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This grave injustice by a major corporation on a small business is something that I or my family or my circle of friends will NOT overlook. In the least none in my family or those in the circle of people I can influence will ever buy a Nissan product again.  And I was seriously considering buying a Nissan car.  Not anymore!
Joseph Cherian

I will not buy a Nissan car until this is resolved in your favor.  They will get some very bad publicity for this.  I plan to help.
Good luck
Cheryl O'Looney

I will never, ever consider buying a Nissan car unless this case of corporate bullying stops.  Shame on you, Nissan Motor! You can't always have EVERYTHING your way.
Chris Hunter

I think it's deplorable to pursue this company for the domain name they legitimately registered.  Either through need or foresight, Nissan Computer got there first...Nissan Motor had the same opportunity.  To attempt to appropriate the name now is unethical and reflects badly on your company.  Either buy the name from him (probably cheaper than litigation and the inevitable brand damage you incur through this action) or leave him alone.
Should you pursue this, I personally will never purchase another Nissan product.
Dan Downey

What came first Nissan or the name?  Obviously Nissan Motor Co., is trying to make up for years of terrible financial performance and a general decline in the real value of their products.  However, this type of behaviour won't help their efforts to get back in the black.
Why would anyone now buy a Nissan?  Really?
Rob Iusso

The first entity to legally acquire a domain name should be the legal owner until he sells it or it expires.
Mark Hart

If Nissan is his name than why the hell are you suing him!  Man and I was going to buy a nissan... Shalom by the way I'm from Egypt.

Simply..."Whats not yours you can't steal!"  Leave business' who got there first alone and just be more creative and find a better website address to market.

Its a shame, Nissan Motors your too late. Do you not think the bad publicity will affect sales. Multinationals can not get away with law suits like this! I hope you lose and lose bad!
Jonathan Morris

I am amazed that this case is actually being allowd to go through the courts.  Nissan Motor Company does not own the rights to the the word NISSAN, they only have protection under trademark and copyright laws to protect them against  those attempting to pass themselves off as Nissan Motor Company.  I am sure they will not succeed in this action and I hope they are properly "punished" by the courts and car buying consumers.
C. W.

I think that is wrong, Nissan (The motor company) has no right to take your website simply because they were behind the times, and didn't register before you. I think that if they want a website name then they should get one like everyone else in the world and not overtake one because they are greedy and want YOURS!.
Josh A. Vincent - Webmaster

The name of Mr. Nissan is Nissan so he has to use The Name of Nissan Motors is Nissan Motors so they have to use etc.... That's logical
This is a very ridiculous fight...
Philippe Suty

I think that this is disgusting.  this is a classical example of a hugh company trying to swallow up another.  Nissan did not have a hold on this domain name and it is being used legitmatly by Mr. Nissan for his computer company.  Why can not Nissan use their brains and use a url such as Nissan motor cars. or something to that effect.  Or even is it not a japanese company?  Personally I think that Nissan car company should drop the law suit and seek a compromise.  Maybe Mr. Nissan will be willing to put a link to direct people to the car site.
Mr. Nissan, I wish you all the best and hope that common sence prevails.
Frank Lillywhite

Every thing you gain by doing others wrong, will NOT be a blessing to you, but will destroy what you all ready have that is good.
Verona Helen Wang

I've just visited  I found the site was not Nissan Motors, as I had assumed might be the case.  However, I immediately saw a note at the top of the page indicating that Nissan Motors is at  What disturbs me is Nissan Motors' decision to sue the rightful holder of the domain.  I would suggest to Nissan Motors that they take the position of compensating the current holder for the privledge of using that domain.  Perhaps they could 'rent' a portion of the main page, putting an ad and a link there.  This reminds me to an extent of what Nike did to get their corporate aircraft identification numbers.  Someone already had "NIKE" and similar ("NIKE1", etc) registration numbers (which are required to be prominently displayed), so Nike bought the number from them. 
Surely a fraction of the money Nissan Motors spends on advertising could convince Nissan Computer to relinquish the domain name.  Perhaps they would realize no loss in revenue from switching to or similar.  In conclusion, I support Nissan Computer's right to the domain, and am disturbed by Nissan Motors' fight to take it. 
My knowledge of Nissan Motors' practices in this matter will undoubtedly impact my current search for a new automobile.
Dan Leinbach - Software Engineer, Nortel Networks

Nissan Computer definitely is in the right here. It's a valid company that has a valid business, and has registered a domain name to conduct business online. Not only that, but the domain name was registered before the internet was as big as it is today, with every Joe Schmoe registering a domain name for no apparent reason. Nor has Nissan Computer registered many domains with catchy names for the sole purpose of reselling them, which has been widely criticized.
In the spirit of first come, first serve, Nissan Computer was first to ask for, and seeing as that's the name of the company, Nissan Computer should own Nissan Motor had, before was registered, an equal right to buy the domain, since it also is a valid business which has a valid use for the domain. But Nissan Computer registered the name first.

Why tie up our already overburned court system with another unneccessary lawsuit. Nissan Motor is a great car company, obviously built upon solid values or the success you enjoy today wouldn't exist. Give the little guy a break and negotiate a mutual agreement. Suggestions: share the domain name with links to each company. Change your domain names to Nissanmotor & Nissancomputer, acquire domain names through different countries. This is a no win situation for both of you. The character of both your companies will suffer. Nissan Motor will look like a bully and Nissan computer will look like a baby. Good Luck.
Robert Gardiner

It is ridiculous that a huge corporation such as Nissan Motor feels the need to exert their power through such childish and needles ways.  A name is a name, other names can be made up but it takes a little thought, be creative.  I feel that the people of this world take action way too quickly, and seriously.  To sue for a name, where do we live, people? are we still human? what is it worth to those involved?  This whole thing is pointless, hurtful, and cruel, the representatives of Nissan Motor should feel ashamed for being so power hungry and not respecting other people, and buisinesses.  Thank you for your time,
Brenna M. Leveille

I find it difficult to comprehend that any one person or company should have the right to go after another person or company for mainly having the same name. If I am called John, should I be allowed to cliam this name to be of my own?
Leo Ali

I found your story to be very interesting.  I wish you well going against a major corporate giant like the Nissan Motor Corporation.
LeRon Morris

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