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To Nissan Motors,
I think the action that you are taking against Nissan Computer Company is :
a) Selfish.  Nissan Computer were there first.
b) Ignorant.  You don't own the word "Nissan".  Nobody owns words, fools.
c) Fascistic.  You have more money than Nissan Computer( and less intelligence), they cannot afford the best lawyers.
d) Unfair.  You show little respect for the democratic principles of fairness, respect, and justice.  And you show no respect for other human beings.
Because of your actions against Nissan Computer, I will do everything within my power to make sure as many people as possible know about your actions.
I will also refrain from buying any Nissan Motors product in the future, nor buy any product from any company owned by, wholly or in part, or affiliated with, wholly or in part, Nissan Motors.
Yours disappointingly,
John Drake

Never had a Nssan car and never will.
I am a small business owner (started two years) and happened to me also. My domain is being used in UK by some one for their email. I am getting all kinds of junk mail addressed to them at my email address. I don't know how to stop it.
Dhyaneshwar B. Chawan

I wish to add my name to the growing list of people protesting this matter. Mr Nissan has every right to use the name he was born with to advertise his business. Big corporations have lost sight of the fact that they are only where they are now because of the little people buying their product, and if enough people stop buying their product as a protest against their wrongful actions they could well find themselves out of business.

Give the little guy a break, drop the lawsuit.  I will never buy a Nissan vehicle unless I hear you dropped the case.

Dear Sir/Madam
There are a number of car manifactures in the country where I live. This means I have a choice as to what make of car I buy. While you continue with this silly action I will not even entertain the thought of purchasing one of your vehicles
Derek Rae

Stop your shameful behavior. Be assured you will have to pay for your arrogance. You will feel it in your sales and taste it in the courts.
Enrique Velazquez

There is ample precident concerning this sort of thing(ie- Dash detergent and Dash dog food). Computers and imported cars do not compete. What's the problem?
N. A. Schwab

If this is in fact this gentleman's name and has been his family's name for countless generations, then what right does nissan motor company have to tell him he was wrong to name his bussiness after himself. This is nothing more than a case of someone who has money attempting to make more by steping on someone who does not have as much....
Lindsey P. Napier

This message is in reponse to an email I recived regarding this case.  I think Mr. Nissan should be allowed to keep his domain name. This is just another example of big busines taking advantage of small companies.  I'm quite sure Nissan Motors could think of another name if they had to.  I hope the e-mail helps you in your cause.
Derrick Utsey

Even though I own a "Nissan XE" pickup, I have never gotten used to calling it a nissan, I still refer to their company as Datsun. This reminds me of the time I went to Sears to try to but a VCR and the salesman said that they wouldn't be available there as they were a passing fad. Perhaps Nissan had the same idea that the internet "Wouldn't last!"
Bob Lannon

YEah, I agree.  Just because a large company might be more well known, doesn't mean that a forawrd thinking small-company, long-since established with the same name (for legitimate reason, such as name of owner) can't get priority domain-name registration!  If the big company has a problem, they should have thought quicker - they can maybe buy it, or else launch a site with a different name (damn, if all problems were this easy...)
D. Verrelli

I just want to express my opinion that the internet is first come first serve.  If Nissan Computer registered the name on the net first...tough luck for Nissan motor.  Sorry. :)
David Fischer

Really, really. You missed out, and now like the controlling bastards you are can't accept it. I too lost my .com domain name  - to someone who is genuibely using it. The difference is I am adult enough to accept it and have sttle for the
Ian Brodrick

To the Nissan Motor Company: you would do better in the eyes of the public if you would accept the reality - Mr. Nissan beat you to it. Deal with it! Hopefully this will be a public relations NIGHTMARE for Nissan Motors. This is the only way to prevent such bullying behavior.
Fred Goodman

This is outrageous! Nissan Motor Company and such other big bullies should be prosecuted by law, for attempting to hijack the domain names of small business owners.
BOOOOOO to Nissan Motors!
Neo Josh

I am in full agreement that the Nissan Computer Company should keep the .com or .net names.  Just it is what I call first come first serve.  I understand that Nissan Motor would like to own this name too, however, Maybe Nissan Motor would consider using or .net there is always a way to solve problems without court.  Take the time and sit some of those highly paid executives down and come up with a creative name that would serve the Nissan Motor company name.

Please cease your lawsuit against Mr. Nissan.  If he has registered this legally and prior to yourself, then he has a RIGHT to it.  Your lawsuit is very unethical and immature.  I believe you should seek alternative options instead of using bully tactics.
Bruce O'Leary

To whom it may concern,
Why do you think you have a right to these internet site.  Why can't big companies recognize little people.  We are all people.  Nissan the car company is not more important to Mr. Nissan.  Find your own web site!
Jill Regan

My belief is that Nissan Computers should be allowed to use the name they've registered.  If you have two companies with then same company name then it seems to me that company size or public recognition should play no part in deciding who gets the domain name but rather first come first serve.  If Nissan Motor Comp. wants to hang somebody for their lack of foresight let them take it up with their marketing people.  Hey Datsun changed there name once, they can do it again.
Darrin Bartell

I detest your infringment on this family's right to this domain name. Your company has no right to it. If you continue to seek this name I will be very unhappy and will seek to translate that feeling into actions to fight your company globally in every arena posssible.
Mike Busija

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