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You should not try to strong arm a small company.  It is not as if he registered the names to force Nissan Motors into having to purchase the rights from him.  His last name is Nissan and his company's name is Nissan.  Nissan Motors can simply use the domain name  Do not blame Uzi Nissan because Nissan Motors was late getting on the internet.
You have my personal promise that until I hear of this matter being resolved favorably I will boycott Nissan Motors.  I was even thinking about purchasing a Nissan Maxima or an Infinity I30.  I guess I will simply have to look at an alternative manufacturer.
Jeremy Helbing

Nissan Motor Company
The Japanese nation has been dishonored by your agregious and illegal suit to take over the Nissan Computer Company's domain name.  It smacks of total idiocy, really.  It is no longer a company I can trust.
I am ashamed of the fact that I owned a Nissan - it won't happen again.
Frances Lee

Shame on you, Nissan Motor Corp! You're trying to use your financial clout to get your way, just like a spoiled child! Where is your vaunted Oriental honor? I suppose I should stop using my given name because it "dilutes" the name of "Smokin' Joe" Frazier, who I am not. Shanme on you, Nissan Motor Corp., for trying to beat someone into submission!
You can be sure that I'l never buy a Nissan Motor product again!
You Go! Nissan Computer. Keep fighting the good fight!
Joe Frazier

Mr. Nissan, I hope you countersue Nissan Motors for using your family name for their cars.  Nissan management, I now understand why Honda and Toyota are selling so many more cars than you are.  You have shown extremely poor judgement and absolutely idiotic understanding of business practices and the law by trying to bully this man. I hope you get what you have coming to you and that the court dismisses your frivolous lawsuit.  You are acting in bad faith and I hope you pay the price.
I will do my share by spreading the word to all my friends and never buying an automobile manufactured or sold by your company.
Olga Holmberg

It makes me sick to think that because your a big multinational company you think that you have overall power on the name...your wrong...last week i test drove a Nissan Micra, if you think im going to buy this now than your very much mistaken...If you wanted the name you should have bought it first.......your not the only NISSAN in the world you know........Build a Bridge and get over it!!
Nathan Moore

I honestly don't see the point in what you are doing...  Sure, most people would assume that these domain names would belong to you, and it might be reasonable to cordially request that a link to your site be placed there to eliminate confusion, but i don't think you have any right to confiscate these domains.  More to the point than whether this is right or just is that it doesn't make good business sense. 
By using such bullying tactics you are only stirring up resentment in a fairly large community of internet users who are firm believers in the net remaining a place where all are equal, regardless of the size of their companies or how many lawers they can afford.  It is very likely that a good number of these people will take this into very strong concideration when deciding whether to deal with your company in the future, which will result in you losing far more money than you would make due to being possesion of these domains.
May we have everlasting peace on the net, leave it be.
Kim Reece

Lets put a copy rite on all words. Beatles wrote a song "Tax Man" that said "walk to far he'll tax your feet. Why not copy write my name and fine anyone who Cook's without a licence.
Jim Cooke

Domain names should be public property. No one has the right to scarf up the names simply out of greed. If a small time business wants to use a certain name there should be reason why they cannnot. The must be laws to protect David from  Goliath from greed! That is all.
John Palatucci

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I hope that you do win this lawsuit because it would be a just victory.  I would definitely countersue Nissan Motors for the defensive/court costs as you have done nothing wrong.  Even if NMC contends that you "extorted" money from them, I do not think that in the heat of the moment saying the 15 million figure is considered extortion.  I could even interpret that as a fair figure for something you want to keep and it would compensate the inconvenience of changing your domain name. 
I hope that you do get the results you deserve.
Jason Pao

I totally agree!  It is one thing to have a copyright or a trade mark on a certain item or service but to take legal actions against a man for using his last name is beyond my belief.  I don't really think the biblical history theory you present in your e-mail will hold any water, but hey it's worth a try.  I wish Mr. Nissan the best of luck,
Joshua Freens

If I were you I would file a counter law suite for five million dollars for emotional distress and trauma for both the financial and emotional stress they are putting you and your family through. Also contact the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20580. ( telephone # (877)382-4357.  The FTC enters Internet complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure database available to hundred of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide.
Nissan can not take your domain name or prevent ot threaten to prevent you from earning an income.  This is probably illegal in most states in the U.S.  Also contact your local Congresman and seek his/her assistance.
Good luck!
Chip Heaney

That is so friggin retarded there name is Nissan not so how is it a copyright enfridgement? Two different idea's same name was not illegal last i checked
Mike Felske

Leave Nissan Computer Corp. ALONE, for Pete's sake! He didn't STEAL your name!!!!!
Leslie Stewart

Whatever happened to "first come, first served"???  It's bad enought that the internet is NOT free!  Now we have to deal w/ the big corporations' intrusions!
Darla Diggs

Tell the big corporations to back off. Because they have a name doesn't disqualify people from using it. Why are they not attempting to prosecute every person that has the family name "Nissan"?
I hope the computer company wins this one.
Fraser Dodge

Dear Mr. Nissan;
Good luck in your fight against Nissan Motors... I support you case 100%!
Dawnell Claessen

I think it's completely unfair that multimillion dollar coroporations could be allowed to drag a legitimate business who purchased the domain name honestly and without any unethical intent  through court to keep what is rightfully theirs.
Apparently the courts of our country are becoming less a place for the comman man to ensure fair treatment and more a means for the wealthy and powerful  to throw their weight around and buldoze over the rights of the little guy.
Nicole Spehar

If this case is true, Nissan Motors is definitely at fault for this. I believe Nissan Comp Corp has nothing to worry abt as the Internet is a Land of Freedom. U bought it, u own it and no one else should be able to take it from you.
As for Nissan Motors, go find another pot of honey to dip your dirty corporate fingers in. Enough of these dishonest Japanese car makers... how much is that new Mini model again?
Internet For The People.... I like that.
Norman N.

I believe it is time to think over your lawsuit and remember what happened in the past to people who tried to screw over the American people. Be glad you are able to do business here and if you have extra money to throw away in lawsuits spend it on your own peoples welfare.... Greed is a Demon,stupidity is a child of that Demon.
Charles Beaudry

This appears to be an open and shut case of timing.  It appears Mr. Nissan registered the domain first and uses it for a legitimate buisness.  Nissan Motors should drop the suit or expect consumers like myself to speak very loudly with our wallets (Remember the backlash Firestone is now experiencing).  DROP THE SUIT NISSAN MOTORS!
D. Sanderlin

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