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TO Nissan Motor Corp. aka DATSUN,  I am a former (operative word) owner of one of your vehicles known as a DATSUN 280Z 2+2.  I was planning on continuing my successful long-term relationship with your company, but in all good conscience, I cannot.  Fortunately for me, there many more fine vehicles out on the market to choose from.  Some are even American made.  I think I'll keep my money at home from now on.  Now I know where some of your profits bully a small business owner so YOU can STEAL HIS NAME.
Steven Plante

I am agree to boycot campaign.
Franklin Nanuwasa

Nissan Motors needs to simply give the guy a good offer instead of being intimidating.  He had the idea first and should reap the reward.
Anyway, as a result of this, I think I wouldnn't buy a Nissan auto just out of disgust with them.
Doug Jackson

It has come to my attention that you are taking legal action against Nissan Computer Corp. in an attempt to gain the right to their registered domain names.
I would like Nissan Motors from whom I have purchased every new vehicle I have ever owned to understand that I find your attempt to use the court system to bankrupt this small bussiness by dragging it through the courts to be appauling!!!
If Nissan Motors gains the right to those domain names through any means other than ethical bussiness practice, Niether they nor any of their affiliate companies will ever see another one of my dollars.
David Prats

I don't think it's right that you want to take over the name NISSAN just because you make cars with this name. The name Nissan Motor is distinguishable from Nissan Computer and with common law throughout the 50 states it's a legal business name for any corporation. Maybe it was a mistake to own 2 cars made by "Nissan". Let's buy American again... and keep your hands off the name.

I am disgusted by your attempt to wrest the name from a company that pretty clearly has the ethical right to use it.  It is a despicable act, and I intend to do everything I can to make sure everyone I know hears of your actions and acts accordingly.
Roy S. Rapoport

It's an abuse of power by mammoth sized corporations. Quite plainly it is your own fault if you didn't register the name first.   The prinicpal of first come first serve, is an extremely democratic one and considering the USA prides itself on it's democratic justice, by making these bogus law suits you make a mockery of your system and prove that it is a farse.
A. Huntrods

How dare you tell a man not to his last for his own company.  If he was born with the name then let  him do what ever he pleases with it. If you don't like the idea, then you can go ahead and change your company name.
Biola Ohiokpehai

I think it's disgusting that these large companies think they automatically have the right to domain names.  Good luck with your case as these muppets at Nissan deserve to be taken down a peg or ten.
Nigel Stevenson

In my opinion, this is really childish.  Just because they use the name NISSAN, I mean do they think they own the name??  For instance, I am in danger of a lawsuit because my last name is WILSON??  It is ridiculous.  Nissan Motor Company is probably a multi-billion dollar company.  What would they have to worry about.  They should be more creative and original and stop trying to take away someone's right to use their own name.
Betina Wilson

NOTE:  Nothing in this email should be construed as legal advice or the grant of personal jurisdiction to any location.
Trademark dilution requires that some nexus for similarity in the use of the mark.  Did Uzi use the Nissan name with a logo that would make an ordinary person think the website was affiliated with Nissan Motor Co.? 
Presuming the answer is no, Nissan has a tought fight ahead.  I am also presuming that Nissan Computer wasa  viable business.  Especially where the name is a family name, Nissan Motor Co. has a tough case ahead of it.  Possible Rule 11 sanctions for a frivolous lawsuit against Nissan and its attorneys. 
Take Nissan Motor Co. to court, request a jury trial; they tend to favor "the little guy."

Just because a corporation or person has a lot of money does not make them automatically right.  What we are seeing in the Nissan case is finanical abuse and this must stop!  It's about whats right and wrong not' how much money you have.
Frank S.

Grow up and find a different URL.
David Evans

Concerning NISSAN.COM & NISSAN.COM, Get real and stop bullying this little guy.  You make cars of something don't you?  You make me sick.
Everett G. Neal

My dad and I, too, have a famous last name and have registered, which is my father's name, just like the Declaration of Independance guy. We also registered JohnHancock.St(reet). Will John Hancock Insurance come after me even though they already have the com, net and org? Nissan's should be concerned. Some employee was probably urging registrations years ago and management didn't listen. Too bad. In my objective opinion you should be able to retain all intellectual properties you currently own. What will they want next, for you to change your last name to Smith?
Dwayne Hancock

If you buy a house, can someone else claim that the house belong to him?  Nope... It's the same thing with domains.. The one who bought the domain owns it and No-one can do anything about it if he doesn't want to sell!
David Jonsson

TO whom it may concern,
It is totally ridiclious that the Nissan Motor Corp. is suing a man whose's last name is Nissan, runs a computer company with the smae name, and apparently registered the domain name Nissan prior to the motor company attempting to do so.  If Mr. Nissan was the first one to register the domain, he should rightfully be able to keep it.  It would be against the Constitution and the laws of the United States to take the domain name from him!   If they want it so bad, then they should make him an offer that he can't refuse.  Say, 10 million.  I'd let them have it for that.  Big companies do not control the economy or government in the United States.  It is the small businesses and people who determine who well our country does.  I hope that the judges in this case will remember that.
David A. Perino

I'm so tired of big corporations that feel it necessary to put small business out. They are greedy and unkind. Everyone has the right to make a living.
Dawn Haynes

Businesses are getting global and should realize that other businesses in other countries may already be using their name or trademarks.  This does not mean that one should litigate such use unless in contravention of a trademark already registered in such countries.
Ash Goyal

I am sorry there is nothing more that I can do than email this letter.  I feel strongly against what Nissan Automotive is doing to you all, and will forward the story on.  If there is any other way that I can help, please let me know.
Jason Wooldridge

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