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I've purchase two vehicles from Nissan.  They can now count on me not ever buying another.  It's Nissan's fault for not being on the ball enough to register it first.
If you don't care about Mr. Nissan, you certainly don't care about me.I'm gonna go get a Tahoe.
J. Griffin

TO NISSAN MOTORS:  As an owner of a small business, I think your actions are appalling.  If this is the way you're going to run your business, I refuse to purchase any of your products and this e-mail will be forwarded to all in my address book.
Annette Godfrey

Simply ridiculous.  Can one lay claim to a family name? Who will be the next to sue? Smith Books? I believe that Nissan, in all its wisdom, did not reserve these URLs and are now trying to correct this huge lack of foresight.  Just because one is well-known does not mean that the other has to give up its rights.  I'm a fourth year university student. I will be buying a car in a year's time and although I would probably not have bought a Nissan, it's a definite scratch off my list now.
Remi Sabourin

I feel your lawsuit against Mr. Nissan is rediculous. Its his own name, and he can trace it back generations.  If you absolutely MUST have Nissan as your own web address, what is wrong with using something like This leaves a bad taste in my mouth and does not encourage me to buy another one of your cars.
Christy Cook

Why can't you just think up your own domain name?  You're losing serious reputation points on the web over this.
No Nissan's for me, thanks.  I'd like a car from a nice company.
Josh Fitz

To whom it may concern
I have just heard about your ludicrous, immoral, and in most countries (I do not know about the USA) ILLEGAL actions against somebody who happens to have the same name as your business (although I feel that your use of the name NISSAN is quite recent.
Let me WARN you that if you persist in this attitude serious consequences may occur for your company's prospects within the European Single Market and I feel you would be well advised to publicly desist from your wrongful action.
Yours etc.
Stephen Sherlock

If Nissin Computer is actually a true on-going entity and was not created to capitalize on the fortunate coincidence of Mr. N's name being the same as that of a rich multinational manufacturer, I would agree that Nissin Motors is the hijacker,
But, what are the actual facts?
Robert G. Stift

It is obvious that Nissan Motor was not thinking of the future when they were late in the game of registering the name  I admit that the way I came about this site, which I am sure most people came about this site, was that I was looking for info on Nissan cars.  I am sad to see that they(cars) didn't attempt to finacially settle this matter with Nissan Computer.  I am sure that there was a mutually agreeable price that could have come about that would have cost a lot less money than the legal action being taken currently.  Bottom line is, as soon as the web was taking hold and domain names were being registered, Nissan Motors should have immediately bought the rights, but as it is now, I think they are just trying to bully themselves around instead of admitting that they made a big goof.  I live in Raleigh by the way, so "You go local boy..GO!"

I am very concerned about the case: Nissan Motors vs. Nissan Computers.  It's hard starting a small business in a world of Big Business Giants. A name, is just that "a name."  Not ONE Person, Business, or Corporation should have MORE rights to it than another Person, Business or Corporation.  Domain names are getting more scarce everyday.  People, Businesses, Corporations, that got on the bandwagon first get the best names.  I strongly believe that Nissan Computer Company DESERVES FULL RIGHTS to the name:  And whatever action Nissan Motor Company takes against them is morally wrong.
Bernie J. Dufrene

I hope NCC wins! Succes from the Netherlands!
M. Knoop

In the matters of domain names, I believe that Nissan Motor has the right to purchase the domain from you... But, I do not believe that they have the right to sue you for the name.  It has, and always will be (should be, anyway) first come first serve.  I do believe that entities should be allowed to sue one another for domain name rights, however, in cases of things like "Tiger Woods vs." owner (I don't remember the exact story) ... but that was a horrible case of domain name squatters.  Why can't Nissan Motor Co. just pay for the domain name, like they would a piece of property?  Would someone sue them for a free car if it cost them money to build it?  Amazing how big business thinks they are above it all...
Kevin Ferlin

This is out of hand. It should rightfully be first come first serve on the internet. If you got it first, I don't care what name it is, it belongs to you. Poor Nissan. Haven't they ever heard of being creative? Why not pick a new domain name that suits them, just at well. If anything Nissan Computers should be able to sue Nissan motors for harrassment in this matter. And that goes to anyone that tries these crybaby tactics.
Dave Odland

In regards to the lawsuit  for ownership of  Why is nissan motors fighting with Nissan Computers?  Why doesn't Nissan Motors use another name or perhaps offer to purchase this one?  What is the basis for Nissan Motors law suit if both businesses are legitimately called Nissan?
Jamie Lemoine

Your cause is completely justified.  A lawsuit like this is unwarranted and is another example of the corporate take-over of America.  Good luck with the case.

If they want it that bad then let them pay you what it is worth for you to sell it to them.
D. Benner

Prevent this domain name hijacking. Let the Nissan Computer company keep it's duly registered and legal right to it's domain name.
Michael Puffer

I was named after my grandfather, Primo Antonio Giusti.  He was born in 1880 and named so as he was the 1st of two twins, Primo and Segundo, in Luca Italy.  I now own the domain name:, as my name is "Primo" and "Web Design" is what I do.  I would fight to my last breath to protect that domain name against corporate oligarchy (Gerry Spence - From Freedom to Slavery: The rebirth of Tyranny in America, 1993 - 1995, Gerry Spence).  My name is my own, and no corporate "entity" has a greater right to it than I... not even if trademarked, as you cannot own my name!  Perhaps "Mr. Nissan" should contact Gerry Spence!?  Nissan Motor Company can register: or .net, leave this little company alone!!  There's room for us all in the world. Oh, what about INTERNIC's domain name dispute resolution... do they not have jurisdiction in this matter??
Primo A. Giusti

The big coporate a-holes always try to elminate any business with similiar names.  They have no right what so ever to filed a lawsuit against Nissan Computer since the name Nissan is a legimate name that has been in the family for generations. Nissan Computer Should be the company that files the lawsuit!  Nissan Motors are the a-holes for that and their car sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugh Bang

Why can't you guys register instead? Leave the little guys alone please. Nissan computers wasn't cybersquatting or anything. They are legitimate. BTW the Nissan Skyline is totally awesome.
Eric Yap

I wish to support your actions to stop excessive litagation over similiar business names. It always seems to favor the big corporations.
Jeanne Harris

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