rightfully obtained domain name?  It's yours to do with it what you want!
Bob Amis

I think Nissan should make an offer you can refuse.  I own a Nissan Altima and it saved my life so I would never say anything negative about the manufacturer however you should not have to deal with this foolishness!
Jennifer Patton

The lawsuit is absolutely ridiculous.  Nissan Computer Corp. registered their domain names fair and take those away in this manner is no different from common larceny.  Let's hope the courts see it this way, as Nissan Motor Co. is way in the wrong.
Nate Dunn

Nissan is the name of the month in Jewish calendar (see Torah). The God called this month Nissan.  Why wouldn't you take the God in to the court.
Leonid Makhnovskiy

I feel for baby Nissan, and I too believe that Nissan motor co. is abusing it's power. This is America where eveyone should have equal chances to prosper. It is immoral of them to have no reguard for baby Nissan and his family. But this is not just about Nissan vs. Nissan, this is bigger than that. If this happens once, it will happen again, which it already has. There are constantly powerfull company's trying to push smaller companies around in order that they, don't interfere with profit. i.e. Microsoft does it all the time. I am so glad that there are organizations here to stand up for the little guys.

Well, I enterely dissagree with Nissan Motor Corp. And I wonder what were Nissan Motor Corp. doing back in 1994 without their company domain registered. That means that a SMALL bussiness was haead of them in technology. Or were they waiting for the Y2K problem to be solved in order to register their domain name??  They waited too much to get the domain, and if some body else already have it is just because Nissan Motor Corp. wanted like that (Don't be lazy guys!!).
Jairo Luna

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