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Having lived all over the United States I have many friends and if these tactics of Nissan Motor Co. are the way they do business then they can't be trusted and I will do all I can to spread the word to not fund Nissan Motor Co. in any way by purchasing any of their products. Flexing of power over the little guy who is in the right is a cowardly act and shows the style of the BULLY. Anyone who obtains a domain legally for the sole purpose of business and not holding it for profit will always have me standing beside them in their fight. Nissan Motor Company I'm sure can afford to buy their own internet and do with it as they please so Nissan Motor Co., business is give and take between humans. Nissan Computer Corporation is the rightful owner of their domain and I hope this act of cowardice by Nissan Motor Company comes back at them 100 fold! Furthermore Nissan Motor Company, if you like to bully and try to take what rightfully isn't yours then maybe you could get a thrill telling little children that there isn't any Santa Claus and take the Christmas belief away from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grant Ripley

Well ain't that no surprise. No sooner does the "little Guy" make a name for himself the "BIG BOYS" want part of it too!!Anyone would think Nissan Motors haven't got enough money already.How bout you guy's get off your high horses and "CHILL" man!!
By the way, myself and those in my entire family have decided to trade our cars in today!!
Josie Stevens

I happen to be in the market for a new car.  I have a great respect for Nissan products.
However, I will not buy any Nissan Motor products as long as you harass a small company with a legitamate claim to the Nissan name via their family history.  You are being greedy and hostile.  True, the site is worth some money to you, but or would work well for you as well.  You are just abusing the legal system and not respecting a small busnissperson like myself.
I hope you reconsider and drop your lawsuit, at which time I will become a potential Nissan customer again.
Leigh Goldstein

The Nissan I presently drive will be the last one.  The same applies to my wife's, as well as my daughter, unless I hear that Nissan have halted legal action.
Lennart Gaia

I unfortunatly pruchased a Nissan Frontier ~ 18mos ago after doing extensive research on the internet.  I didn't come upon the Nissan Computer Company once during several weeks of compact pick-up shopping/comparison on the internet.  This is the first time 10/30/00 I've even heard of this suit.  I wish I had typed in I'd be driving a Toyota Tacoma.  Fight the good fight Mr. Nissan.  Nissan Motor Company has lost millions in sales already and if they persist they will just continue to lose millions more.  I wonder who the brainiac was who started this whole mess and if he/she is still a Nissan Motor Company employee?
B. Peters

Unfortunately the small fish always get eaten by the big ones unless they become poisons. Try to become poison as much as you can. Start a campaing to boycott any Nissan products. Don't trust the courts. The sided with the big ones.
Just for you info: in Sydney Australia a woman name something Armani had a hair dressing salon registered with her name. The big Armani emporium took her to court and she was forced to change the name her business.
Don't give up. Keep fighting.
Joe Franco

This matter should have never gone to court. The first judge that heard it should have thrown it out. In my opinion this is just another example of how our legal system is failing us. Why, because Nissan Motor Company has enough money to hire fancy lawyers, are they allowed to manipulate the system this way. Nissan Computer Corp bought their domain first and fairly, and on the internet, in most cases, it is a first come first serve business. Unless the company can prove that Nissan Computer Company was using the domain to in some way infringe upon Nissan Car Company then it should have no right to take Nissan computer company to court. He bought the domain for use for a totally unrelated business. Besides all this how can Nissan claim rights to a name they have not always used for their business. Am I the only person that remembers that Nissan was once called Datsun???? In my opinion this case should not only be thrown out of court, but Nissan Car Company should have to pay for all the costs that Nissan Computer Company has incurred!!!!
S. Wood

Stop trying to run small business into the ground. You are ruining your corporate image.
Peter Boynton

They shouldn't be coming after you with a law suite, you should be going after them.  Nissan has been your last name from the time you were born to this date, and that I'm sure that Nissan motors did not come out with that name first.  They can not strip you of your own name, that isn't right.
Pojcib HawjLy

Our freedom is only as real as our resolution to fight for it.  I can and have networked the message to over ten thousand who I hope will pass it on as well.  Money is not everything, and no one owns a word.   But some people will tell themselves anything if it brings a profit.  I have often thought that the fatal flaw of corporations is their inablility to see beyond the dollar sign.
I think that people are not too far from being wretchedly sickened by the truth of this, and that it will begin to show soon.  There is no quality of a man, a business, or anything in nature greater than love of fellow man, and the ability to give without care of reciprocation.
Michael Richardson

I think you are using your large financial resources to take something you are not entitled too.  You might like to have it, that does not make it yours.
Marke Johnston

I think if you have the money to fight the car company, you will prevail due to the longevity of having owned the name.  I had a friend in a small midwestern town who owned a petshop for many years named Pets Supply Plus.  Then the major retail chain came along Pet Supplies Plus, and sued her to change it (even though it was not identical!).  She did so, simply because she didn't have the will or money to fight them.  I felt really bad for her, but she didn't seem to thik it was that big of a deal and changed her name to Pets & Supplies.  Not quite the same thing as a long standing family name.  Do they also want you to change your birth certificate and re-write your family tree?
Best wishes.
Jaime Lyn-Garner

I cannot understand how the case Nissan Motors are putting forward to the courts against the Nissan Computer Corp. is deemed logical.  It is simply a case of "first come, first serve".  The Nissan Motor Company should simply buy a new domain name, such as "".
E. Wright

There is room for both companies. In a case like this it should be a first come first serve basis. It's the only fair thing here in this situation.
Kelly Schwartz

I think that big coorperations doing things like this is a infringment on our rights as americans.  If you were there first, iguess they should have been a little bit faster to beat you to it.  But hey I guess that is why I am in the us army infantry and not a lawyer.
SPC. Jose Chapa

I am looking to buy a Nissan in a few weeks. I know that they are great cars. These people whoever they are, should stop this harasment torwards you and understand that you are using your own legal name. You have the right to do so. I understand how this can affect the company, and I wish I could do more to help.
Domenic Licata

I find the tactics of Nissan to be that of a sore loser who was too slow to win its leg of the race known as e-commerce.  Some companies were intuitive enough to jump in feet first.  Nissan should accept the fact that it missed its opportunity and cannot hold a monopoly on a name.  I mean, how would it look if Bill Gates decided he didn't want anyone else to have his name and drove everyone to the ground with bogus lawsuits because he could afford to?  Come on now, I think Nissan has bigger issues to deal with, like making better cars.  Keep your eyes on the road, Nissan, because Honda and Toyota will leave you even further behind in the dust left by their superior cars.
Hubert Kang

Please keep me informed of the results of this lawsuit. I am very concerned with issues like this. This is an obvious case of a corporation trying to push the little companies around.
Paul Jones

"Reverse Domain Name Hijacking" is bullshit. Cease this craziness now!!

Dear Mr. Nissan:  It seems to me that you have a strong case against the motor company since you can prove prior use of the name. You should sue them for the right to the name which is worth billions.  You should find a lawyer who will work on a percentage.  DONT SETTLE - MAKE THEM PAY!
Bernie Latt

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