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Count me as another car buyer who will never consider a Nissan product again. This shows the world that Nissan has the honor of a pig.
Gary Champion

You are a petty inconsiderate bunch that have more money then you know what to do with, so you figure you can drag the little guy through the already overloaded court system until he can't afford to hang in there.  My last Nissan lasted me for around 200k miles and was still running when I gave it to one of my kids.  Too bad the parent company isn't as generous with its ideals as thier cars are with thier miles.  And now the shame of it is because of your trivial pursuit of this kind of action it will be the last nissan I will bother to own.  If he was selling cars I might see the point but come on, get a life!
W. Robert Hardy

The name isn't that important anyhow.  If your products are good you'll get found out.
Everydog has his day, just don't expect me to buy a Nissan car in future.
Dave Harvey

What Nissan Motors is doing can be compared to what Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and many other business men did in our history.  They are using strong arm tactics to muscle out a legitiment business man.  I hope that you will be more respectful of the individuals rights over those of a large corporation.  Put simply, they are wrong and not only should they not get what they want, but they should also be punished as an example to all large businesses.
Thank you
Brian Wiley

You own the nissan name just about as much as madona owns the name of a thousands of year old goddess.  Nowadays it always ends up causing you far more than you could ever possibly gain.  We are the PUBLIC DAMAGES GENERATION pdg and we always make you pay far more than you gain ha ha ha.  Good luck nissan MOTOR CORP ha ha ha.
Just the fact that I know you are trying to steal this name from Mr. Nissan has already cost you the price of me never buying a nissan product...but you don,t have to worry that is only about 30000 dollars for a new car (times possibly millions of potential customers ha ha about the new fad ??? see a nissan bash a nissan !!! ha ha ha

I had been looking for info on the new Pathfinder and tried But now that I see you trying to take what claims to be a legitimate site from someone using his own name...I'm curious about your company values.  Working in the technology field, I detest what I label as "squatters" (those who snatch up desirable internet names not to use them but rather in hopes of extorting inordinate sums of money from those who would actually like to DO something with the site name) This certainly does not seem to be the case here.  Why not partner with Mr. Nissan, pay him for a link to your site (I would think you should be very appreciative that he at least gives your URL) and get back to your core business? You could both benefit!
Chuck Hawley - SUV owner

Put one more citizen on the side of Nissan Computer.  I'm sick of the domain name hijacking... The ineternet was originally supposed to be a tool for information, not business... There is nothing wrong with conducting business online, but it is not supposed to be the sole purpose.... Giving domain names to the corporation with the deepest pockets is not ethical... Domains were dished out on a first-come-first-serve basis... They are the property of the original holder (even though other cases have stated otherwise...) either way.  It is not the fault of Nissan Computer that NMC was too slow to the punch and did not register the domain that is most benificial to both companies.
Josh Herndon

NISSAN Motors needs to focus on improving their cars and stop wasting the time of our overburdened court system!  Where does all this ridiculousness end?!
Nancy Edwards

Another David and Golliath story! Lets pray David wins again. Nissan Motors- SHAME ON YOU!
Larry Joyce

This dispute is simple to clarify. Nissan Motors do not own the name Nissan. I cannot put a trademark on the name Peter, and then sue anybody who calls themselves the same name.
It's as simple as this....first in, first serve.
Peter Henderson

I think that they want to do the same thing as Dodge did to .  Check out the website and you will see pretty the same problem. This are companys that didn't though about e-comerce a long time ago and now they want a piece of the pie.
Good Luck my friend!
Diego Urbina

I agree that domain name hijacking is wrong, spically concerning big corporations. If Nissan auto wants a domain name, let it be a variation - - or any other available variation to their liking. Or, they can purchase the domain name from Mr. Nissan at his suggested price.
Paul Huffman

Just to let you know that in my oppinion, what you are doing by trying to take away an already registered domain name from a company with a legitimate reason to want that name is a case of sour grapes.  Face the fact, you were beaten to the name.  Would it matter so much if you had to register a different name, eg  If a name is already registered, you can't have it unless the owner wants to sell it to you.  It's like you coming up to me and saying "See that car you paid for.... well we want it and we're going to take you to court to get it because it's got our name on".  See my point?  It is not at all fair.  Enough said.
John Stratton

What Nissan Auto is attempting to do is immoral and without question would be thrown out of an English court and Nissan Auto fined for malicious prosecution. Nissan should at the very least have offered proper compensation for buying the domain name, which is legitimately held unlike the majority of "claimjumpers".
Lance Paterson

Very disappointing Nissan Motors.
Anita R. - Australia

This whole thing is bull shit.  When ever big corporations get upset, the court system get their panties in their ass.  If this was dont legal which it looks like it, this should be tossed out of court.

While I understand that Nissan Motor Co would like to have as their domain name they do not seem to have a case. Being large and well known company does not make them more eligeable.
Roman Mervart

Admit it you missed the boat.  Now like a big bully, you want the domain name.  Drop the law suit against Nissan Computer company.  How could a big company be so petty.
Joseph Romero

WAKE UP NISSAN MOTORS.  If you feel threatened by a computer company cutting into your business THAN YOU DO HAVE A PROBLEM.  It is about time to start worrying about keeping your aumotive standing up there, because when word gets out about this, people will buy AMERICAN just despite!!
Bob Loring

I support Nissan Computer's case against Nissan Motors because I don't think big corporations should be able to prevent people from using their own name in domain names or business names. Big corporations are getting too much power to push people around these days!
Nina Reim

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