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This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. But these days, it doesn't surprise me! I don't think in a million years that Nissan Motor Co. could provide even a shred of evidence that Nissan Computers has hurt their business -- and that's what it boils down to. And don't give my any of that legal mumbo-jumbo double-talk about the law. To think that someone actually sits around in an office just looking for people to sue makes me sick at my stomach. I think the people at Nissan Motor Co. need to take a deep breath, fire the jerk who started this snafu, and spend their money on something worthwhile -- like a charity?? Get a grip Nissan...
By the way, I will not ever, ever, ever buy or consider buying any of Nissan's cars for the rest of my life -- simply on priciple. Have a good day.
Mike Bozik

Stop the bullying tactics. I am a new driver and was seriously considering buying a Nissan Micra. I am now going for a Vauxhall Corsa instead and won't buy Nissan cars in the future. You have lost potentially a lifetimes worth of business - so take note.
Dave Taylor

Another great example of how corpoorate America runs things in this country. I can't believe that a suit like this would even make it to court. It seems very obvious to me that first come first serve is the name of the game. Even if Mr. Nissan of the Nissan Computer Corp. didn't own this company he should still have the right to own for the simple reason that it's public domain for anyone who wants to register. He got there first. TOO BAD!
I'll tell you one thing, you'll never see me driving a Nissan!
Josh O.

Another example of a big guy picking on a small guy because they have nothing better to do.
I will *NEVER* buy a Nissan Motor's car ever.

I am outraged at Nissan Motor for their actions agains Nissan Computer. I have owned Nissan vehicles but will reconsider buying another one unless they leave to its original owner.
Evan Wells

Nissan- be very afraid. If you don't do something to allay this conflagration, soon you will be burnt financially in a big way. A boycott is serious business (lost): stop your litigation and publicly recognize your mistake, or else. There is enough fuel to feed this fire for a long time on the Internet; the sooner you admit to your mistake, the sooner you will be able to make reparations on your tarnished image.
Alex Kisselgof

Nissan motors case should be thrown out of court before it even gets there. 
1) This is a frivolous lawsuit
2) Nissan computer got the domain registered first, therefore there is no question.  The car manufacturer obviously missed their opportunity, so that's their problem.  Nissan motors are big boys and I think they could better spend their time and money by focusing their efforts toward coming up with another domain name that wouldn't infringe on another established domain.
3) Nissan is a family name, the fact that a corporation can wage a war to take away a private citizens rights to his family name is ludicrous!

I support the current owners of What you're attempting to do amounts to threat and intimidation. It is wrong. You should know better.
Mark Chaudhary

Thats incredibly unproffesional of the motor corp. to harass you for using your name like that.  You had your name first and you beat them fare and square to the domain names.  So what if they are bigger than you, it does not mean they are better
Kevin Raper

Pathetic attemt.  Just shows what happens when a corp. forgets its roots.  It disgusts me to think that you even want to try this!  McDonald the fast food chain, tryed the same thing in europe, Trademark and copyright the "Mc", sorry but family names can not and should not be copyrighted.  If anything you should be paying for the use of the name!
Brian Christensen

Please refrain from taking other peoples rightful property.
R. Koziol

If a person has legally bought a domain name, and is using it for their business it should be theirs.  Just because some big corporation has the same name doesn't give them the right to it.  If the big corporation wants it, then they should have thought about that earlier, or buy the name from the person who owns it now.  I don't agree that you can just go and buy a domain name so you can sell it to another person (as in the case with famous people like and others).  But if you have legally bought it and are using the site for your business, it is perfectly acceptable.  Nissan Motor needs to just forget it.  They have no right to that name.  Either buy it from Nissan Computer or pick a different name.  No other option...

Nissan motor shouldn't try to take your domain name. You had it first, it's your last name, case closed. I hope that you make them look like the idiots that they are.
Good luck
Brian Tansy

Hang The B%^%(*. Name should belong to Nissan family not the car!!

Why don't you just buy the rights for and from Mr. Nissan?  I understand it my cost millions, but someone at your company should have had enough foresight to register these www addresses first.

Hey NISSAN MOTORS, I can't beleive you people think you have the right to push around small buisnesses like this. Just where exactly do you get off making such a fuss over something so insignifficant as a domain name? I hope all the money you spend on this acenine lawsuit is well wasted.
Joshua Hagen

Looks like a case of having their cake and wanting to eat someone elses too. In Japan it is a national pastime hijack trade names of non Japanese companies by registering the trademark in Japan and holding the trademark for ransom if that company or corporation wants to market to Japan. I think that what is good enough under Japanese should be good enough for a Japanese corporation. If they want the domain name they should have to pay for it. Mr. Nissan has every right to his property and should not have to surrender it for any reason other than a sales agreement reached mutually by the two parties.
James D. Logan

In my opinion as a domain name owner and non-nissan car driver, i am digusted by nissan motor corp. barbaric action trying to rob a rightful owner of his biblical online presence.

If this is rectified, then we should try to discover of way of establishing an alternative route to naming conventions altogether, circumventing the ones which have been obtained by financial means. Linux was written to circumvent monopolist situations, I am sure that this could be done in the arena of domain naming.
Very best wishes. I hope sincerely that you succeed. Please free to contact me again.
Mark Grindell

It is confusing since I am looking for a car and typed to find your site.  If your last name is Nissan and, if you registered your domain name first, then I don't see what the dispute is.  Have you contacted the Small Business Administration about this dispute.  It's not like your parents named you after the motor car company and, you are not competing with them in the same market.  You might offer to put a link on your site with words to the effect .... "This is not Nissan Motors - to be routed to Nissan Motors click here".  I wouldn't do it without their permission, however, since they're already suing you.
J. Gordon

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