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Just another great example of a large corporation not caring who they mess with to get what they want. What an overgrown and spoiled brat you've become... I have sent this news story to my friends and posted it at my workplace,
and rest assured, will never consider buying a Nissan vehicle in my lifetime.
Thank you
Bryan Pedersen

Dear Nissan Motor Corp.,
This bogus lawsuit is a disgrace! We, as the American public, are sick and tired of big brother tatcis to get what you want. Did you not learn anything from world history?! The French Revolution can easily happen again. And if people are repressed enough it will happen again. Respect the small buisness owners and the public in general or you will reap what you sow! If you had a problem with Nissan Computer Corporation having the domain name you should have voiced your opinion when they applied for registration. Not four years after the fact!
PS. I will never buy, support, or promote Nissan Motor Corporation or any of your affiliates!
Tim Davis - Atlanta, Ga

I support Nissan Computer's bona fide right to operate the domain for its own ongoing business.  Nissan Computer is not interfering in any way with Nissan Motor company's business and Nissan Motor should leave them alone. 
I drive a Nissan car, it's ten years old and will soon need to be replaced.  After learning about this shoddy behavior, however, my next car will not be a Nissan.

Nissan Motors, for shame! While I certainly understand the business advantage of having point to Nissan Motors, I consider it reprehensable that you would attempt to hijack the name away from the little businessman just bcause your company was not operating with foresight. That Nissan Motors could not see the value and advantage of web sales in a manner sufficiently timely to secure the domain for itself is not Nissan Computer's fault. The honorable thing to do is concede the domain to Nissan Computers and work with something else. Shall I tell you what I think of your precious "Nissan" name? I distictly recall the switch from Dautsun to Nissan, gentlemen, and my thoughts at the time were "Nissan cars? What a stupid name." Now, in the year 2000, I still think the same thing. Furthermore, I would suggest that your lawsuit intereferes with Mr. Nissan's first amendment rights. While trademark law legitimately prevents him from calling any car manufacturing company some variation of "Nissan," it does not prevent him from calling his computer company this! And, the most shameful thing I see for Nissan, is that YOU KNOW THIS! It's more corporate skullduggery designed to enhance profits that are already obscene, no matter what it costs anyone else. Why corporations like Nissan can't see that if they drum compition away they will destroy their own bussiness as well, I do not know.
Be assured that I will buy no product related to Nissan Motors and will encourage eveyone I know to cease doing business with such a shameful, reprehensable company.
Melissa McIlvene

I will be passing this on to my friends and family , all of whom I feel confident will join in never even considering buying another Nissan (automaker) product as long as they live. I hope that whoever at Nissan (automaker) is responsible for this lawsuit is very ashamed of themselves. On a planet of six billion people and growing there's going to be AT LEAST two Nissans. Get real.
Josh Forrester

Nissan Mottors is clearly wrong here.... Best wishes ti Nissan computer... and I will buy Acura anyway.... was looking for Nissan Motors just to compare it to Accura's cars.... Bad for motors good for computers :)

Instead of lawsuit now and getting up in sleeping, Nissan Automaker should have registered this website earlier than anyone. Now it is improper to indulge in such action. If Nissan computers want to sell the name, it is different otherwise, it is sort of bossism.
Nirantar P. Singh

With all due respect, please allow me to suggest WWW.NISSANMOTORS.COM domain name for the auto maker corporation.  I believe this should resolve this whole issue so that this poor kid can go on with his life.
Best regards,
Concerned Citizen.

It shows the scary trend of Corporate take-over in an ever increasing Globalization of our culture. In the future people will be reciting Corporate Anthems instead of National Anthems. Look for things to get worst before they get better.
Bob Hendrickson

This is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of.  TOO bad Nissan Motor company, you were too late and somebody already got your name.  Don't be so selfish and self centered, just make your name  Why drag this out.  If Nissan Motor Company wins, it just proves how corporate money can but out everything, even our justice system.
Get Real!
Lara Leventhal

I agree Nissan Motor Corp. has no right to take the nissan name. It is the same case as which is pathetic because nobody has the right to take away somebody elses name.

it is abusive the fact that someone now cannot use, or better, keep on using his family name, that has been passing down for genarations in his bussiness, just becuase some "big" company thinks it has priority over everyone rights!!  I hope the justice system can prevail and do the obvious right think and do not bow down to economic interests.
Henrique Cesar

It is a shame that a large company has nothing better to do with all your money then to go after a little guy that beat you to the punch...I say you snooze, you lose.  He has a much right if not more then you do to the name and domain, you act like you invented it or something.  What, you have a bunch of lawyers sitting around on retainer that don't have anything to do, so you or they dreamed this up for job security?  Send them on vacation and give the money you would have spent on this frivolous suit to charity and then get some of your own.  Give the little guy a break, you act like he is selling cars too not computers.   Have your ever looked at the web with all the like names. Like someone couldn't figure out how to get to a nissan car url if they wanted to, you guys are pitiful!
Robert H.

There is enough space on the web for everyone without having to argue over this one space! Get your own!
Hariet Jackson

Is not Mr. Nissan's fault to have the same last name as these big coorporations, if he came up with the website and .net before the Nissan motors did, well he shouldn't get sue for this, it is very unfair.

Tell Nissan Motors to 'go to hell'.  If it is your surname and you registered the web site name with the internic first, then Nissan Motor company should be sued for harrassment.
Kevin Harrington

And justice for all? First come first served, was taken, so find your own domain name, nissan is a common word (as the months name) so now we cannot be safe buying a common name domain (such as car or house or apple) because if theres a big company with big bucks who wants the name, it will eventually take over, ruin our lives with lawsuits and disgrace our constitutional rights.
Bestiario de Poetas

Uzi, this is an enormous issue!  There is NO WAY large coporations should have any more right to a domain name than an individual has.  Even if your name WASN'T Nissan you should still be able to call your site, as long as you weren't pretending to be the auto company. 
The idea that whoever has the most money has more rights to a domain name is insane.  Don't sell out!  Don't let them buy the name from you!
Fight the power!

Dear legal entities regarding the domain dispute of Nissan Motor vs Nissan Computer.  The internet domain registration has been open to the public since the early 1990's. Every entity had the opportunity to reserve their domain name at the time.  Nissan computer should not be punished nor legally challenged for the fact that they had more foresight than Nissan Motor company. Nissan motor's had the same opportunities that Nissan computer did, and did not take advantage of it.  As I see it, Nissan Motors has two options a) offer Nissan computers an obscene amount of  money to own the domain name outright or b)define another domain name that Nissan Motors can adopt and brand. Per internic, Nissan Motors already owns Stop arguing and direct the funds you would waste on this lawsuit investing in marketing your URL. 
Whitney Allen

Stop the nonsense a family has the right to use of their name verses big bisness ...... Stop the harassment of small business folk and be open to them for we are the ones that purchase your cars etc...
Bette Perry

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