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Thank you for addressing this issue.
I make it a habit to boycott any company that abuses the ICANN process to steal a name from it's rightful owner (J.Crew is a good example).
I hope that I don't have to add Nissan Motor Company to the list.
David Crain

You are doing substantial harm to your corporate name by pursuing "destroyer" lawsuits such as this.  Family currently owns two Nissan vehicles - a 1990 Maxima (soon to be replaced) and a 1998 Frontier - and you should know that "antisocial" activities such as this seriously disturb me and will have some effect on my future selection of automobile purchases.
Bob Rouault

The behaviour of your company is typical of the bullying nature of large corporations. The only power consumers have is in their buying choice.
I will never buy a Nissan Motor product and will do my best to persuade everyone I know to do the same.
Bob Smith-Vaughan

I think your lawsuit is ungodly. Mr. Nissan had the domain name first and it is a very legitimate one. I would never buy one of your cars, now.
Hugh Ellis

As a computer technician I've been involved with both domain name stealing and hijacking, all done by major corporations.  Your sick quest to crush the little guy because you're a pathetic multinational corporation is sad because in the end it's you who loses.  Maybe you should considering getting your old executives out of their chairs and taking advantage of new technologies as they present themselves for marketing, not going "Oops we missed the punch so we'll go crush someone else to feel better".
And I can guarantee I'll definately not even consider purchasing a Nissan now, or any products manufactured by your parent corporation OR subsidiaries.
Justin Cooke

Domain name squatting plus blackmail are methods that unscrupulous individuals used again large corporate sites which are well publicized.  This is just the opposite of that!  In no way I support any unethical like such!  Shame on big bully Nissan

It is sad to see that a large corporation such as Nissan Motors didn't plan their resources properly and now they are tying to make you pay for it.  Under most circumstances I have seen many "Web Squaters" register websites for names that they have no affiliation with, but in your case I'm fully with you.  My last name is MacVay.  I own a company called MacVay Technical Consulting.  If there were some Corporation out there that wanted me to cease using my name for my domain I would tell them to pound sand.
I have no doubt that you will win this case.
Cheers and Good-luck!
R. Troy MacVay

I do not agree with Nissan Motors thinking they have a right to a name that is already registered by another company.  Domain names are first come, first serve.  Get in line, buddy!

I am the owner of quite a few domain names and have had problems in the past with others attempting to take names I needed in order to hold me hostage by forcing me to pay a higher price for the names. It was not apreciated and I was foced to work around them. I believe that Nissan computers have every right to the name they registered. They did not do it to get anything from it but the business they themselves have worked for. I feel that Nissan Motor company had a great oversite by not getting into the internet market to start with. That is just too bad. Hindsight is 20/20. Many of us have learned that the hard way, and had to live with it.
K. Quigley

I dont think a personal name can belong to anyone but the person whos name it is and if that person decides to use it in business then that is his/her birthright as long as it does not conflict letter for letter with another eg Nissan Computer is not someware i would go to look for a car and vise versa
Mark Sawyer

I believe Nissan Motor should NOT be allowed to "Steal" a man's given name. He had the foresight to register his name and it was allowed years ago what right does Nissan Motor have to it?
Frank Roberge

Once again, money talks and the little guy walks.  But, of course, in my UNBIASED opinion, scrap the entire idiotic lawsuit and open a domain name called "Nissan" .  Does it take a layman to show you overthinkers the way?

Should you prevail here,you bought the judge.
Charles Stannard

Nissan Computers got the web address first, so why couldn't Nissan Cars just accept it and get a different web site? Just because they're bigger doesn't mean they can have the control- it's an absolute disgrace. Never liked Japanese cars anyway.
Bob Severn

The MAN'S name is his honour, his history, his family.  Let him keep the rights that are his rightfully!  It would be nice if you gave him a brand new car for some of the troubles. I am a former Datsun owner.
Kori Organ

Isn't this like those people and businesses building around airport locations and later suing the airport authority for noise pollution?  The litigation process will take a lot of time and cost much money.  Why can't Nissan Car Corp come up with another site, i.e., "NISSANMOTOR.COM" or "NISSANCAR.COM".
Steve Ancheta

What you're doing is wrong.  It's a pitty I can't use impropper language to express my feelings.
Lelahni Potigeter

I was appaled to learn of Nissan Motor's domain "hijacking" of Nissan Computer. Although you share the same name, your status as a larger corporation does not give you the right to invade another entity's already established web identity. Obviously, Nissan Motor did not have enough technological foresight to purchase "" the ethical way before another company could do so. Nissan Computer has just as much right to that domain ownership as Nissan Motor, and it happened to buy the domain first. I am sure that Nissan Motor was once a smaller corporation with fewer bigshot lawyers and would have not appreciated a deep-pocket company making it go bankrupt.
Please reconsider your role in this lawsuit. Bullying Nissan Computer into giving up the domain name is no way to conduct business. Please show some respect to your fellow Nissan as a distinct business entity.
E. North

You aren't allowed to do what you're doing nissan car makers, you know it's wrong.
Scott Stegman

I believe that the first person or company to register a domain name is the only person who should have that domain name.  It doesn't matter if the person is acting as an individual or if it is a "deep pocket corporation". 
It is my opinion that Mr. Nissan has a right to own and use the domain names he has legally registered regardless of the size of his company.
Carol Ann M. LeRoy - Albany, NY

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