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While it is understandable that you would not want another car maker using the name Nissan it is ridiculous suing a computer company that is using the last name of its owner.  Perhaps Israel should sue you for using the name of a Hebrew month!
Stacy Davis

Get a life, Nissan Motor Corp.  It's obvious this isn't a case of squatting. Mr. Nissan is fully entitled to use his name on his own web site.
Maybe a boycott of Nissan products is in order.
Bill Swan

Nissan motor corp is clearly wrong. It would be different if Uzi Nissan was selling CARS and tried to use the Nissan name to his benefit.  However-he sells computers--and has a legitimate use of the word Nissan because it is his last name. I think Nissan motors is shameless--a bully--wrong--and just maybe a little upset with themselves that they LACKED the foresight to register the name. I HOPE Nissan MOTORS LOSES---and I will NOT buy a Nissan vehicle. I am currently shopping for a new vehicle but it will NOT be a Nissan because I believe Nissan has clearly demonstrated a TOTAL LACK if integrity and TOTAL DISRESPECT for capitalism, ingenuity--and the working man. My company is incorporated in the state of Florida--and I HAD the foresight to register my name. THE fact that Nissan motors had a total lack of foresight--is THEIR problem. The fact that Nissan motors is getting much bad publicity is THEIR problem as well!!  This look like the modern day version of David vs. Goliath. Guess who I wanna see win>>>????  I want to se the one that is MORALLY RIGHT WIN--and it ISN'T Nissan motors!!!!
John Lee Thedford Sr.

It is shame what you are doing against Nissan Computer, Corporation. The most obvious reason, I think, is that you are trying to instigate anti-Semitic motions in America and throughout the world.  Unless you immediately call off your dogs, I and my friends will boycott your products.
Alexei Akimov

I was looking to buy a Nissan Pathfinder this month.  However, upon stumbling onto this, I am having second thoughts.  Shame on Nissan Motor Co. I will write this up in a press release for the AP, if Nissan does not back off from this shameful and embarrassing lawsuit, OR offer a buyout option. And yes, I am in a supreme position to do so.

I read in the paper that the reason for this dispute is the so-called-similar logos of Nissan Computer Corporation and Nissan Motor Co.. I tried to find similarity in the logos, I found none. The reality is that Uzi Nissan managed to register before Nissan Motor Co. did, and legally, the domain is Uzi's. There was no trademark violation since Uzi did not change his name to Nissan and Nissan Motor Co. (in my opinion) is just using it's force to take control over the domain since they didn't manage to buy it legally!
Itamar Ostricher - Israel

I think that Nissan Motor is wasting everybody's time and money with this ridiculous lawsuit. Mr. Nissan's business in no way  competes with Nissan Motor. Is a person's birthright no longer respected?
Robert L. Haan

I only know one side of the story; but I have read about several similar cases.  I have found myself in agreement with the courts every time. In this case it seems the owner of and has a solid case and will prevail, since it does not appear to be cybersquating.  The problem is pure greed on either one side or the other.  It would have been better for both sides to sit down together and negotiate a more reasonable solution, perhaps where the owner of provides a link to the car manufactures correct site on the homepage.  From what I have read so far, I hope that not only does get to remain with it's current owner, but he gets fully re-imbrued for all legal fees, and gets paid for his time and effort to defend himself from a case that should have never happened.
Chris Hand

Shalom Mr.. Nissan!
My name is Jacob and I'm from Israel.  I want to say that what you're doing is a wonderful thing: Show the corporations that money is not always equal power.  I think you have all the rights to keep this domain for yourself.  I saw you used "Be'ezrat Ha'shem" on the title and I'm sure that god will help you to win.
Jacob - Israel

I wrote to you over a month ago expressing my disgust with Nissan Motor Company's brutish tactics of trying to deprive you of your domain (And Family) name.  My letter was published on your site.  IN my letter I stated that I was considering purchasing a Nissan Frontier King Cab, but after reading your site, I vowed to purchase a Ford Sport Track instead.  Well, I just wanted to let you know that I am heading to the Ford Dealership tonight to pick it up. But... today I also learned that Ford Motor Company is engaged in the same strong-arm tactics as Nissan!  Ford just lost a lawsuit where they were suing a website called ""  This is just as egregious as Nissan's behavior-- perhaps even more.  Ford Never made a  Model-E", they only sued this company because their domain name was SIMILAR to something they did own the trademark to; the Model-A and Model-T. While I am happy with my new vehicle, I am disappointed with the company who manufactures it.  What would Henry Ford think about his progeny (Ford Motor still is, after all, largely owned by the Ford Family) bullying small business owners?  After all, Henry Ford himself was a small businessman who went broke three times before he finally got it right!  We now have banks collecting customers' finger prints, insurance companies wanting to collect DNA, and companies suing people for using their family names on their businesses, or names that "Closely resemble" trademarks.   When will the insanity end? Once again, the best of luck to you.
Fred Broschart

It seems to me a totally ridiculous situation when a man cannot use his own name in the pursuit of his own business, I can only assume that on this basis anyone called Ford, or McDonald or thousands of other names can be sued for misusing a registered brand, which has to be utterly ridiculous. Further being the Nissan motor company does not (by any precedent) give the company a default right to the domain name  Surely the internet is a symbol of global freedom and as such many people will not be able to use their choice of domain name simply because someone else has already registered it.  If this situation were to go in favor of the Nissan Motor company then surely it will open a flood gate of litigation from people who feel they have some kind of "right" to a given domain. and that would herald the end of the internet as we know it, giving power the large corporate user and leaving the individual in the cold.
Ron Baumback

Hello, my name is Adam Hesch and I read about the dispute between Nissan computers and Nissan car company. I think you should leave alone since they registered their domain name first and it happens to be the head honcho's last name so it is rightfully theirs. works fine, doesn't it?
Adam Hesch

This is absolutely ridiculous... he was there first, he had it registered. What is any legal action going to do?  Its the name of his company too, just because Nissan Motors is a much bigger company doesn't mean they can automatically claim domain names. The only way Nissan Motors could get this domain name is to PAY UP and buy the domain name from him.
Andrew M.

Nissan Motor Co. should rename back to Datsun Motor, because that was their original name.  Since it is a Japanese  company, it should keep to their original Japanese name, and should not use a name which has no connection to their  Japanese culture!  I strongly supports the idea that small guy should not be bullied by big corporation.
Paul Chow

Dear Friends at Nissan,
I feel it is a shame that you have decided to attack a small businessman in North Carolina for using his family name as his business name soley because it happens to be similar to the Nissan company name.  Unfortunately, Mr. Nissan designed his web-site before Nissan Motor Car Corporation designed had the opportunity to design theirs.  I do not believe that this  attack is in the best interest of the Nissan Motor Car Corporation. Please let matters rest and return to manufacturing great cars.  I assure you, you can use this matter in a very advantageous and positive way by showing that a large corporation like Nissan Motor Car Corporation can show compassion and understanding to a small businessman who never intended to
harm your corporation.  Perhaps you could even give him a Nissan vehicle with the Nissan Computer Corporation painted in bright colors on it.  You could even paint that it was donated by the Nissan Motor Car Corporation. What a bonanza!
Solon L. Rosenblatt, MD

I fully support your case. No one has the right to a domain name other than he who registered it first. If these large corporations failed to realize the potential of the Internet then they only have themselves to blame. You have to win this case otherwise we are all at risk from these large corporations.
Best of luck
Phil Jenson

This law suit is just another example of how the "system" in this country is being abused.   I feel that if my name just  happened to be "" and I wanted to start a footwear company, I should be able to do so without worrying about someone sending me a letter from their lawyer.  Granted, I am no lawyer, but I do know that most companies register and trademark their names together with the nature of their business.  So to tell me that because my name is John "Pontiac" I can't distribute cooking utensils under the same name, is just ridiculous.
Yaakov Barlev

Well if this isn't the goliath picking on the small guy I don't know what is.  Good luck with your fight!
Patrick Moore

I wish u all luck, and I don't even think u need it , this seems to be a clear case , hang on , and make a URL and put it on ICQ, so that's a cheap way to reach a big audience, I hope u will win , and I have been in court 5 times in biss conflicts so I guess I know a little , and win it fast.
Best Regards
P. Jansen

I hope you can keep your domain name. I would hate to see the little guy who had first rights to a domain name and have a valid use of it get squashed by the big guy with more money to throw at the issue. You got it first and it is a valid one to use for your business therefore it should be yours.
Craig Williamson

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