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I feel to make Boycott to Nissan.
Grade Braken

Dear Nissan Motors,
I recently recieved an e-mail about a lawsuit you filed against Nissan computer. let me expalin something to you; Lawsuits don't work as well as you might think. They waist money. They tie up the already overwhelmed courts. But the biggest reason why they're not as effective as you might have been told is that THEY CAN BE BAD FOR BUSINESS. Especially when they are against a smaller company than yours. Our culture has a thing for rooting for the underdog and you're not it. While I can understand you reasoning for doing so, in this day and age the courts are willing to examine who really has the right to a name. I can see how this family in North Carolina can win this case. I remeber a 60-minute episode where in Scotland a family with the same last name as the world famous hamburger chain had a good shot a winning, I don't know if they did but they had the name before Ray Kroc did. Think about that.
Meanwhile this is another piece of amunition I need to never buy one of those overpriced sardine cans. My Pontiac 6000 is as every bit as good as anything Nissan Motors can produce.
yours Sincerely
Clare Wells

So, you are trying to steal another one's domain name that happens to be his last name? Shame on you, Nissan Motor. I own a Nissan, but I'll make sure to not considering a Nissan car anymore. I don't do business with robbers.

You are wrong in trying to stop a Family name from being used in there business.  We all can tell the difference between a car and a computer company.
If you follow this through, I will never buy a Nissan automobile again. I now own a Sentra. It is a good car, but it is up to you if it will be my last one.
John Martin

I find your lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp. frivolous and without merit. The person who started the above company's last name is Nissan and he is using the domain name legitimately; he isn't a cybersquatter.
I am in the market for a new car, but I will not consider purchasing a Nissan because of Nissan Motors behavior in this situation.
John Blackman

Oh dear.
I am a computer programmer and webmaster of the up and coming UK motoring site - believe me, Datsun motors will get the attention they want, I will make sure of it.  It is sickening to see big coperations fighting everyone who they see has stood on their toes. should remain in the hands of who ever owns it not who has the best solicitors.
Steven Matthews

That someone choose to use his or her name on their web site should in no way be fodder for the lawyers who like to sue for any reason.  If a person can prove that his or her name is the same as that of a motor corporation - just because the corporation has big bucks behind them is not an acceptable reason for a lawsuit.  I hope Mr. Nissan whips nissan motors and gains a large settlement for harassment while he's at it.  It's time to stand up to the hot shot lawyers.
Lisa vidikan

I think you have the rights to use your surname for your business.  I also noticed you have put a link to Nissan Motor Company on your homepage, that should be enough.
By the way, I enjoyed your story.
Jing Li

10 Write email to Nissan telling them how stupid they are.
20 Don't buy a Nissan
30 Call Nissan and bitch at them
40 Goto 10

Looks like Mr. Nissan is right and Nissan Motor Co is wrong. I COULD see requesting a disclaimer from Mr. Nissan that he is not affiliated with Nissan Motors.
John Davis

To Whom it may concern
I am unimpressed that you would sue someone for having the same name as your corporation. Moreover, I am less impressed with the fact that you did not realize the potential of the internet when Mr Uzi Nissan did. So, in my opinion you should graciously drop your lawsuit since your suit is based on your own mistake of not securing your internet domain when you had the chance. It is not like you Didn't have the $70 !!
Anyway, in summary, please pick on someone your own size. This is because people WHO DRIVE CARS are watching. Generally, people don't like buying cars from tyrants.  ...Just a suggestion... govern yourselves accordingly.
Evan Miller

I do not see any grounds for a lawsuit as the names are not the same, that is, one is Nissan Motors and the other is Nissan Computer. So, what is the problem? No one has a monopoly on a last name!!!!!!
J. Porto

It is so clear that this domain name belongs to and is rightfully owned by Nissan Computer Corporation, and should be owned by Nissan Comp. Corp.  They were obviously the first ones to register the name, and do anything with it.  Simply because a giant company like Nissan Motor was not quick enough to register a domain name, does not mean they should be able to bully others around at a later date.  If Nissan Motor wins this suit it will be further proof that the "American" system is built for, by, and with giant corporations in mind. What a shame it would be!!

I believe Mr. Nissan could have foreseen this suit. After all, Nissan Motor Corporation has been around since long before Uzi Nissan or Nissan Computers were ever heard of. He might even have counted on the recognition and name confusion, else why not choose domain names more specifically identifying such as NISSANCOMPUTERS.COM?  So he should stop whining and take responsibility for his own decisions (since there's too little of that these days).
However, that said, I hope Mr. Nissan wins the right to use the domain names he registered because I believe in the first-come first-served principle and because he does have a legitimate right to use of the name.
Just my $0.02.
Snidely Whiplash

Leave Nissan Alone. Do not Bully..
Nirmal S. Arri

Legal Counsel for Nissan too late and also, their IT department...too bad for them...tell them you snooze, you looze!  Offer to sell them your domain name...for a healthy price and retire early. Good luck!
Mary Perry

If a company registered a domain name to late, its was a lack of insight in the future power of the internet. It should be a shame, if a company could correct its failure by ignoring this fact and stealing something with the aid of "big money", which is not theirs.
Hugo Sandman

I think it is atrocious that Nissan Motor Corp. should take legal action against Nissan Computer for use of a domain name that is legally owned by Nissan Computer.

This is an example of a terminilogical monopoly. The right of Nissan Computers to use a vacant domain should be inalienable. Only when Mr. Nissan attempts to sell overpriced plastic automobiles to image-hungry consumers should a problem ever arise.
Will Churchill

It's rather convenient that all big business have their own domain names.  Almost too easy, you have to wonder where else this has happened!  Nissan Motors, find a different name, money & lawyers can't buy or solve all of your problems.  What a weak lawsuit.. your suit will be thrown or laughed out of the courtroom.  Find something better to do, like building better, safer vehicles!

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